Urbana, Suburbana, or Somewhere In Between?

Things to do in Urbana, Ohio

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Jan 21, 2021

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In Champaign County, Ohio, Urbana entertains locals and visitors with museums, outdoor activities, stores, and other sites. In 1805, the town’s founder named it after the word “Urbanity.” While it might sound like he named the town for being an urban area, it was actually a small town until around 1880 when three railroads were built nearby. In fact, the word “Urbanity” has more than one definition. It could refer either to a suave, courteous, and refined attitude, or it could refer to urban life. Given that the town wasn’t always an urban area, the founder’s true thoughts about the name “Urbana” remain a mystery.

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Champaign Aviation Museum

The Champaign Aviation Museum honors veterans by educating its visitors about people’s experiences flying in combat and about aircraft construction and maintenance, especially from the WWII era. They also restore aircraft to flying condition.

Freshwater Farms of Ohio

Freshwater Farms of Ohio is the state’s largest indoor fish hatchery. During your visit, you can see endangered fish and critters, feed the trout, and pet the sturgeon. The site also includes pond supplies and a fish store.

Johnny Appleseed Education Center and Museum

The Johnny Appleseed Education Center and Museum display an old cider press that was used to press apples that grew from trees planted by Johnny Appleseed, plates from festivals held in Johnny Appleseed’s honor, wood and bark from Johnny Appleseed trees, and more.

Cedar Bog Nature Preserve

Cedar Bog Nature Preserve was the first nature preserve purchased by the state of Ohio. It’s recognized for its diversity of plants and is ranked the highest of any site among all others on the Ohio Floristic Diversity Index.

Birch Bark Canoe Livery

At the Birch Bark Canoe Livery, you can paddle down the Mad River. The water is clear enough to see the bottom, and it has a light current. It’s a great way to appreciate the outdoors with family or friends.

Urbana is a small city with small-town charm. The name itself makes it unique, and it’s filled with history and entertaining places to visit.

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