9 Decoration Trends to Get Your Patio Ready for Cookout Season

Cookout season is just around the corner. Ensure your patio is welcoming for all guests with these aesthetic patio trends!


Jarred Stoy


Jan 21, 2021

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With the summer months rapidly approaching, it is about time to bust out the grill and get ready for some delicious barbeque. However, your patio may be lacking some essential decorating to make the party pop and create a great energy that will rock your guests. If this sounds like your patio, try out any number of these awesome patio decorating trends to make your cookout unforgettable. 

Many of these projects can be easily done by yourself with some simple materials. Others may take longer and require the help of another friend. No matter if you choose a simple or difficult trend, however, you will still be well on your way to having a beautiful patio fit for a legendary barbeque. Most of these ideas were inspired from Pinterest, which is a great site to go to when searching for creative inspiration. Without further ado, here are nine of the top patio decorating trends to upgrade your patio:

  • Pavilion for your patio
  • Pizza oven
  • Built-in grilling station
  • Beer barrow
  • Fire pit with seating
  • Recycled grill
  • Smores party station
  • Rope lighting
  • Complete bar with seating
  • Plant life

Pavilion for your patio

Creating a pavilion for your patio adds much needed protection in case of rain at a cookout. Even when it is sunny out, the pavilion provides some much needed shade!

Creating a pavilion may seem like an impossible task, especially for those inexperienced in carpentry, but in reality it is not all too difficult. The main difficulties come down to cutting the wood to proper lengths, the assembly of the pavilion, and the time-consuming process of ensuring all of the wood is properly treated to withstand nature. A skilled carpenter could likely have a pavilion done within a couple of weeks. An un-skilled carpenter can watch any number of videos available online that are complete guides showing the step-by-step process to building and have it done in a similar time (or likely a bit longer)!

If you do not have the patience for that or the time, don’t fret! You can always buy a pavilion online and have it installed by professionals. Taking this route ensures that your pavilion will be of utmost quality, but it will certainly cost you a bit more. Either way you decide to go, you will end up with a beautiful pavilion sure to wow your guests!

Pizza oven

A pizza oven is a great addition to any patio for both functionality and aesthetics. Create some delicious pizzas for your guests while also adding to your patio’s visuals!

Everyone loves a good pizza. Better yet, a homemade pizza made in a brick oven. The beauty of a brick oven pizza is that they cook fast and give the pizza a delicious smoky flavor that simply is not possible in a typical oven. Building a pizza oven is no easy task and is much more difficult than the pavilion mentioned previously. However, there are similar guides available online that will take you through the process in steps. 

As with many objects in this modern world, you can also buy a brick oven online. This ensures there will be no cracks, gaps, or imperfections in your oven and that it will be available for use in a much shorter time frame. No matter what route you decide to go, you will end up with an awesome brick oven that creates delicious custom pizzas for each and every one of your guests!

Built-in grilling station

Much like the pizza oven, a built-in grilling station both looks amazing and has functional uses. After all, you can not have a barbeque without a grill!

One annoying aspect to many barbeques for the person in charge of cooking is needing to constantly run in and out of the house to get supplies. Whether it be cooking supplements, dining utensils, or the food itself, almost all of these reside in the house. With a built-in grilling station, you can store all of these barbeque necessities directly beside the grill!

Even better, a built-in grilling station like the one pictured above gives you a great countertop to work on. This can be useful for cutting meats, chopping vegetables, or simply placing the food on once it is cooked. With all of these functional uses, on top of being a great visual addition to any patio, built-in grilling stations have become an extremely popular patio trend within the last couple of years!

Beer barrow

Beer barrows are a unique way to store much needed refreshments for any patio party. It is also a great way to reuse an old wheelbarrow you may have been thinking of throwing out!

Every great patio party needs to have drinks. Even further, every great party needs to have COLD drinks! Beer barrows are a super simple way to store beverages (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) and keep them cold. Simply take any old wheelbarrow you have laying around and give it a visual update. This could be as easy just applying a new coat of paint to it, but in many cases you will need to sand down some areas to remove rust that has built up.

The final product you will end up with will be sure to wow your guests as it is so unique! It is highly unlikely anyone at the party will have seen this idea before and it will be a great conversation starter. If you are having younger guests over, simply swap out the beer with whatever their favorite sodas are! All in all, this decorating trend is a great way to reuse something you would likely just throw out while creating a unique cooler for your drinks!

Fire pit with seating

A fire pit is a classic addition to any outdoor entertainment area that has become a staple in modern backyard bashes. Guests can stay nice and cozy by the fire while enjoying the company of each other!

A fire pit is a classic addition to any backyard that is used for entertaining guests. If the party happens to go past sunset you will have a great natural light and heat source to keep your guests cozy. You could even cook some food over the fire if you purchase a fire cooking station. Even better, guests can roast marshmallows and tell campfire stories, both of which work as excellent entertainment.

There are so many different ideas for fire pits available online! Simply look up some fire pit ideas and find one that you both like and seems realistic for you to build. Whichever design you end up going with, make sure you can provide adequate seating for all your guests so no one feels left out. A fire pit is a staple backyard addition for those looking to improve the entertainment ability of their backyard!

Recycled grill

A recycled grill made from old rims is a great way to use something you were probably going to throw out. Even better, it is much cheaper than having to buy a new grill!

Much like the beer barrow mentioned earlier, this is another great way to reuse something that was likely going to get thrown out or simply sit on your property for years to come. The process of creating this recycled grill is actually surprisingly simple. All you will need is two rims that are the same size, a grilling surface that can be placed on top, and someone with the ability to weld. 

The rims are simply welded together with one stacked on top of the other. The grilling surface is then placed on top. The surface should be able to be removed so you can start a fire within the rims. Alternatively, you could have a stationary surface on top and cut a hole into the side of the rims. This is also a great way to add some airflow to the grill!

S’mores party station

Everyone loves creating s’mores during a late-night patio party. Make it easier for your guests by putting all of the ingredients in one place!

This is a super easy decorating trend that can go a long way to improving a backyard party. You will, however, need to have a backyard that has some sort of fire pit or heat source to roast a marshmallow on. If you have that, then this is a great trend to try out due to its simplicity!

For assembly, find an old drawer (or make one yourself!) that has at least four different compartments to it. Within any compartment, place the chocolate, marshmallows, graham crackers, and roasting sticks within them. Whenever any of your guests wants to make s'mores, all of the necessary ingredients will be in one place! This adds a sense of simplicity to the process while also naturally encouraging guests to roast marshmallows which is fun in and of itself! 

Rope lighting

One visual detail many patios tend to lack is great lighting. Ensure that your party can go as late as you would like by installing simple rope lighting around the perimeter!

If you plan on having parties that go into the night, you are going to need some source of lighting even if you have a fire pit! Many patio owners rely on their built in light fixtures on the outside of the house. This can work for providing necessary light to the party, but it lacks a solid visual aesthetic that outlines the beauty of the patio you have worked so hard on! 

To better highlight your beautiful patio, simply purchase some rope lighting and place it on the edges of the patio. This helps guests to know exactly where the edge is so there are no accidents. Even better, it highlights the full extent of your patio all the way to the edge. The process of installing is super simple and may make this one of the easiest decorating trends on this list!

Complete bar with seating

A complete bar may seem like a huge task to undergo, but in reality it is not that difficult. A couple weeks of hard work and you will have a beautiful bar ready to wow your guests!

As mentioned earlier, cold drinks are a party necessity at any backyard bash. Even better than a beer barrow, cooler, or any other drink storage is having a full bar right in your backyard! With a full bar, you could make your guests any style of drink they would prefer rather than having to stick to store-bought drinks set out before the party. It also functions as a great entertainment area as people love to sit at bars. If you really wanted to go all out for a party, you could even hire a bartender for one night to make delicious drinks for everyone in attendance!

As with the first couple of trends on this list, you could either build this yourself or purchase one off the internet. If you decide to build it yourself, make sure you know just how much work you are getting yourself into! In the end, it will be worth it as you will have a custom bar ready to serve, entertain, and wow any guests you have over!

A well designed patio keeping up with modern trends.
With so many different ideas out there for patio decorations it is hard to go wrong! Just make sure to put your own personal flair on the design for a sense of uniqueness!

By now, your head should be teeming with patio decoration trends of all different kinds. Maybe you are now inspired to create a fire pit connected to the patio, or even just hang up some simple lighting to make the party a little brighter. Perhaps you have been inspired to undergo a major project like building a brick pizza oven or full-fledged bar in your backyard. No matter what you have decided on, it will be sure to boost your patio’s visuals and make your summer cookout better than it has ever been!

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