Your Home Must Have Great Screen Appeal To Sell! Here's Why

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Bridget Houlihan


Jan 21, 2021

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Technological advancements have impacted various industries, and the real estate market is among the most affected. Nowadays, homebuyers search for and view properties online from their homes using their mobile phones or laptops. As a matter of fact, in 2021, 97% of buyers used the internet to find a home. According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), 41% of current buyers' initial step was to browse online.   

Hence, you must prioritize your home's screen appeal or consider how the interior and exterior of your property are presented online if you plan to sell. In addition, the process of home selling can sometimes be daunting , especially if you're new to the real estate market &you want to sell your home in a post-pandemic world For this reason, consider hiring a specialized real estate agency like Marimark Realty and enjoy a personalized experience. With that in mind, here are five reasons why your home must have great screen appeal to sell: 

1. Screen appeal increases the value of your home 

Excellent screen appeal boosts the perceived value of your home and helps it sell faster. Properties that appear magnificent online are more likely to attract potential buyers and will sell more quickly than homes with poor curb appeal. Thus, ensure you improve your screen appeal to increase the possibility of a quick sale and lower the chance of a reduced property price.  

You can boost your home's screen appeal by: 

  • Decluttering: Removing some items in your rooms makes them look more spacious and more fascinating in photographs. Inspect each space of your home, such as your kitchen and living area. Take out any extra or unnecessary household items you see. For example, in the kitchen, clear away old cookbooks, small appliances, water bottles, coffee tumblers, and plastic containers. Get rid of children’s and pet toys, game consoles, gear and spare controllers, and magazines in your living area. 
  • Hiring a professional photographer: The quality of photos you take with your phone may be lower than that of a digital camera. Professional photographers have sophisticated equipment and know what to do for a room to look its best.  
  • Repainting your walls: Before taking any photos or videos of your walls, check that they're in the best condition. Homebuyers are cautious when going through your recordings; any mistake they notice may turn them off.  
  • Cleaning and repairing: You wouldn't want potential buyers to see dust or stain in your home. So, clean all your rooms and renovate them if necessary to make your home sparkle. 

Hiring and working with a reliable firm like a Tampa real estate company or one in your area to advertise your home will make the job easier. 

2. Screen appeal gives you a competitive edge 

Undoubtedly, real estate is one of the most hyper-competitive industries, with the number of home sellers increasing yearly. In 2021, there were 6.9 million home sales in the US, which is predicted to reach 7 billion in 2023. To stay ahead of the competition, you must develop a fantastic screen appeal. 

Displaying more organized rooms, a lovely green lawn, freshly painted walls, and beautiful landscaping helps you stand out from the competition and sell your home faster than other sellers whose properties are within the same price range. 

3. First impression counts 

First impressions matter daily and are even more vital in real estate. For example, prospective buyers instantly love your home if they have a positive first impression. The initial glance connects to their decision-making psychology, and the home-selling process becomes much easier. 

4. Screen appeal indicates how you maintained your home 

Excellent screen appeal is the perfect reflection of your home's maintenance. When buyers see your home online, the first thing they do is analyze both the exterior and interior of your property. You're likely to drive prospective buyers away if you present your home with long grass around the compound, peeling paint, or destroyed floors and ceilings. They'll be wary of the kind of renovation they may have to do before moving into the house. 

Usually, most homebuyers want to move into a well-maintained home to make their relocation process smooth.  

5. Screen appeal enables you to reach a broader and more diverse audience 

As the world becomes more digital, the number of people using the internet increases. In April 2022, there were more than 5 billion internet users globally, which is 63.1% of the world population. With such a large number of online users, you'll be able to reach out to many potential buyers by simply having an outstanding screen appeal.     


Selling a home has become much easier today, as you can do it online and attract potential buyers worldwide. First, however, you must ensure that the photos and videos you upload are eye-catching to gain a competitive edge and quickly sell your property. Therefore, consider hiring a reputable real estate company to make the selling process seamless.

Author Bio

Mary Catchur, Marimark Realty

Mary Catchur became involved in the real estate industry as the Chief Financial Officer for one of the first online virtual real estate companies in 1999, building a team of brokers and over 500 agents throughout 28 states. 

Today, she is the Owner-Broker of Marimark Realty, a full-service Tampa real estate company focused on providing a personalized experience for homebuyers and sellers of real estate in Florida.


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