How to Decorate Your Small Cabin for a Healthy Off-Grid Lifestyle



Jan 21, 2021

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Going off-grid doesn’t necessarily mean living in a bare home or room. Here’s how you can decorate your small cabin and live a healthy off-grid life.

Do you enjoy the tranquillity of getting away from it all? Do you want a slower pace where you can gaze at the stars and reconnect with your roots? If so, you could be an ideal candidate for living off-grid in a cabin. 

A cabin is a comparatively tiny housing made of wood that is located in a remote area. Cabins come in a variety of sizes and shapes.

If you have decided to live off-grid, a cabin can be a good choice. Let’s find out how you can decorate one and live a healthy life.  

Benefits of Staying in A Cabin

You have probably weighed the options of living off-grid before taking the step. As part of the decision, you may have also decided on the type of cabin that’s suitable for you. To reinforce that, here are the benefits of living in a cabin. 

  1. Cabins Are One-of-a-kind

Log cabins have evolved into a relatively sizable and stylish type of housing. Their overall design is typically influenced by their immediate surroundings, such as land layout, water, nearby trees, foliage, and mountainous slope age. When all these factors are taken into account, the cabin is ultimately custom built to meet all the requirements of the owner.

  1. Charmingly Rustic

Cabins, even the most modern ones, are charming by definition. The cabins, with their wood frames and wooded setting, become a part of nature.

  1. Immediate Contact with Nature

You'll appreciate the natural setting of cabin life if you enjoy a quiet weekend spent fishing, hiking, or relaxing by the wood fire (a mini wood burning stove will be handy here) or on the porch swing. You can probably arrange for modern conveniences, but they are not inherent.

Tips for Cabin Decorating

It makes perfect sense to abandon traditional home design in favor of greener homes that not only contribute to a better tomorrow and a much healthier and happier lifestyle. Here are some design tips for your off-grid cabin:

  • De-clutter

It's time to tweak your cabin if it's become a storage shed for your extended family's hand-me-down home furnishings and rummage sale trinkets. Clutter will make your small retreat feel less like an oasis. So get rid of anything you don't want or need.

  • Make Use of Wood

While not all cabins are the primitive, rustic visions depicted in films, cabins decorated with natural elements make aesthetic and affective sense. This encompasses wood accents, wood furniture, and wood details. 

  • Display Artwork That Defies Depth

If you would like to hang a photo of your son smiling as he shows off his big catch from last summer's fishing trip, choose the version with the lake and shoreline in the background over the close-up of his dimples (we understand, it's tempting). Landscape images create the illusion of depth in a room.

  • Create Extra Space by Using Mirrors

Placing a mirror on a wall adds another dimension, almost like expanding a room. Place mirrors where they will catch natural light from windows, give the audience a double dose of your amazing lake views, display your vintage fishing pole collection, and so on.

  • Take Note of the Texture

Use a wide selection of touchable textures with reckless abandon to create the cozy that is loved and admired (and relate with cabins). You can place Soft rugs, and upholstered furniture ready to sink into. A throw blanket should be nearby.

  • Choose A New Color Scheme

By reflecting light, creams, whites, and ivories create the illusion of space. You can use a monochromatic color palette; viewers will feel infinite space if there are no distracting color changes. Paint the cabin walls a lighter color, then upcycle the rummage sale dresser by shading it a similar color. Install window treatments that complement the wall color.

  • Increase the Brightness of the Lighting

Allow as much natural light as possible into your homey cabin. Dark corners appear to have no space, making the room appear smaller. You can try scattering lamps throughout a room to distribute light. Choose simple window treatments that can be tucked away easily.

Off-Grid Configuration

You can begin with as few as six solar panels, generating a total of 1.86kW. After a while, depending on your needs, you can modify your off-grid setup to generate 4.8kW. This off-grid setup example includes:

  • 6 x 310W roof-mounted solar panel system and 9 x 330W ground-mounted solar cells total 15 solar panels.
  • A 165L solar water heater.
  • A solar panel inverter with a capacity of 5kW.
  • 24 lead-acid batteries (we would prefer lithium-ion batteries these days, but they are costly and not as widely available).
  • A 5kW inverter is used to charge the batteries.
  • A 10,000L water tank to meet all of your water requirements.
  • A biogas digester that will produce cooking gas from food scraps and toilet waste.

Advantages Of Living Off-Grid

The benefits of living in an off-grid cabin are numerous. Here are a few of them: 

  • Less of an environmental impact.
  • There will be less clutter and the opportunity to downsize.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Building with recycled and scavenged materials makes it possible to lower the carbon footprint and building costs.
  • Affordability of housing.
  • A more conscious way of life and a closer relationship with nature.

Concluding Words

You may not have any concrete plans for the future. Still, after living in this off-grid cabin, you may be interested in sustainable housing options such as passive houses, earthships, and geodesic domes. You will discover that nature truly provides us with everything if we just let her and build the infrastructure to capture her bounty.

You will be grateful that you were able to create this little oasis and will consider yourself extremely fortunate to live this kind of lifestyle!

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June 15, 2021
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