The Secrets To Make Your Bed As Comfortable As In A Hotel

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Kaitlyn Harris


Jan 21, 2021

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There is nothing like sleeping in a bed with organic bamboo sheets, where a down duvet covers us and there is no lack of a soft and fluffy pillow there to rest after the long and tired day. That feeling alone makes all day's effort worth it. 

Create your own sanctuary and achieve the sleep experience of a boutique hotel in your own bed by following a few tips you should try.

1. Keep a pleasant scent in your bedding

You can only achieve this with a good "schedule / schedule" for washing your clothes. That the bedding has a constant cleaning and is well cared for is part of the secret. 

Additionally you can choose aromas by means of candles, aromatizers, spray, in this way you will create a comforting and relaxing environment.  

2. Choose natural over synthetic

Always opt for the superiority of natural materials such as cotton, linen, wool, feathers or down , instead of synthetic fabrics. This will give you a feeling of freshness and comfort that will make you feel like in the clouds when lying on your bed.

3. Use a feather mattress topper

The mattress cover is one of the most important for a feeling of absolute comfort, the hotel beds are comfortable thanks to the use of this topper. This element becomes an additional layer of the bed that provides extra support from head to toe, with a great sensation of softness.

4. Cover yourself with a duvet

There are fabric that are not seen, but they are not less important for that; on the contrary, these fabrics are the soul of the bed. Quilts are the ones that, in addition to dressing your bed, help regulate your temperature. Especially those made with down are the best, since they provide the perfect thermal insulation to your body with the correct temperature both in hot and cold seasons.

Other options to add that special touch of personalization to your bed can be a weighted blanket, or some detail of embroidery or application to any of your bedding items.

5. Choose the best pillow

This is the most important in your bed set and tastes can be endless, so you must choose the one that best meets your needs. Due to the qualities of natural materials, a down or feather pillow will always be the best option.

Sleep experts recommend the superiority of feathers and down as the best filling for sound sleep. One of the qualities of natural fillings is that they take the shape you want to give them without losing the necessary support to properly support your head and neck.

6. Add style

It is also important to add your own style to the bedding, this is what you can achieve with a Coverlet, It makes your bed stand out to perfect the style you want to give your room, It is conceived beyond the functional, seeking to discover its own character. You can explore with colors and textures. Additionally, it will make your bed an ideal place for an afternoon nap, without completely cluttering the bed.

Discover your dream home in German Village, OH.

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July 17, 2022
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