Top 8 Places to See a Movie in Mason, OH


Kaitlyn Harris


Jan 21, 2021

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Mason, OH is a great community to both visit and live! If you love a friendly, family centered neighborhood feel then Mason, OH is the place to go! While Mason, OH offers a smaller city feel, there is plenty to do here and explore. From shopping, to museums, to bars to check out there is much to see and do here. But if you’re into movies and you’re looking for the best place to catch a flick, Mason, Oh has you covered! There are many options for places to choose from to watch a movie, and each one is different and fun. Whether you want to see an old fashioned film or the newest movie, Mason, OH has a theater that matches your preference! 

Located in a central area that is close to many neighboring cities, Mason, OH not only has a selection of theaters but it is also just a short drive from a wide selection of places to see your next favorite movie! You can choose from small town theaters to movie theaters with reclining chairs. If you’re looking for a drive-in experience you can check out one with a retro vibe to help you live your 60’s dream, or you can catch a concert on the big screen from the comfort of your car! Whatever you’re looking for in your movie watching experience, Mason, OH is a great place to find a variety of places to spend your next movie night! 

1. Regal Cinemas 

Regal Cinemas offer comfortable, reclining chairs to watch your favorite movies! Photo courtesy of Yelp.

5500 Deerfield Blvd. | Mason, OH |

Regal Deerfield Towne Center and RPX offers a comfortable place to watch a variety of movies. Regal cinema has reclining chairs, hot concession food, and different screen viewing choices such as 3D and 2D options. Regal cinema is always offering promotions for their movies, including prize giveaways and special showings of movies for holidays. Their prices are discounted during the day, and they are usually running specials throughout the year!

“I visited the theater with my family on a Friday evening. The theater was clean and very comfortable. The staff were all friendly and attentive. Overall I was very pleased with our theater experience and I would both recommend this theater and return in the future.” – Yelp Review

2. Melody 49 

Enjoy a movie under the stars at Melody 49! Photo courtesy of Facebook.

7606 Pleasant-Plain Rd. | Brookville, OH |

Time from Mason, OH: 45 minutes 

Melody 49 prides themselves on friendly, fast service, a great movie watching experience, and plenty of parking so you can get the best spot to see your film! Melody 49’s concession has three lines so you won’t have to wait and miss the movie to get your snacks, and the double screening of movies allows you to see two movies for one price. Melody 49 is a family friendly and fun place to take the kids for a movie night out!

In the summer Melody 49 hosts concert nights where you can come watch famous concerts that have been professionally recorded and rock out under the stars. They have different concerts in their lineup, and are adding new ones all the time! You can pick your favorite concert to see, grab some friends, and dance the night away at Melody 49! If you don’t mind the drive, Melody 49 is a cool place to check out!  

“I love bringing my old truck out here to watch movies and enjoy a nice evening. The staff is always so friendly. Plenty of room per parking slot and a great family atmosphere!” – Facebook Review 

3. Colony Square Cinemas 

Enjoy the cozy atmosphere of a hometown theater at Colony Square Cinemas! Photo courtesy of Facebook.

726 E Main St. | Lebanon, OH | Colony Square Cinemas | Facebook

Time from Mason, OH: 15 minutes 

Colony Square Cinemas is a locally run theater just 15 minutes from Mason, Oh. So if you’re looking for a more personal movie viewing experience, Colony Square Cinemas is the place to go! Because Colony Square CInemas is a local heater, they’re a great affordable option for a fun family movie night, a girls night out, or even for a date night! 

“We had our first ever family movie night to see Raya and the Last Dragon here. The gentleman behind the counter was so friendly and helpful. the theater was clean and the seats were comfy. I highly recommend them for your family movie nights!” – Facebook Review

3.  Holiday Auto Theatre 

Holiday Auto Theatre offers different movies weekly! Photo courtesy of Facebook

1816 Old Oxford Rd. | Hamilton, OH |

Time from Mason, OH: 25 minutes

The Holiday Auto Theatre has been open since 1948 and gives you a movie experience like no other. On top of their regular viewing times and dates, the Holiday Auto Theatre also hosts themed movie nights for different holidays. One of these themed nights that is most popular is their terror nights during Halloween. Along with holiday themed movie showings, the Auto Holiday Theatre shows select concerts on the big screen that you can come sing and dance to with friends for a fun night out!

“We absolutely love the Holiday. we come as often as life allows. great Staff, good prices. We even were at their last New Year's, memorable in the best ways. Terror at the Drive-in  is an event we look forward to every year. Hocus Picks, Evil Deadtriple feature was even better with the storm that night!” – Facebook Review

4.  Cinebistro 

Have dinner and a movie at Cinebistro! Photo courtesy of Yelp.

7514 Bales St. | Liberty Township, OH |

Time from Mason, OH: 15 minutes 

Cinebistro is not only a great place to watch a movie, but they are also a great place to get dinner at the same time! Cinebistro is a movie theater like no other. When you watch a  movie here you can enjoy food picked from their menus and be served at your seats before the show starts. At Cinebistro they not only offer popcorn and movie snacks, but full dinner meal options as well as a cocktail from their fully stocked bar. Sit in a comfortable, reclining chair while you eat your dinner and enjoy a movie!

“What an amazing place to come and eat while enjoying a nice movie. Today my husband and I came to watch "The Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard." We ordered the popcorn with chicken and shrimp (extra shrimp) along with the salmon platter. SOOOOO GOOD!!!!! We also ordered the burger with fries but that didn't last long enough for the photo. Delicious it was. Come and give this place a try!!!!” – Yelp Review

5.  Starlight Drive-In 

Enjoy a movie under the stars any night of the week! Photo courtesy of Yelp

2255 State Rt. Ohio-125 | Amelia, OH |

Time from Mason, OH: 30 minutes 

If you’re looking for a vintage, authentic drive-in experience then Starlight Drive-In is worth the drive and is a must visit place! You can enjoy the vintage aesthetic of the drive-in by playing on the playground under the screen and admiring their old fashioned concession stand. If you’re looking for a fun night of taking a blast to the past with family or friends, then Starlight Drive-In is worth the short drive to check out!

“The nostalgia is strong with this one. This is every bit as good as you remember. It's not necessarily cheap, but worth every penny for the experience. I'm glad it is still around and going strong for the next generation to experience.” – Yelp Review 

6. Cinema 10 Middletown

Cinema 10 offers a big selection of movies! Photo courtesy of Facebook.

3479 Dixie Hwy. | Franklin, OH | Republic Theatres | Cinema 10 Middletown

Time from Mason, OH: 25 minutes 

Cinema 10 is a great place to watch a movie with friends or family. Just 25 minutes from Mason, OH it is a short drive if you’re looking for something fun to do with friends! If you or a family member prefer to listen to a movie in Spanish or another language, Cinema 10 has an app you can download to watch any of their movies in the language you are most comfortable with! Just buy your ticket online, download the app, and enjoy your movie with headphones! 

“Clean. Affordable. Loved that it has old non recliner style seating which means you can see a movie with a larger crowd or have more seating choices with a smaller one (no assigned seating which I prefer) Staff did a great job of making everyone feel welcome and providing popcorn and drinks.” – Facebook Review

7. Kenwood Theatre 

Kenwood Theatre is a great place to grab a drink and to watch a movie! Photo courtesy of Yelp

7815 Kenwood Rd. | Cincinnati, OH | Kenwood Theatre

Time from Mason, OH: 30 minutes

Kenwood Theatre is a fun place to go to see a movie with friends! Kenwood Theatre offers different movie showings of the newest movies, and is a good place if you want to relax with a drink while you watch your movie. On Wednesdays enjoy specials on wine for a fun wine night, and on Thursdays Kenwood Theatre offers specials on their beer! If you want to have a private viewing of a film, you can even rent out a theatre room for private parties! 

“They serve spirits and Ice Cream...what else can you ask for? The staff is always courteous and helpful and the theaters are clean and well maintained, I personally like the small theater on the left of the entrance. If you are looking for an alternative to the big chains this is a nice theater to go to.” – Tripadvisor Review 

8. Mariemont Theatre

A great place to watch a local film! Photo courtesy of Yelp.

6906 Wooster Pike | Cincinnati, OH | Mariemont Theatre

Time from Mason, OH: 30 minutes

Mariemont Theatre is a small town theatre that offers an experience you won’t forget. If you’re interested in seeing an independent film or an old fashioned film, then the Mariemont Theatre is the place to go! You can take an afternoon to enjoy this historic theatre and watch a vintage film while enjoying a glass of wine with your movie. Mariemont Theatre also offers film events throughout the year, some of which pay homage to great films in history. 

“This is such a cozy boutique theatre that serves wine, hot tea and specialized confectionaries.  This theatre is worth a drive across town if you do not happen to live Mariemont as is our case.  There is copious free parking behind the theatre that makes it convenient.” – Yelp Review

Movies are a great way to spend time with friends, family, or with a special someone for date night. There’s a movie for everyone, and everyone has their favorite theater to watch their favorite movies! With so many different theaters that offer different movie watching experiences, picking one can be both the most challenging and the most fun part! Whether you’re looking for a smaller, cozier theater to watch your movie or a theater with the most advanced features, Mason, OH has many options that fit these qualities.

Wherever you want to spend your next movie night, Mason, OH is a great place if you’re looking for a variety of options to be able to choose from. Each theater in and around Mason, OH has a different atmosphere to enjoy while you also enjoy your movie! Whether you’re visiting Mason, OH, are a new resident, or have lived there for years there’s a variety of theaters to choose from to match whatever movie watching experience you want to have! 

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