Nelsonville Music Festival: What It is and Everything You Need to Know About It

Thinking of attending the Nelsonville music festival this year? Here’s everything you need to know about the festival to plan your visit!


Kaitlyn Harris


Jan 21, 2021

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If you want to attend the Nelsonville Music Festival, but you aren’t sure of the details surrounding the festival or you’ve never been to a music festival so you aren’t sure how to go about it, we’ve got the information you need. Music festivals are a fun way to experience music up close and personal with other people who share the same music tastes as you! Music festivals are a fun way to make music interactive and more personal. 

Below we’re going to talk about what the Nelsonville Music Festival is, when it is, and everything you need to know in order to go this year. If you love music, want to have a fun weekend surrounded by people who also love music, and you want a personalized music festival experience, then the Nelsonville Music Festival is for you. So if you’re interested in attending the Nelsonville Music Festival this year, then keep reading for all the tips and information you need to have a great weekend with even greater music! 

What is the Nelsonville Music Festival ?

Founded over sixteen years ago, the Nelsonville Music Festival has been described by Billboard as, “one of the best kept secrets of the U.S. music festival circuit” and for good reason. The Nelsonville Music Festival is a music festival that gives its participants a more personal music festival experience and gives everyone who attends the festival the opportunity to enjoy music up close and with other people of like minded music taste! 

The Nelsonville Music Festival has a variety of artists from different genres so everyone who attends is sure to enjoy the music played, and has a fun environment for everyone to enjoy when attending the music festival. The Nelsonville Music Festival is not just for adults either, it is a kid friendly and family welcoming music festival and is fun for everyone. With a kid center that hosts activities all weekend long, it is fun for both adults and children. 

Not only can you expect to enjoy great music when attending the Nelsonville Music Festival, but you can also feel good about buying tickets because all of the proceeds from the festival go toward Stuart’s Opera House in order to help benefit arts education in Southeastern, Ohio. So not only is the Nelsonville Music Festival a fun event for everyone, but it also benefits a great cause and helps the community. The Nelsonville Music Festival also prides itself as being a zero waste musical event since its opening over sixteen years ago, and ensures that the environment is left as it was found before the festival. Along with great music, you can also expect to see a variety of craft and food vendors at the music festival that offer fun and unique shopping experiences while you are there. With the money going toward a great cause and the promise of an unforgettable weekend, the Nelsonville Music Festival is a music festival event you won’t want to miss. 

The Fine Details of the Nelsonville Music Festival: What You Need to Know

The Nelsonville Music Festival is a fun event for everyone. 

Before we jump into who is playing at the festival, the vendors you can expect to see, and all of the other information you might need to know before you go to the Nelsonville Music Festival, let’s first take a look at the specifics of the event. The most important specifics being where the event is located and when the music festival is being held. But, there are also other pieces of information you’ll need to know before you go. 

Information such as where to stay and the kinds of parking and lodging passes you can get are also important things to know. To make it easier, we’ve gathered this information to help get you started on planning your trip to the Nelsonville Music Festival. You can find the important basic information below: 

Festival Dates: 

  • The festival this year will take place September 2nd - September 4th 

Festival Ticket Prices:

  • Weekend Pass: $169
  • Kids 13-17 Weekend Pass: $75
  • Kids 12 and Under: Free
  • VIP Pass: $300

Other Additional Ticket Options and Prices: 

  • Thursday Early Arrival: $50
  • Non-Camping Parking Pass: $50
  • Friday, Single Day Pass: $85 
  • Saturday, Single Day Pass: $85
  • Sunday, Single Day Pass: $85

*For more information on what is included with the price of tickets or to purchase tickets, click here

Festival Location: 

  • The festival is being held this year at the Snow Fork Event Center in Nelsonville, Ohio 
  • 5685 Happy Hollow Road, Nelsonville, OH 

On Site Lodging Passes: 

  • Car Camping Pass
  • $100 
  • Vehicle parking pass that allows you to camp in or next to your vehicle 
  • Backcountry (hike-in) Camping Pass
  • $50 
  • Camping pass that offers a quieter campaign experience and hike to the venue 
  • RV Camping Pass 
  • $100 
  • Camping pass for RV owners 

*For a more detailed list of the camping options for the festival and what is included with the ticket price for each option, click here

Local, Off Site Lodging Options:

Event Artist Lineup

The Nelsonville Music Festival prides itself on offering a wide variety of artists from different genres of music. Each day of the festival has a different line-up of artists and musical groups as well as different headlining artists so you’re sure to love at least some of the bands and artists each day. The artists and groups play all day long, beginning in the morning so you’ll be able to experience and listen to music all day long, every day of the festival. Here’s a full list of the artists and musical groups you can expect to see playing at this year’s Nelsonville Music Festival: 

Nelsonville Music Festival Full Artist Line-Up:

  • Japanese Breakfast 
  • Angel Olsen
  • Yo La Tengo 
  • Lucinda Williams 
  • Neko Case
  • Shannon & The Clams 
  • Mdou Moctar
  • Town Mountain 
  • Michael Hurley 
  • Nubya Garcia 
  • La Luz
  • Madi Diaz 
  • Adia Victoria 
  • Tre Burt 
  • Sunny War
  • Danniele Ponder 
  • The Lowest Pair 
  • Automatic 
  • S.G. Goodman 
  • The Ophelias 
  • Rich Ruth 
  • Teke::Teke 
  • Myriam Gendron 
  • Dos Santos
  • Tobacco City 
  • Blue Cactus 
  • Bill MacKay 
  • Nick Tolford & Company 
  • In The Pines
  • Logan Halstead
  • Dana 
  • Little Mazarn 
  • Lung
  • Hydrone
  • DJ B-Funk + Johnny Feelgood
  • No Stars
  • Corey Landis & The Finer Things 
  • Oyo
  • Weedghost 
  • Brandon Reisig 
  • Bram Riddlebarger 
  • Stuart’s Afterschool Music Program 

* For a full list of all of the artists and the line-ups for each individual day of the music festival, click here

Food Vendors You Can Expect to See

Along with having great musical entertainment all weekend long, the Nelsonville Music Festival is also host to some unique and local vendors. With food vendors from a wide range of local vendors and companies, you’ll be able to stay fueled and energized all weekend long so you can enjoy the music. While the Nelsonville Music Festival usually offers the experience to shop local and unique artisan and retail vendors, this year (2022) they won’t have any retail vendors available on-site in an effort to downsize the event to make it as safe as possible. Below is a full list of all the local food vendors you can expect to see at this year’s music festival: 

Burrito Bus 

The Burrito Bus is the perfect food vendor for the people who love a good burrito. The Burrito Bus allows you to build your own custom burrito with a variety of options, making it perfect for anyone who wants to customize their meal.

Bagel Street Deli

As the name suggests, Bagel Street Deli offers a large selection of bagels to choose from as well as topping selections. But, they also offer more such as salads, soups, and sandwich options to choose from as well. 

Donkey Coffee and Espresso 

Donkey Coffee and Espresso is a great food vendor option for when you need a pick-me-up during the festival. Because who doesn’t need some caffeine to help keep them going after a long day listening to music before an unforgettable night?


If you like seafood, then you’ll be sure to love Gilligan’s selection of seafood options. It’s everything you love about a seafood restaurant but in food truck form. 

Hawaiian Shave Ice

Because who doesn’t love some shaved ice on a hot and sunny day? This stand is perfect for adults and children alike who want to cool off with an icy treat. 

Hot Diggity Dog Unlimited

From corn dogs, funnel cakes, shaved ice, lemonade, and so much more, Hot Diggity Dog Unlimited is a one-stop place for all of your favorite fair treats during the music festival! 

Not only does the Nelsonville Music Festival have a great line-up of musical artists, but they also have a wide selection of food vendors to choose from! 

Hot Potato 

With so many potato creations to choose from, Hot Potato is the perfect stand for anyone who wants to take their fry game to the next level. Vegetarian options are also available here! 

Kiser’s BBQ

If BBQ is your thing, then check out Kiser’s BBQ while at the festival! WIth a full menu of BBQ options, you’re sure to find something here that you love. 

Mikey’s Late Night Slice 

If you love Pizza, then Mikey’s Late Night Slice is about to be your favorite food vendor at the festival. With different pizza options, you can pick one already offered or build your own! 


Nixtamalized offers a menu full of Mexican styled cuisine, so if tacos, tamales, and amazing food are your style then Nixtamalized is a must stop on your food vendor list during the festival weekend! 


O’Betty’s has a menu filled with different hot dog combinations to try and other sandwich options you’re sure to love. Or, if you need a fall back they have delicious fries! 

Restaurant Salaam 

Restaurant Salaam is the food vendor to check out if you love cuisine from all over the world and you’re looking to try something new! WIth a mediterranean menu, they’re a food vendor to add to your list this festival weekend! 

Weldon’s Ice Cream

If you’re looking for a sweet and delicious way to cool off after a long day in the hot sun, then Weldon’s Ice Cream is a must visit vendor at this year’s festival! With a full menu, they have tons of tasty ice cream treats to choose from to satisfy any sweet tooth! 

*For more information on the expected food vendors of Nelsonville Music Festival, click here

The Nelsonville Music Festival is a fun musical experience for anyone and everyone who attends! 

The Nelsonville Music Festival is a fun experience for everyone, and is a great music festival for people who have different tastes in music because there is a variety of artists and bands from different genres. You can go as a family, by yourself, or with friends and you are sure to have a fun time! 

If you’ve never been to a music festival, then the Nelsonville Music Festival is a great beginner festival because of its personalized atmosphere. So if you’re looking to attend the Nelsonville Music Festival, then use this guide to help you do anything from booking a place to stay, deciding what food vendors you want to check out, and which artists you want to watch. 

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