Moving to Ashland, OH? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

This City is Small, But Never Boring

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Jan 21, 2021

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Image courtesy of Ashland.

Ashland is a small Ohio city that you’ll do well moving into. It is a college town with a great reputation. It was voted as the safest college town in 2018. Ashland has a vibrant local community that makes living there worthwhile. Whether you are moving there on your own or with family, this city can accommodate you well. It is well-known in Ohio for its welcome sign, which claims the city to be, “The World Headquarters of Nice People.” Even if this city isn’t actually filled with the nicest people in the world, you can be sure they have a sense of humor. You can easily make a great life there. 

Here’s what you should know about moving to Ashland:

  • History of Ashland
  • Facts and figures about Ashland
  • Local favorite things to do in Ashland
  • And more!
Letters across a bridge spelling "Ashland."
You’ll get a gorgeous welcome! Image courtesy of Explore Ashland Ohio

History of Ashland 

Before Moving to Ashland, Get to Know the History of Your New Home

Ashland, Ohio was founded in 1815 by William Montgomery. It got its name in 1846. It was originally known as Uniontown, but was compelled to change its name because there was another Ohio town that already used the name. 

Ashland eventually became an early manufacturing center in Ohio. In 1870, the company Meyers & Bro was founded. It employed over 800 Ohio residents. It was the largest factory in Ashland, but it wasn’t nearly the only one. There were 47 other factories in Ashland running at the time. 

Ashland has some unique traditions that come from its manufacturing past. They celebrate an annual “Balloon fest.” This is because the founder of cigar-shaped balloons was an Ashland native. Those cigar shaped balloons have turned into the round balloons that we’re used to seeing now. This has led to Ashland being known as the “balloon capital of the world.” Ashland is rightfully proud of the accomplishments of its people. It gets everyone in on celebrating those who make the city great. 

Ashland by the Numbers

Learn About Ashland’s Economy, Demographics, and What It’s Really Like to Live Here

Ashland’s Population

Ashville has a population of 19,225. The population leans younger. The median age is 30. There is an average of three people per household and over 60% of couples are married. Around 42% of them have children.

Ashland’s Demographics

Over 90% of Ashland’s residents identify as white. Almost 6% of residents identify as two or more races. It is a middle class town with affordable homes. The median house cost is just under $200,000. The median household income is 34,000. It’s 42,000 for families. 

Ashland’s Schooling

The Ashland City School District has around 3,000 kids enrolled, from primary to secondary school. They have three public elementary schools, one middle school, and one elementary school. They have three private schools as well. Ashland is also home to Ashland University which enrolls a number of students. There is a public library available to all these students and anyone else in town who would like to use the space. 

Things to do in Ashland

When you move to Ashland, you won’t be without things to do. There are a host of restaurants and shops in the area. There is plenty of outdoor space for use. You’ll find everything you need there, from restaurants to nature preserves. Morning, afternoon, and night are filled with options for an enjoyable time. Your opportunities for a good time are vast in Ashland.

Get to Know Ashland Like a Local

Where People Shop, Dine, and Hang Out in Ashland

Ashland has many spots available for shopping, eating, and general hangouts. You won’t need to drive far out of town when you need to buy certain things. You don’t have to travel very far to get new furniture, there is a furniture store right in town. There is a pet store for all your pet needs, thrift stores, and bake shops to satisfy your sweet tooth. They have a beer shop, a florist, and farms where you can buy fresh items. You’ll be so comfortable living in Ashland with so many fun and useful places right in the city! Here are a few of the places in Ashland you’ll want to visit when you live here. 

Shanks Bar and Grill

Check Out this Place to Eat Your Fill of Burgers
A cheeseburger with fries.
Food is a great addition to any night out. Image courtesy of Yelp.

1333 Center St | Ashland |

Shanks Bar and Grill is where you go when you want to enjoy entertainment and food. They offer live entertainment, so you can enjoy an awesome show while you eat. Some restaurants offer free bread, but this place serves free popcorn. You can have as many popcorn refills as you’d like while you’re there. They have a varied menu that serves everything from Hawaiian chicken to tuna poke bowls outside of the common hamburger. Your taste buds will not be bored.

This restaurant is open from Thursday through Sunday. They are focused on providing amazing weekends for their patrons. It is also connected to a golf course. You can play a few rounds anytime before or after your dinner. 

“Pleasantly surprised by the service, value and quality of our dinner. My husband and I were in town for an overnight trip and used Yelp to find a place for dinner. The prices were reasonable, portions were huge and service was awesome ! We were even front row to live music. The outdoor dining area was very nice and beautiful views of the golf course.” -- Yelp Review

O’Brien’s Pub

This Irish Themed Pub will be Endless Fun
A corned beef sandwich next to onion rings and dip.
This would go great with a Guinness. Image courtesy of O’Brien Ashland

1065 Claremont Ave | Ashland |

O’Brien’s Pub is a cozy bar meant for relaxation. It opened up back in 2001, and today is a go-to place for residents and workers nearby to have lunch. They sell homemade sauces and have signature dishes. This experience is sure to be a unique one. There are cool perks offered depending on the day you visit. If you dine-in on Monday, you get to enjoy their endless pasta bowls. On Wednesday you get 60 cent wings!

They offer a full bar where there is always Guinness on tap. If you’re a Guinness fan, you’ll be very happy there. The usual visitors are very friendly. You’ll get a chance to make some awesome friends if you’re feeling social. 

“We randomly stopped in here for lunch. My husband had the tenderloin sandwich and I had the fish and chips. Both were great! My husband had a huge side salad and the blue cheese chips too. Everything was was served hot and timed out perfectly. There were two waitresses working and both were very attentive and super friendly. We will definitely stop back the next time we are in Ashland!!!” -- Yelp Review

Lyn-Way Restaurant

This Restaurant is Known as One of the “Best of the Best”
A diner counter top with stools.
This place is like a cozy diner. Image courtesy of Yelp.

1320 Cleveland Ave | Ashland |

Lyn-Way Restaurant has been a fixture of Ashland since the 1950s. They have won a host of well-deserved awards throughout those years. Recently they won praise for having the best pie and best desserts in Ashland. If dessert is your favorite part of a meal, be sure to visit this place whenever you’re in Ashland. Their pies are made fresh every day!

This restaurant is a family-owned place set up to make customers feel comfortable. When you’re there, you get to enjoy a great meal that reminds you of home-cooking. Aside from the food, they offer fun activities you can participate in. They hold monthly “Cruise ins” where customers can show off their classic vehicles. 

“An Ashland favorite spot for years. While not gourmet the food is hearty, plentiful and prepared to order. Will remind you of home cooking. Very competent friendly staff, always helpful with suggestions and substitutions. The pie menu is significant, so many wonderful choices. This location is a pie lover's dream. Worth the trip just for the pie. Life is short, eat dessert first.” -- Yelp Review

Village Point

Indulge Your Love of Sweets at This Delightful Treat Shop

A cup of ice-cream with two spoons inside.
Dessert is always a great choice. Image courtesy of Yelp

4 West Main St |

Village Point is like a mini grocery shop that sells food like sandwiches and wonderful sweet treats. The food is very cheap despite the great quality that you receive. You can get classic deli items like fresh vegetables and salads. You can choose from different baked goods alongside the frozen treats.

This place has friendly staff that makes your experience there comfortable. They offer unique experiences like letting you grind your own peanut butter or honey. They even sell kitchen utensils and decorative items for your home. You have access to many cool choices at this place. 

“This place is spectacular!  Grind your own peanut butter, local honey and jams.  Make sure and take the kids.  Lots of candy (old school), ice cream.  HUGE selection of deli meats and cheese.  The place itself is gorgeous!  Worth the stop just to check out the building.” -- Yelp Review

Blue Spruce Boutique

Buy Clothes and Furniture in one Go
The window of a boutique.
Unique finds await you. Image courtesy of Blue Spruce Boutique.

116 E Liberty St |

Blue Spruce is a unique boutique that features a wide array of items. They sell clothing, beauty products, and home décor. If you want to stop at one place for your home décor and wardrobe needs, this is the perfect place for you. They make handmade gifts that you can buy to give someone an interesting treat. 

The store itself is decorated amazingly. The aesthetic will automatically stand out to you when you enter. You’ll see what a great idea it is to trust this shop’s design choices and get some cool pieces for yourself. Their items are all high quality and still manage to be well-priced.

“I absolutely love this store.  The owners have such a great eye!  Love the brands they carry because they are a great price point, high quality but nothing outrageously priced.  Very good customer service and polite employees. Highly recommend it! Wish they would open a second location up north!” -- Yelp Review

Gleaner Antiques

Stop by this Shop for Things you Can’t get from a Regular Store
A tiny wooden house in between mini Christmas trees.
Where else can you get a tiny, wooden house and miniature Christmas trees? Image courtesy of Yelp.

116 E Liberty St |

Gleaner Antiques sells many great pieces of furniture and home décor. They have existed for 33 years, providing the area with great antique furniture that is not easily found. They have furniture pieces from. They make handmade gifts that you can buy to give someone an interesting treat. 

Many of their options are higher end. They cater to people willing to shell out a bit of cash for the unique pieces they offer. They offer layaway for those who want a gorgeous vintage staple in their home while on a budget. Everything they have is original. There are no garage sale items or reproduced items in this place. You’ll get the best your money can pay for at this shop.

“Beautiful place with fabulous antique furnishings. Very pricey, I did not get a chance to see if prices were negotiable. Beautiful shelves, mantles, other furnishings, lots of neat depression or earlier stuff, lots of creativity, lots of green.” -- Yelp Review

When looking for the best place to move to, consider Ashland, Ohio for all that it has to offer. There are great restaurants, great shops, and great outdoor activities. You will always have something to do when you are there. Don’t miss out on this awesome place! Take a visit and give it a try.

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