Top 6 Family Road Trip Destinations in Ohio

Choosing a road trip destination is hard. Here’s a list of the top 6 road trip destinations for families to get you started.



Jan 21, 2021

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Ohio is a large state with so much to offer. From large cities with so many things to do and see to smaller cities with a more country life feel, Ohio has something for everyone to love and explore. When one thinks of taking a vacation or embarking on their next road trip, Ohio might not be the first place that comes to mind. Perhaps you live far away and you just don’t think of Ohio when planning a trip, or you’re a resident of Ohio and just don’t know what all it has to offer. Whatever the reason, think about reconsidering Ohio when planning your next road trip. There are so many spots to check out, and a road trip is the perfect way to see them all in one trip. But if you need some ideas to help get you started planning your next family road trip, here’s a list of the top 6 road trip destinations to give you some inspiration. 

1. Put-in-Bay

Friends posing on top of concrete letters in front of a lake that spell evolve
Put-in-Bay is a great summer vacation spot to road trip with the family to! Photo courtesy of Yelp

431 Catawba Ave | Put In Bay, OH |

Put-in-Bay is a great location to start off the list of places to road trip to. Put-in-Bay is the perfect location if you and the family want to take a beach vacation, but would rather stay closer to home. While not technically considered a beach with an ocean view, Put-in-Bay does have beach access on the edge of Lake Erie. Located on the shore of Lake Erie, Put-in-Bay is only accessible by ferry and offers a small, beach town atmosphere to enjoy! When coming to Put-in-Bay, cars are allowed but parking is limited. The common way of getting around the island is by golf cart rentals, which can be rented at most hotels or house rentals.

Whether you want to enjoy your days lounging on the beach alongside the lake, biking around town, shopping, fishing, or riding golf carts through the village, there is something for everyone here! Extend your road trip by stopping at sites along the way, or explore all Put-in-Bay has to offer after a long trip! Put-in-Bay has a variety of family activities to keep you busy, and even some after dark activities for parents to enjoy after the kids go to bed. Put-in-Bay may be small, but the nightlife is huge here and there’s a bar for whatever atmosphere you’re looking for. If you’re a fan of going out, Put-in-Bay won’t disappoint. After a night out, wake up to a view of the lake and a relaxing day down by the water with the family! 

“I had an absolutely amazing time vacationing here. There was a lot of stuff to do for all ages. There were many nice shops and restaurants to explore. There are also many historic and natural wonders on the island to learn about and explore. It was a great time!” – Yelp Review 

2. The Mohicans Treehouse Resort and Wedding Venue


A wooden cabin treehouse
See what it’s like to sleep among the trees at The Mohicans Treehouse Resort and Wedding Venue! Photo courtesy of Facebook

23164 Vess Rd. | Glenmont OH |

If you and your family are big fans of camping or like the idea of it but need the amenities of electricity and water, then The Mohicans Treehouse Resort and Wedding Venue is the perfect road trip destination to drive to! Located in Glenmont, The Mohicans Treehouse Resort is near plenty of outdoor activities you and your family can do. After a long (or short) road trip to your lodging, just down the road you can go on a zipline adventure and canopy tour at Treefrog Canopy Tours. Or, spend your time exploring the Mohicans property before returning back to your lodge to have dinner amongst the trees.

The Mohicans Treehouse Resort has plenty of accommodation options to suit your needs! If you love everything outdoors and really want to be connected to nature, there are over eight treehouse options to choose from. The treehouses are all themed and named accordingly, and one even incorporates a steel camper into the treehouse for a really unique experience. If you like the idea of nature but you’d rather stay on the ground, The Mohicans also have cabin options available. The cabins are also a great alternative to a treehouse if you have a large family and you’d like a little more space.

“I took my daughter and a friend of hers to celebrate her 13th birthday. It was a great little getaway!  An outdoorsy experience with the benefit of electricity and indoor plumbing. This would be a really fun adult excursion as well.” – Facebook Review

3.  Cedar Point 

A performance stage at cedar point
Cedar Point is a great road trip destination if you’re looking for a thrilling experience. Photo courtesy of Tripadvisor.

1 Cedar Point Dr. | Sandusky, OH |

If you’re a family of thrill seekers and roller coaster enthusiasts, then Cedar Point is an obvious destination choice for your next family road trip. Make a whole trip out of your Cedar Point experience and visit neighboring cities, like Medina, OH which is just a short one hour drive. Like many other Ohio cities, there are plenty of fun things to do in Medina that the whole family can enjoy after a day or two enjoying all the rides and fun Cedar Point has to offer. Not the roller coaster type? Cedar Point also has plenty of games you can play in the park, as well as other activities like mini golf. 

After spending a day in the sun and riding all the roller coasters you can imagine, head over to Cedar Point Shore Water Park and cool off with one of their many water ride options. From water slides that seem to reach the sky to lazy rivers and swimming areas, Cedar Point’s water park has something everyone will be able to enjoy. Have younger kids? There are plenty of water attractions made for a younger age of children to enjoy, as well as attractions to appeal to teens and every age in between. With so many hotel options and other activities around, Cedar Point is a great place to take a road trip to for however long you wish your trip to last. 

“I came here expecting great things, since it IS the “roller coaster capital”. Cedar Point didn't disappoint. They have a bunch of coasters, which is what me and my family were interested in.” – Tripadvisor Review   

4. Amish Country 

A brown horse pulling a black buggy
There is so much to explore in the Amish Country in Ohio! Photo courtesy of Tripadvisor

1900 Ohio 39 | Sugarcreek, OH | 

*This address is just a starting point if you want to visit Ohio’s Amish Country. There are many things to explore there, but this address is for the Walnut Creek Amish Country Flea Market and can get you started!

The Amish Country in Ohio has so much to offer, from homey bed and breakfast hotels to accommodate your stay, to flea and antique markets. The Amish Country is a road trip in itself because there are so many places spread out throughout the area to see and do that you could spend your whole road trip experience here and always find something to see and do. The address listed above is for the Walnut Creek Amish Country Flea Market, which has a variety of Amish goodies and products for purchase from homemade furniture to handmade jams. This is a great starting point for your Amish Country visit, because it gives you a taste of all the Amish Country has to offer.

If you’re looking for some fun, family friendly activities then the Amish Country has plenty to offer. Take the kids to the Amish Country Theater to see a show, or make a trip to the Baylor Beach Park for a refreshing swim and a day spent in the sun. The Amish Country also offers several antique markets and museums for the history buffs in your family, and there are plenty of open field and woodland areas to hike if you’re an outdoors lover and adventurer. Or, after the kids go to bed, head to the Breitenbach Wine Cellars for a wine and dining experience you won’t forget. Breitenbach also offers lodging, so you wouldn’t have to worry about driving after a few samples of wine. 

“Amish Country Ohio is a great place to visit so much to see and do. Great Amish restaurants, beautiful scenery, and so many different shopping experiences. We plan on visiting again and again!!” – Tripadvisor Review 

5. Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens 

A mother and son looking at meercats
Get a closer look at the animals at Cincinnati’s Zoo and Botanical Garden. Photo courtesy of Tripadvisor

3400 Vine St. | Cincinnati, OH |

If you’ve always wanted to visit the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical gardens but you live a little far away, then making a road trip there is the perfect opportunity to do so. Not only does the Cincinnati Zoo offer a wide selection of animal exhibits to see and explore, but there are also behind the scenes opportunities and excursion options you can pick from. Whether you want to look at the animals from afar or you want to get up close and personal with each of the animals at the zoo, CIncinnati’s Zoo and Botanical Gardens has options to suit your wants to make your visit as special as they can! 

After you explore all the animals at Cincinnati’s Zoo, head over to their Botanical Gardens for a breathtaking experience looking at all the beautiful plants and flowers showcased. With so many flower options, don’t be surprised if you see many butterflies fluttering about to take photos with. When you’ve explored all you’ve wanted to at Cincinatti’s Zoo and Botanical Gardens, head into the city for a bite to eat and to explore some more. Cincinnati’s food scene is unlike any other, so there are plenty of restaurant options worth checking out (you might even find your new favorite). 

“The animals' habitats are large and there are numerous vantage points to both see the animals and get great pictures. The manatee habitat is marvelous as were the exhibits for the hippos and cheetahs. So much to see and so well presented for guests.” – Tripadvisor Review 

6. Loveland Castle and Museum Chateau Laroche 

A guy posing in front of a castle
Take a road trip to Loveland Castle and see how royalty lived. Photo courtesy of Tripadvisor

12025 Shore Dr. | Loveland, OH |

Loveland Castle and Museum Chateau Laroche is the perfect road trip destination for an experience like no other. If you’re a fan of history, have always dreamt of living in a castle, or you’re simply just curious about what the inside of a castle looks like, then taking a trip to Loveland Castle and Museum is a must visit. Take the family on a road trip to a historic castle and spend the day learning about its history and architecture. End the day with a picnic on the extensive grounds and then explore the gardens Loveland Castle also offers. Word is that the gardens have secret entrances you can find and use if you’re up for a scavenger hunt. 

Like castles, but don’t want to travel a long way to see one? Make Loveland Castle and Museum a pit stop in your travels, before continuing on. Just an hour away is Westerville, OH which has many activities and experiences to enjoy. Being a large city, there are so many things to do in Westerville, OH that it is definitely worth the extra drive after visiting Loveland Castle and Museum Chateau Laroche. 

“A friend recommended we visit, so my daughter begged and begged for us to go while in the area. Boy am I glad we went! The history is really neat, and it was a lot of fun to explore both the castle and the gardens. Highly recommended!” – Tripadvisor Review 

Whether you’re looking to take a long road trip vacation or you're just looking for a weekend getaway, Ohio is such a large state that there are so many options for travel destinations. Choosing your ideal travel destination all depends on what you’re wanting to get out of the experience. But if you’re looking for some road trip destination ideas in Ohio, then use this list of the top 6 to help give you some ideas for your next adventure. 

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