4 Ways to Selling Your Home Quicker in Ohio

It’s not easy selling a home you’ve lived in for a long time and are attached to, it becomes worse if this home fails to sell quickly once you put it in the market.

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Albert Wunsch


Jan 21, 2021

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Sell Your Home Faster in Ohio

In the great state of Ohio, it’s not easy selling a home you’ve lived in for a long time and are attached to. It becomes a lot worse if your home fails to sell quickly once you've put it on the Ohio Real Estate market. This can be frustrating and can make you wonder what is wrong with your property, especially if you have invested in home decor and furnishing and any renovations. But rather than spend time trying to figure out what's wrong with your home or the Ohio market, why don't you spend your time making your home more attractive to buyers, quickly. Here are some things you could to do in order to sell your home faster.

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Homes for Sale In Ohio

First, you may need to ask home buyers who viewed your home what they thought of it or have your real estate agent run anonymous surveys with prospective buyers to collect information on what turns the buyers off. The feedback from potential buyers can be very useful, especially when coupled together with four other things that every seller should address to get a home moving in the Ohio market ...

clean home ohio
Make your place spotless and clutter-free

1. A tidy home sells

An untidy home gives the impression that you haven't been taking care of it and there are probably some defects that resulted from the neglect. Also, when there are toys and clothes laying around, potential buyers view this as a lack of sufficient storage space around the house, which can affect the selling power of your house. It's very important to tidy and get rid of unnecessary things before putting up a home for sale in Ohio and allowing viewing.

2. Update the decor

Ohio buyers are always on the lookout for modernized homes with upgrades, especially on the décor front. The more updates your home has, the better it will score. Outdated décor like floral wallpaper and wood paneling usually turn off buyers. They tend to see this as signs that they will have to spend more time and resources upgrading the home. 

There are some simple décor upgrades though, that can effectively give your home a modern look.  For example, Replace brass knobs and hinges around the house with modern chrome-finished ones; rip-off wall paper and repaint, get rid of wood paneling and the ceiling can be quickly fixed at very small costs. These minor improvements can make a big difference to the way potential buyers see your home.

clean up after pets
Pets leave hair, odor and more

3. Clean up after your pets

Prospective buyers in Ohio have their eyes wide open and their noses sniffing up the air. If they find any pet prints on the walls or pet stenches hanging in the air they may be inclined not to even consider your home. It might seem like a minor thing but pets like dogs and cats leave behind a scent that can be unfriendly to potential buyers. Many people are allergic to fur and the presence of fur residues all over the house can have them break out into an allergic reaction. To deal with this quickly, get the carpets and furniture steam cleaned by professionals to get rid of fur and remove the animal smells. 

It is easy for you to get accustomed to your pet’s smell but other people can smell it the minute they set foot into the home. Vacuuming the home before open visits and keeping all pets and accessories out of sight during the home viewing can also be helpful.

remove personal items
Remove anything personal from your decor

4. Depersonalize the home

Potential home buyers need to be able to see themselves living in the home. It is hard for them to picture and envision this when your kid’s artwork and family photos are sprinkled throughout your house. Depersonalizing your home a bit can help create a blank canvas for buyers, but it doesn't mean stripping the home of all memories and personals. Just make sure to shelve away abstract décor and other displays, so that you can create a wider audience the home appeals to.

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May 25, 2017
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