Moving to Xenia, OH? Here's Everything You Need to Know

Xenia is a friendly town whose residents prioritize family and peace.

Aerial view of Xenia in the fall.
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Jan 21, 2021

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Image courtesy of Explore Xenia.

Xenia, Ohio is a centrally located southwestern Ohio city. It is the county seat of Greene County. It is 15 miles east of Dayton, one of Ohio’s bigger cities. Xenia is right inside what’s known as the “transportation triangle”. It is formed by three major interstate highways, the I-70, I-71, and I-75. These highways keep Xenia easily accessible to many other cities. It's a small town that is within reach of multiple major cities, so people can easily enjoy a fast paced lifestyle outside of town and enjoy the peace of Xenia when they return. Xenia is a friendly and family oriented city with lots of great amenities. The convenience of this town is easy to enjoy. 

Here’s what you should know about moving to Xenia:

  • History of Xenia
  • Facts and figures about Xenia
  • Local favorite things to do in Xenia
  • And more!
A sign welcoming people to Xenia on top of a brick wall structure.
This town is as welcoming as this sign. Image courtesy of The Business Journals

History of Xenia

Before Moving to Xenia, Get to Know the History of Your New Home

Xenia was founded in 1803. It is the same year that Ohio was admitted into the Union. A pioneer named John Paul bought 2,000 acres of land from Thomas and Elizabeth Richardson. Joseph C. Vance was hired to be the town surveyor, and eventually purchased 257 acres of land from John Paul. This land soon became Xenia. 

The name was decided democratically with a town meeting. The Reverend Robert Armstrong was the one to suggest the name “Xenia”. It means “hospitality” in Greek. He chose it because of the hospitality he felt was extended to him when he came to town. 

Xenia was incorporated by the legislature in 1817 and officially became a city in 1834, which is also when the Little Miami Railroad arrived in the area. Xenia’s population grew very quickly. By 1840, over 1,400 people resided in the town, and that number had just about doubled once 1847 arrived.  

By 1880, the population had increased to over 7,000. At the time, five newspaper offices, 16 churches, and three banks existed to service the residents. They also had several twine factories that were known to the residents as “Twine City.” Xenia also had two gunpowder factories, one of which exploded in 1886. The explosion killed three workers and damaged several of the buildings nearby. 

Several tornadoes have hit Xenia over the years. In April of 1974, an F5 category tornado ravaged Xenia. It happened during one of the worst tornado outbreaks in the 20th century. 148 tornados moved through the south and the Midwest in a single day. Xenia’s tornado destroyed over 1,000 homes and businesses. Not many buildings remained in the downtown area after the storm. Thirty three people were killed and over 1,000 were injured. In the year after the tragedy, Xenia had managed to rebuild over 80% of its homes and 40% of its businesses. Although Xenia faced another tornado as time went on, they have since rebuilt and grown significantly. In 2003, Xenia became the third largest town in Greene County, with a population of over 23,000 people. 

Xenia by the Numbers

Learn About Xenia’s Economy, Demographics, and What It’s Really Like to Live Here

Xenia Population

Xenia, Ohio is a mid-sized city with a population of over 27,000 people. The town is not the most densely populated, with around 2,000 people per square mile. The median age of a Xenia resident is 37 years old, which is the same as the country’s median age. On average, there are 2.4 people per household, which is comparable to the country’s average of 2.6. About 46% of those households are married couples, and 26% of those married couples have children. And about 24% percent of Xenia’s households are made up of single parent families. 

Xenia’s Demographics

80% of Xenia’s residents are white, and 14% of the residents are black. 0.2 percent of the population is Asian. 1.3% of the residents are of Hispanic ethnicity. And around 4% of residents identify as two or more races. The median price for a Xenia home is around $168,000. 

Xenia’s Schooling

The Xenia Community School District serves thousands of students in the general area. They have one pre-school, five elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school. There are about 19 students per teacher, which makes space for students to receive plenty of individual attention. 

Things to do in Xenia

Xenia is a city filled with possibilities when it comes to things to do. It is a place that is somewhat slow paced, but offers a lot in terms of outdoor space and great indoor spaces. They have great shops, restaurants, and museums. You can really enjoy yourself trying out different things during the day, or you can take an opportunity to enjoy some time outdoors in silence. 

Get to Know Xenia Like a Local

Where People Shop, Dine, and Hang Out in Xenia 

Xenia residents get to experience a great laid back city and a well connected transportation system. It is easy to drive in and out of Xenia, depending on your plans for the day. The town has plenty of great outdoor spaces available to the public. People get to ride bikes, hike, and have picnics around town. There are even museums around that teach the history of Xenia, its features, and its people. You’ll also find plenty of great restaurants that are centered around different cuisines. There are several amazing places that offer up a unique dining experience. If you spend time in Xenia, you’ll learn exactly why the locals are so fond of this town!

Nick’s Restaurant

This roadside sports bar sells amazing burgers.
A thick burger on a plate net to crispy fries.
This burger looks juicy and satisfying. Image courtesy of Go to Nick’s.

148 S Market St | Xenia |

This restaurant sells delicious foods with award winning sauces. They serve soups, salads, and quesadillas. For entrees you can have filet mignon, Atlantic cod, and even frog legs. They have a selection of pizzas to choose from with toppings as unique as their names. You can order the ‘grateful dead,’ ‘red Nick,’ and ‘the carnivore.’ They have Rueben sandwiches, chicken salad, and Philly cheesesteak. They also have a large selection of draft beers which include beers like, hazy little thing, happy amber, and psychopathy. 

They also have great outdoor seating. Their outdoor patio was recently renovated. They have added more seating, more décor, and have set it up to be enclosed during the colder months.  

“What a delightful surprise! We went yelp-ing when we found ourselves in Xenia and ended up at Nick's. SO MUCH FOOD!! My husband basically got a whole fish and my perfectly prepared pork chop was massive. We've driven by for decades--seriously. This is a must repeat!! Everything was excellent and the bill won't bury you.” -- Yelp Review

Victor’s Taco

This restaurant’s fresh tortillas will have you wanting to keep coming back.
A burrito and a taco in a container with rice and refried beans.
This food comes in large portions. Image courtesy of TripAdvisor

483 W Main St | Xenia 

Victor’s taco is a drive through restaurant that serves amazing Mexican food. Their drive-thru model is unique since most restaurants that serve similar food don’t have drive-thru options. They also don’t offer indoor seating, but only drive-thru. This restaurant works with a fast food model, but serves high quality restaurant-style food. It is clear that their stuff is all homemade. Their food is fresh and delicious, and reminiscent of the great Mexican restaurants in the west. The food is served in large portions and comes at an awesome price. 

They offer traditional Mexican staples like tacos, burritos, and chimichangas. For fillings, their meats include grilled chicken, shrimp, carne asada, and carnitas among others. You can get those with their fresh salsa and guacamole. They also serve breakfast. It includes breakfast burritos and omelets. 

“Fresh, delicious, flavorful Mexican food at a good price.  Employees are always courteous and my order is always accurate.  I'm from Southern California and Victor's Taco reminds me of the awesome taco shops back home.  My go-to's are the Carne Asada Nachos and the hard shell tacos (made from freshly fried tortillas...definitely not taco shells out of a box).” -- Yelp Review

One Bistro

This restaurant has a unique business model. 
A spinach salad on a plate next to two sandwiches.
This lunch will taste good and make you feel good. Image courtesy of Yelp.

87 E Main St | Xenia |

One Bistro has a unique business model that is usually not seen with restaurants. They operate under an empathetic model that prioritizes caring for their community. All of the prices on their menu are simply a “suggested price”. The prices are also very low. Most are between 6-9 dollars. You can choose to pay full price, double to cover someone else, or nothing if you can’t afford it. They like to make sure that people get to eat even if they can’t fully afford to. When you aren’t able to pay, One Bistro just asks to have some of your services in return for your free meal. Most of their workers are volunteers. They are on a mission to eliminate hunger and to celebrate community. This bistro has a very welcoming environment that seeks to make everyone comfortable. 

The food at One Bistro is as great as their business model. They serve sandwiches, salads, and pizzas throughout the day, and also have an amazing brunch menu! Some great items include blueberry pancakes with lemon crème and biscuits and gravy. 

“One Bistro not only has terrific food but also has a terrific mission of helping feed the community by paying meals forward. You won't be disappointed in the prices either. When you go to check out be sure to pay a meal or two forward so someone who can't pay can eat. Great place!” -- Yelp Review

Xenia Station

A museum and nature reserve in one!
A small brick building surrounded by trees.
You will learn some interesting things there. Image courtesy of Xenia Station

150 S Miami Ave | Xenia |

Xenia Station was built to replicate the former Xenia Railroad Station of the 1880s. It was built back in 1998, and showcases railroad history. It even has a classroom that they use for some of their teaching sessions. They also have an original train caboose on display for the public during various times. The outdoor space is full of places to participate in outdoor fun. There are plenty of nature areas, picnic tables, and picnic shelters. This location connects to several bike baths, and they offer bike lockers to accommodate people who go by to take a ride. There are also bathrooms and off-street parking that you can use whether visiting the museum or spending your time on the trails. 

Local school children are the primary visitors of the classroom in this museum. They come to learn about the history of Xenia and its railroads. This place is kept up by volunteers from the Greene County Historical Society. They make sure to keep the museum in top condition. 

“Great place to access any one of several trails that meet here in Xenia. Nice little park area plus the renovated train station itself. Lots of parking if you want to start your ride here and not far from the businesses in town if you are looking to eat or head downtown. Come check out this place to start for or a stopover/rest from your tails to trails experience” -- Yelp Review

Aerial view of a shopping center in Xenia.
These streets look relaxing to drive through. Image courtesy of LoopNet

Xenia, Ohio is a mid-sized city that is convenient for transportation. When you’re there, it is easy to get around and easy to have a good time. You will get to enjoy the benefits of a slow paced lifestyle in a friendly environment.

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