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Millennials are cut out for careers in real estate brokerage.

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Connor McCoy


Jan 21, 2021

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HER, REALTORS® is looking for Real Estate Agents! You might have guessed it’s not exactly like it is on TV, but there are certain perks...If you’ve ever considered a career in real estate, but weren’t sure if you were cut out for it, read on to find out what it’s really like.  

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What is real estate like?

Real estate is a multifaceted career that will allow you to find something you enjoy that fits your personality. Real estate agents are flexible. You make your own schedule, which allows you the freedom to grow personally and professionally at your own speed.

Speaking of speed, real estate agents love the essence of the deal: sometimes fast, sometimes slow. It’s the search that keeps them going! The hunt for the perfect house for someone to live in, build a family in, and create their dream home is the fun part.  A successful search and a happy customer is a pretty satisfying feeling.

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HER, REALTORS® will help you out with your training

Have you ever watched shows on HGTV like Househunters or Million Dollar Listing? If you have, and you are interested in homes and the process of the deal, you should consider a career in real estate. If you can, start with an internship at a local brokerage. If you’re in need of training, HER, REALTORS® can help with that. HER is proud to be partnered with HONDROS College of Business for all their agents pre and post certification needs.

5 reasons real estate is a great career for millennials

1.  Outlet for creative types

In the real estate industry, you can find tons of ways to put your creativity to use. Searching for right home for  a specific-minded customer, or suggesting ideas for a space all require the creativity that millennials have.

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Put your creative skills to use when selling homes

When asked about how she started her career in real estate, Barbara Corcoran mentioned that creativity is essential. A realty company is like a media company; good content is essential, and it requires photography, videography, writing, websites, ads, etc. Have an interest in any of these? You’re perfect!

Taking the right pictures and  videos to sell a property is both an important and creative part of the job. Seeing the potential in a space and making it appealing to buyers is essential.

2. Freedom from the desk

Millennials value freedom above all else when it comes the possibility of success and enjoying your job and life. The millennial generation is wary of being under pressure by a bad boss or not being able to pursue what they are truly interested in.

A good way to avoid the limiting confines of a desk job is to be a real estate agent. You are out on the town, exploring and marketing, speaking and meeting with different people on a daily basis.

3. Work together with the tried and true

Being a real estate agent is not simple, but neither is running a business. Unfortunately, nothing is! Managing clients and days full of negotiation takes energy, spunk, and hustle. It takes a lot to be successful in this field, just like any other.

Luckily, there are plenty of people out their in your shoes. Whether they’re an experienced veteran in the real estate market, or just starting out, these professionals are willing to share their experiences and ideas with you. Collaboration is key to millennials, make sure you find a real estate brokerage with a strong inclination to teamwork: Like HER!

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Real estate brokerage is a very hands-on career

4. Your career is what you make it

Creativity is not just taking the right pictures and saying the right thing. It’s problem solving too, which requires hard work and long hours. Starting from the bottom and working to the top is all up to you. If you’re willing to do that, your possibilities of success are endless.

5. Where do YOU want to live?

Wherever you’d like to live, there are houses to buy and sell. Show off your hometown, or parts of a growing city, like Columbus.

If you get sick of one city, or miss folks in another, a real estate agent is one of those careers that allows you to pursue those opportunities.

ground-up view of a modern apartment building
Real estate agents are always in demand

How to get started in the world of real estate

Now that you know a little about about the character of the job and the one who does the job, there are a few things you should know about getting started.

Be patient. It will take a few months to start having closings. When you are just beginning, it may be difficult to land closings because people find a hard time entrusting such a big investment in someone with such a young face.

It is possible to compete with the veteran agent who has years of experience. All you can do is carry yourself in a professional manner, and know that one day your success will come through your hard work!

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HER, REALTORS® are helpful and team-oriented!

How do you afford starting out?

Like anything, having a good savings account or finding other sources of income are essential. Try being an assistant to another agent in the office or a listing or transaction coordinator. Look for a team that might be looking for someone to fill positions like these. This will be great experience in building your career, and keep you afloat in the early days.

Being a real estate agent affords you freedom and flexibility. The sky is the limit with buying and selling homes, it’s a good career for the creative and ambitious millennial.

There are downsides, like difficulty gaining experience when starting out, but if you want to a be real estate agent, be prepared to fight for success! Contact HER today to learn more about the amazing potential characteristic to the life of a real estate agent!

July 16, 2018
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