If Cooking Is Not In The Cards For This Thanksgiving, Here Are 15 Cincinnati Restaurants That Will Be Making Thanksgiving Dinner To-Go

Don’t worry about cooking, let someone else do it this year.


Brandie Lorenzen


Jan 21, 2021

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If the smell of a home cooked meal brings a smile to everyone’s face, then the thought of not having a traditional Thanksgiving dinner should not turn us away from still enjoying the goodness of food, friends, family, and the reminder that no matter how far apart we all seem to be, we are still reminded of how grateful we are to have each other in our lives.

If this thought is starting to flood your mind, we can understand, but don’t worry, because Thanksgiving is not cancelled, it is just getting a small upgrade from traditional home cooked meals. Instead of feasting on grandma’s homemade pumpkin pie, or Aunt Carol’s delicious roasted turkey, you can still enjoy similar tastes from Cincinnati area restaurants that are looking forward to catering you and your small family, even if you are unable to be together this holiday season. Not only will they provide the food, they will also provide the necessary tools to create lifelong memories and help create new traditions this year, and beyond.

The Capital Grille

Let The Capital Grille host your Thanksgiving dinner this year.

Pork Loin With Drizzled Gravy.

Food so good, it will melt right in your mouth! Image courtesy of The Capital Grille Yelp Review Page.

3821 Edwards Road Cincinnati,OH 45209 | (513) 351-0814 | thecapitalgrille.com

If you can provide the main course, The Capital Grille would be happy to serve the sides! From delicious pecan-crusted sweet potatoes tossed in hot honey, to brioche stuffing, it will help satisfy the feeling of having an authentic homemade meal. No matter the size of your party, The Capital Grille will cover the delivery, or even offer to let you pick it up. Each side order will feed four to six people, so there will be plenty of leftovers! All orders must be picked up between November 24 and November 25, the day before Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving dinner was our first experience at Capital Grille and I couldn't be happier. We had the special turkey, stuffing, green beans, mashed potatoes, chutney and followed by pumpkin cheesecake. Not only was this a traditional meal better than I've ever experienced but I cannot say enough about the wait staff. - Yelp Review

Seasons 52

No matter the time of season, or year, you can never go wrong with a traditional Thanksgiving dinner specially ordered!

Chicken buried underneath a salad.
Specially picked salads, sides, and main courses delivered straight to your door! Image courtesy of Season 52 Yelp Review Page.

3819 Edwards Road Cincinnati, OH 45209 | (513) 631-5252 | seasons52.com

Seasons 52 knows the need to relax on a holiday, so instead of expecting to cook dinner all day, simply pick it up the night before to enjoy with your family, no matter the size! Seasons 52 offers a Thanksgiving Dinner Box which includes a salad of your choice, a whole dinner, which you are free to customize, and up to six desserts of your choosing! Don’t worry about not having enough food, there is plenty to go around, and plenty to eat the day or even the week after.

I'm a really picky eater with a lot of dietary restrictions, so I was impressed that I was able to eat almost the entire meal. The food was amazing and the portions were large, but not "unbutton the top button" large. I'm excited to return to Seasons 52 to try a non-Thanksgiving meal. - Yelp Review

The Golden Lamb

Come feel full at The Golden Lamb!

This pie needs to be added to your must have dessert list! Image courtesy of The Golden Lamb Yelp Review Page.

27 South Broadway Lebanon, OH 45036 | (513) 932-5065 | goldenlamb.com

Although a little further from Cinci, The Golden Lamb already has your favorites picked out and ready to go in your next meal package! There is no other place to go but here, where there are two menus to pick from! One menu is for pick up and go, where you can choose from an assortment of ready-made vegetables, desserts, and a few sides and main dishes! The other menu is an updated version of all the foods and drinks you can order to go.

Been going to Golden Lamb since I was a kid. Still go on Thanksgiving every year with my family.  It's a cozy place to have a good meal. They typically have a set menu on holidays. Food is always good as well as the service! Good place for larger groups. Make reservations! - Yelp Review


Come experience local art and delicious cuisine!

Fresh clams on a bed of salt.
A delightful restaurant that happens to have art on the side of the building to admire while you wait for your food. Image courtesy of Metropole.

609 Walnut Street Cincinnati, OH 45202 | (513) 578-6660 | metropoleonwalnut.com

Not sure whether to stick to traditional dishes or do something different, maybe untraditional? You need to highly consider Metropole, they have menus ranging from a traditional Thanksgiving meal to untraditional that still seeks to be just as delicious as a traditional Thanksgiving meal.

We come here every Thanksgiving to dine like kings. The food here is phenomenal and the staff waits on you hands and knees. The warm and cozy atmosphere offers up endless bottles of wine and gossip. - Yelp Review


Yes, even sushi places can offer the best on turkey day.

A delicious Thanksgiving meal with fries, mashed potatoes, ribs, and much more!
If nontraditional meals are on your mind for turkey day, you are doing it right! Image courtesy of Embers Yelp Review Page.

8170 Montgomery Road Cincinnati, OH 45236 | (513) 984-8090 | embersrestaurant.com

There is something in every meal tried for Thanksgiving; whether it is traditional or not, it is always what brings family and friends together for the holiday, near and far. Aside from dining in service, Embers will be offering a Thanksgiving special to those that choose not to make dinner this year. There are plenty of delicious items to choose from, and many you will want to order again next year.

I've been to Embers about five times in as many years and think they deserve every Yelp star they've earned. We've always had great service and food. Prices are in line with quality, and their sushi is a good value. Glad to have them serving my community and wish them continued success! - Yelp Review.

The President’s Room

Don’t settle for just a Thanksgiving meal, consider it more of a feast!

Pork rib in a green glaze with pieces of potato, basil, and carrot.
Dishes like this deserve to be not only praised, but also devoured in one sitting. Image courtesy of The President’s Room Yelp Review Page.

812 Race Street Cincinnati, OH 45202 | (513) 721-2260 | thepresidentsrm.com

This year, don’t consider Thanksgiving as just an ordinary holiday with an ordinary meal, consider it more as a feast; a celebration, because not only has life changed for us temporarily this year, but it has been the gatekeeper to helping us access better, and often safer, ways to enjoy meals. And especially to prevent sick, or even more vulnerable family members, from going out and exposing themselves to illnesses their immunity is just not meant to fight off.

 This year, The President’s Room has curated a menu that is definitely going to help your Thanksgiving feel more like a feast to help celebrate a year of changes, but also a year of survival. Depending on the size, the menu highlights the best dishes and package size prices based on how big of a feast you plan on having with family and friends.

My husband and I made it into this place for Thanksgiving dinner and wow was it delicious! I love the look and ambiance of the place. What a very cool place with some great food. I would definitely visit this place again! - Yelp Review

Grand Finale

Don’t miss your chance at a grand finale for 2020!

Steak with a fried onion on top.
Prepare yourselves for a meal you will never forget! Image courtesy of Grand Finale.

3 East Sharon Road | Glendale | (513) 771-5925 | grandfinale.info

If serving Thanksgiving dinner this year has you trembling, or to say the least, has you analyzing every precaution as time draws closer, here is our advice: let a restaurant take over the planning, and allow yourself to relax. Grand Finale is preparing meals for those that choose not to make Thanksgiving dinner this year, and everything's made to order. Their menu lists package and meal details, and the meals are packaged for two, so it’s best to order more than enough food for everyone in your party.

Service was great: we were there on thanksgiving day, so the place was pretty busy but everything was on time. ( table, food, drinks). Food was very good: we liked everything. Entrees sizes are enough and reasonable. Desserts are huge and delicious. - Yelp Review


Although a chain restaurant, Maggiano’s knows how to curate the perfect Thanksgiving meal with the right fresh ingredients.

Fried patties with grilled mushrooms.
Let a restaurant create the perfect meal for you to take home to your family (you don’t even have to tell anyone you got it from Maggiano’s!) Image courtesy of Maggiano’s Yelp Review Page.

7875 Montgomery Road Cincinnati, OH 45236 | (513) 794-0676 | maggianos.com

Maggiano’s is known for their Italian food, but did you know you can eat a delicious Thanksgiving meal from there? We didn’t know either until recently, and the selections they give are the best, and for a good price as well! Offering both dine-in and carryout options, you have a wide selection of traditional and non-traditional Thanksgiving feast options to pick from, and all is based on the size of your party. For more information, be sure to check the menu, where it lists all of the details for dishes and how many people each package can feed.

Had Thanksgiving Lunch here with my mother for the second straight year and as always the food was on point! If you have a small family like me or just don't want to cook on Thanksgiving you should check out Maggiano's. - Yelp Review

Bob Evans

Another chain restaurant that serves the best tasty homemade meals.

Thanksgiving traditional meal with turket, stuffing, macaroni and cheese, and mashed potatoes.
Don’t forget to add on rolls to your Thanksgiving dinner special! Image courtesy of Bob Evans.

6318 Glenway Avenue Cincinnati, OH 45211 | (513) 389-0600 | bobevans.com

Some smaller chain restaurants, the ones you might have never heard of or thought about inquiring about, do serve Thanksgiving meal deals! Ones like Bob Evans do cater to smaller towns, and oftentimes bigger cities, where food is accessible and easy to order compared to other places. Beginning November 12, families and organizations can begin ordering Thanksgiving Dinner meals, and if that’s the most exciting thing on their menu, Bob Evans will be serving Thanksgiving meals all month long, so you won’t have to enjoy a Thanksgiving dinner for just one day. All meals are made ready to order and eat.

Bob Evans has lunch and dinner but they've made their reputation on good breakfast. This particular store always seems to be busy and their staff usually is able to handle it. I've had more good than bad here so let's get to the food. - Yelp Review

HER Realty Has Your Back

Considering purchasing a home? HER Realty has the entire process covered no matter if it is virtual or a safe, socially distanced house tour. No matter where you are in the world, HER Realty is ensuring all that social distancing, and all other health guidelines and safety measures are followed to make the buying process better, and safer. 

HER Realty is happy to help you find the forever home of your dreams, and if you are considering Cincinnati, you’ll be surprised by how welcoming the community is, and how much goes into helping everyone within the community have a safer last half of the year. For Thanksgiving this year, take it slow and order in from these selections, and instead of calling it a dinner, consider it your feast!

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November 5, 2020
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