10 Akron Coffee Shops That’ll Make You Forget Starbucks

Check out these hidden gems if you’re bored with coffee chains

Woman enjoys cup of coffee at night in a coffee shop


Cristal Thomas


Jan 21, 2021

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Coffee is the ultimate fuel for students, working professionals, and anyone in need of a delicious energy boost. Any true caffeine lover knows that coffee isn’t made equally between coffee shops. The bigger coffee shop chains are more likely to rapidly prepare orders without much time to make every coffee drink taste the most special and delectable. For those who prefer a more personal coffee experience and a variety of interesting, signature flavors, local shops around Akron are here to make your caffeinated dreams come true. Check out the following list of ten amazing coffee shops that provide free wifi, yummy drinks and food, and an enjoyable atmosphere. 

Artisan Coffee

662 Canton Rd, Akron, OH 44312 | (234) 334-6105 | artisancoffeeshop.com

Banana muffin and a small mocha drink on a table
Yummy banana muffin and almond joy mocha. Image courtesy of Yelp.com Review.

Artisan Coffee is well-known for using their own homemade oat milk in their coffee drinks. Their baked goods are also fresh and made-from-scratch, and their gluten-free items are imported locally. The shop is conscious with all their beverages, their coffee beans, mocha sauce, and caramel drizzle all being made with organic ingredients. Meals ranging from breakfast to dinner are served along with a full espresso bar. Fans of homemade dishes and local Akron flavors will enjoy Artisan Coffee. 

The Lavender Latte and Apple Pie Latte are just some of the unique beverages that any coffee drinker would rave about. Rich bisques and warm toasted sandwiches are amongst the irresistible, savory options on the menu. The inviting, rustic space of the coffee shop offers indoor spacious seating and a bright environment to enjoy coffee in. 

“What a charmer! From the delicious lunch and breakfast eats to the made in house baked goods (gluten free available), there are several reasons to Adore Artisan Coffee beyond delicious beans.” Yelp Review

Akron Coffee Roasters

30 N High St, Akron, OH 44308 | (330) 805-4106 | akron.coffee

Akron Coffee Roasters is hailed by locals for its quaint and cozy atmosphere. Their made-from-scratch almond milk is also one of their trademarks and adds another level of tastiness to their beverages. Their menu is perfect for those who are intimidated by having too many options-- choosing between their savory and sweet toast options as well as protein-packed granola mixes can be a satisfying and simple task for any customer. Kombucha, hot tea, and hot cocoa are the delicious non-coffee counterparts to their variety of delectable coffee beverages. 

Akron Coffee Roasters is perfect for those looking for a peaceful indoor seating and a comfy place to do deep work or a yummy snack and coffee boost. The minimalist decor and well-illuminated space is perfect for those who feel overwhelmed by busier shop atmospheres. 

“Cute hidden gem in Akron! They have a couple spots to sit and work. Coffee is absolutely delicious and extremely reasonably priced.” - Yelp Review

Corner Cup Coffeehouse

3019 Graham Rd, Unit 1, Stow, OH 44224 | (330) 968-4537 | cornercupstow.com

The chic and low-key atmosphere of Corner Cup Coffeehouse is just as irresistible as its tasty menu items. Whether or not you’re a huge fan of coffee, this shop’s menu will have the perfect beverage for you. Hot coffee drinks and nitro coffee can give any customer a delicious caffeine boost. Italian soda, fruit smoothie, and frozen vanilla crème drinks are some of the most delectable coffee alternatives to choose from. 

For those who plan to stop by on an empty stomach, tasty bagels, breakfast sandwiches, and pastries are the delicious menu items that can satisfy your appetite. The exposed brick, fireplace, and moderate lighting plus delicious eatery make it difficult to want to leave the shop. The food and coffee taste even better amongst the cozy indoor seating or refreshing outdoor area.  

“The baristas at the corner cup coffee house gave attention to preparing the latte  I ordered and providing all-around good customer service. I think the atmosphere and the seating makes this place stand out amongst other coffee houses in the area.”- Yelp Review

Nervous Dog Coffee Bar

1530 West Market St, Akron OH 44313 | (330) 864-2326 | nervousdog.com

A lovely pair of iced cookies with a delectable latte. Image courtesy of Nervousdog.com.

Any coffee lover will find something on Nervous Dog’s menu to enjoy. Spanning from nitro and lattes to frappuccinos and non-coffee alternatives, anyone can walk into the shop and fall in love with the menu items. Signature beverages like the Snickers Mocha and Apple Pie Latte will satisfy every sweet craving a coffee lover may have. Hot teas, Italian sodas, and gourmet hot cocoas are perfect alternatives for those who don’t enjoy the taste of coffee. 

Those who enjoy delicious grub with their coffee will also struggle to find just one entree to order from the food menu. Rich quiches, yummy bagels, and deluxe sandwiches are some of the hardier meals that can leave you feeling full for a while. The cozy atmosphere, eclectic artwork, and beautiful patio area will also give visitors another reason to want to sit down and enjoy their orders. 

“Their hot chocolate is made with good quality Ghirardelli chocolate syrup, and the baked goods were plentiful, even later at night.  Perhaps the scene changes during the day, but at night, it couldn't be a more cosy environment.” Yelp Review

Angel Falls Coffee

792 W Market St, Akron, OH 44303 | 330-376-5282 | angelfallscoffee.food62.com

For those who love the vibes of a vintage-inspired, low-key coffee shop will instantly fall in love with Angel Falls Coffee. The chalkboard shop menu and antique decor make customers feel like they’re in a comfy, homey environment--and the delectable coffee drinks are a huge bonus. Enjoying a chicken pot pie, lasagna, or savory sandwich along with a wonderfully made beverage only amplifies that cozy, at-home atmosphere of the shop. 

Yummy coffee drink staples like cappuccinos, cortados, and pour-over-brews are on the menu for coffee fans. Decadent specialty hot chocolate drinks called Volcanes are also on the menu for those seeking a rich sugar rush. The cayenne pepper and cinnamon infused Volcan Blanco and sweet lavender and dark chocolate combined Volcan de Provence are just some of the unique flavors to choose from. 

“Ingenious and unique coffee drinks and a gigantic selection of teas. As if all of this weren’t enough, the staff - and the owner in particular - are beyond sweet and accommodating. You will love this place!”- Tripadvisor Review


647 E Market St, Akron, OH 44304 | (330) 815-1285 | compassakron.com

Compass is a hidden gem that’s part of the Well Community Development Corporation’s Akron project. The Well CDC focuses on developing and flourishing the Middlebury neighborhood, so supporting Compass further contributes to the surrounding Akron community. Who wouldn’t want to help the community around them while also enjoying delicious coffee? The maple latte along with the honey and brown sugar-infused Sweet Moses beverage are just some of the decadent and energy-boosting drinks offered. Tasty pastries, toast, and sandwiches make up the hunger-satiating food menu. 

Those who prefer a spacier, modern coffee shop atmosphere would enjoy spending time in Compass just as much they’d enjoy the beverages and grub. There are plenty of booths and tables to accommodate for any size group, and the brightly lit space complements the modern decor. 

“The space is large and modern - there is tons of seating. I had a thyme infused almond milk latte that was unlike anything I've ever had before. It was crafted with care and made beautifully.”- Yelp Review

Café Arnone

2840 W Market St, Fairlawn, OH 44333 | (330) 615-6206 | cafearnone.com

Café Arnone
Tasty latte paired with gelato. Image courtesy of Yelp.com Review. 

Café Arnone is perfect for those who love a cozy yet modern atmosphere in a coffee shop. And the drinks are just as enjoyable as the shop itself. Classic coffee staple like mochas, lattes, and macchiatos make up the menu along with more specialty seasonal drinks. The s’mores mocha, brown sugar latte, and autumn cold brew are just a few of the irresistible seasonal beverages to choose from. The shop’s food is just as noteworthy as their drinks. 

Sal’s Gelato is made in Café Arnone and can be enjoyed along with the coffee and non-coffee beverages alike. A variety of toasts, sandwiches and subs are offered to satisfy anyone’s hunger levels as well. Visitors can enjoy the delicious menu items in the spacy, modern atmosphere of the shop and its gorgeous patio area. 

“This place is so cute, and a great place to go with friends. The coffee, decor, and gelato is also amazing. It’s my favorite place to go no matter the season.”- Restaurantji Review

Therapy Ice Cream and Coffee Bar

1177 Canton Rd, Akron, OH 44312 | (234) 334-5011 | therapyicecreamandcoffee.com

Lovers of coffee and ice cream will feel like they’re in heaven after visiting Therapy Ice Cream and Coffee Bar. The endless combinations of coffee and ice cream are as delicious as enjoying the items separately. House blended brews and other coffee staples compose the coffee menu, while alternatives like tea, soda, and hot chocolate are available for those who prefer non-coffee beverages. 

Baked goods and a variety of ice cream flavors are the sweet treats offered at the shop. Rich and delectable flavors such as Peanut Butter Overdose, Fat Elvis, and Cookie Monster are made with the most irresistible ice cream ingredients. The rustic, cozy atmosphere of the shop and its porch seating area makes visitors feel as though they’re really in an ice cream parlor that happens to service delicious coffee drinks. 

“To go I took a Honeybee Latte which is a honey latte with lavender! They make their baked goods daily and have different specials each day, you can truly tell how much care they put into every customer’s experience. ” Restaurantji Review

Crimson Cup Coffee and Tea

116 Tallmadge Cir, OH 44278 |  (234) 678-0917 | crimsoncup.com

Crimson Cup is the ultimate shop for those who love a delicious coffee brew and modern shop environment. Frozen mochas are available along with iced and hot coffee classics. Smoothies and tea are also offered as coffee alternatives. Quick bites at the shop include breakfast sandwiches, ranging from bacon and sausage to a vegetarian black bean option.  The yummy pastries offered include fresh-made muffins and scones. 

The atmosphere and indoor seating are ideal for those who love a spacious, chic coffee shop, and the outdoor seating is perfect for enjoying the fresh air. The decor is minimal and tasteful, and the huge leather seats placed throughout the shop offers plenty of cozy sitting places for patrons. Get the best of all worlds with tasty coffee, good food, and a comfy atmosphere to rest in. 

“They make an A+ cup of coffee and a great breakfast sandwich. Everyone is super nice and I've never had a long wait.” -Restaurantji Review

Chameleon Cafe 

23 S Main St, Akron, OH 44308 | (234) 334-3603 | chameleoncafeakron.com

Photo of Chameleon Cafe Akron - Akron, OH, United States
The colorful and eclectic decor of Chameleon Cafe. Image courtesy of Yelp.com Review.

Chameleon Cafe and its rainbow-colored sign are as hard to miss as their coffee is to resist. The variety of specialty coffee beverages available make for a memorable menu. Unique items such as Lavender Vanilla London Fog, Iced Cinnamon Dulce Macchiato, and Mexi-Mocha are offered along with traditional coffee drinks. Their food menu is just as unique and tantalizing. Comfort food staples such as tater tots and chicken tenders are served along with hardy sandwiches, salads, and wraps. 

The spacious, colorful atmosphere of Chameleon Cafe makes the food and beverages that much more enjoyable. Bright and vivid decor stands out amongst the cozy indoor and outdoor seating available. Small antique decor and interesting books also add to the warm, inviting vibes of the coffee shop. 

 “The sandwiches are HUGE and so good. The half spinach salad is just right for a quick lunch but packed with protein. The coffee drinks are simply yummy.”- Tripadvisor Review

Whether you’re craving a traditional coffee beverage or something more off the wall, local Akron coffee shops go above and beyond to satisfy their patrons. Akron is an eclectic, energetic city that has so much to offer to citizens and visitors. Consider supporting the wonderful local businesses around the city instead of stopping by coffeehouse chains. 

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