Here are 24 Reasons to Consider Making the Big Move To Over The Rhine!

Southern Ohio and Northern Kentucky are a great choice for young families.


Brandie Lorenzen


Jan 21, 2021

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Is Cincinnati on your bucket list of places to move to? If so, you have come to the right place. Whether you are looking to live in another neighborhood of Cinci, or you’re looking forward to moving near Northern Kentucky, you will be happy to know that you are in good company with HER, REALTORS®. With HER, you’ll be able to find countless reasons to move to this part of Cincinnati, and one of the reasons is Over The Rhine, a small neighborhood inside of Cincinnati. Here are twenty four reasons why you should consider Over The Rhine instead of any other neighboring city or town.

Explore The Arts

The arts are one of the many appeals to Over The Rhine.

One of the most important aspects to any town is how much exposure you can get with culture, food, the arts, and shopping. At times, we are often lost in translation of how to go about finding more information on local downtown culture, without having to venture far into a nearby city, or to go to another state for culture and entertainment. So, here are a few arts and other culture-themed reasons why Over The Rhine is your next home.

Cincinnati Music Hall

The main attraction of Over The Rhine.
Cincinnati Music Hall At Night
A truly remarkable building filled with so much history. Image courtesy of BCD Network.

Built in 1878, which became a National Historical Landmark in 1975, the Cincinnati Music Hall is one of the many recognizable buildings in the city. Aside from its recognition, it has housed many performers and political events, and so many more events, since it began operating. Performers such as Prince, Elton John, Bob Dylan, and Neil Young, have graced the stage of this phenomenal music hall.

There are many other things that happen at the music hall, such as educational opportunities. Many of the workshops are now being held at home due to COVID-19. One of the workshops we’d like to highlight is guitar lessons with former touring blues-rock performer, Kelly Richey. These lessons can be held via Zoom, FaceTime, or Skype. Each workshop is customizable and an enjoyable time with friends and family. For more information on Cincinnati Music Hall’s events and classes, visit Cincinnati Arts Association.

Memorial Hall

Another music hall that holds more than just music.
Memorial Hall
Another music hall to celebrate more than just music. Image courtesy of The Cincinnati Region.

Built in 1908, Memorial Hall holds a lot of history, and one of the most identifiable historical pieces that Memorial Hall holds is a special collection of artwork and artifacts of local civic and military history. More than 40 pieces are displayed throughout the building.

With shows held throughout the year, the Memorial Hall holds many inside in its theater. Along the streets of Memorial Hall, there is a line of restaurants and shops that are waiting to welcome you and serve you. If you are considering hosting an event here, use Memorial Hall’s contact us form.

Check out Local Parks for Outdoor Adventures

Are you looking for local outdoor activities? Check out these local parks!

If your family is all about the outdoors, you have found the right neighborhood in the right city, and even in the right state! One of the many parks in the area is Washington Park, just a hop, skip, and jump from the Cincinnati Music Hall, and right across the street from Memorial Hall. Before moving to Over The Rhine, consider the amount of local parks and other surrounding outdoor activities you can do with your family.

Washington Park

The park that sets the tone for every event.
Washington Park Flea Market
All of the entertainment that will fulfill your summer plans. Image courtesy of The Cincinnati Region.

Located close to the Cincinnati Music Hall, this park hosts all kinds of events and activities. From the playground to weddings, and a small porch, there is tons to do for the whole family. One of the events that’s held often are concerts in the park. Other events like exercising and the local flea market, The City Flea, is just one of the many ways for others in the community to come together for fun. For information on The City Flea, you can find out more in their information section on the date description.

American Legacy Tour

A tour that will take you to another level of spooky and historical.
Underground Tour At American Legacy Tour
Experience history underground! Image courtesy of American Legacy Tours Yelp Review Page.

Believe it or not, but Cincinnati is all about their theater and music halls, including their histories. This tour will make every history lover excited, as they explore different areas underneath the Over The Rhine marketplace.You’ll explore down below on guided tours, and even experience the brewery tunnels which helped transport booze and other alcohol during the Prohibition era. In one of the newest tours, you’ll be able to explore rediscovered Linck brewery tunnels. Afterward, you’ll get to explore the areas that Johnny Cash’s films were made. There is so much more to learn, that you’ll need to book a tour just to experience at least one of the American Legacy Tours!

Now that you’ve had your fill of entertainment and outdoor activities, let’s check out some of the most popular places to shop and eat! You won’t be disappointed.

Let’s Eat!

We can’t move to Over The Rhine without finding our newest food spots!

The food is the most important aspect to any big move. What kind of food will be there? Will you be able to eat foods that are part of your diet? Do you need to be extra cautious around other restaurants that serve things that you are allergic to? We’re here to answer those questions for you! As soon as you meet with HER, REALTORS® regarding your dream home, you will want to ask for food recommendations next!

Forty Thieves Gang

Come enjoy a little bit of culture!
Patio Area Of Forty Thieves Gang Restaurant
Come sit at the patio on your way from viewing homes with HER Realty! Image courtesy of Forty Thieves Gang Yelp Page.

Address: 1538 Race Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202


Come satisfy your palate with a delicious, and traditional, dish from Forty Thieves Gang, a local Mediterranean Restaurant. Upon arriving, you’ll be amazed at the decor and the friendliness of the waiters. The food ranges in price from four dollars to eleven dollars. You are getting a delicious meal for a generous price. We recommend the beef shawarma.


A restaurant that is truly looking to please you.
A Small Dish From Please
Don’t be ashamed of your food, especially when a restaurant wants you to tell them what’s wrong. Image courtesy of Please - Cincinnati.

Address: 1405 Clay Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202


With a small menu geared towards minimalistic eating. The menu will be friendly with your wallet, especially with its fresh tastes that melt right in your mouth after the first bite. Please aims to curate dishes for those with specific diets and allergies. As far as dish recommendations go, we recommend trying the Rye Radiator Pasta, served with yummy kale, a meyer lemon, aleppo pepper, parmesan and bottarga.

City Bird Tenders

A tasty variety of chicken tenders awaits you.
Juicy Fried Chicken Tenders With Assorted Sauces
If chicken is your favorite meal of the day, you should consider trying City Bird Tenders! Image courtesy of City Bird Tenders Yelp Page.

Address: 1344 Vine Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202 |

If you are a chicken lover, you have found your happy place. If you especially enjoy fresh made chicken with no antibiotics added, and fresh sauce made from scratch, you have got to stick around longer than a day.

City Bird Tenders aims to serve the best in fresh food, and offers different tender sizes, ranging from seven to eleven dollars. If you are not a fan of chicken, there are other food items that you are able to enjoy, such as salad and sandwiches. Everything here is made fresh.

After Eating, We Need to Shop!

Moving to a new place? Make sure you live close to the shops so you don’t have to drive everywhere.

After a delicious meal, and hunting for that perfect home with HER, REALTORS®, you will want to check out the shops next. Each shop from the Over The Rhine area typically proves to be successful for each resident and visitor that comes into their stores.

Indigo Hippo

Get your art on!
Acrylic Paint With Boxes Of Crayons In Background
Are you a local artist? You’ve got to check out Indigo Hippo for the latest in art supplies, and also purchase nice used art supplies. Image courtesy of Indigo Hippo Facebook Page.

Address: 1334 Main Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202


At the Indigo Hippo, you’ll be able to immerse your inner artist with gently used art supplies. Whether you are an artist, or you make art for fun, Indigo Hippo will supply you with the essentials to help you get started. Another awesome thing about the Indigo Hippo, if you happen to have children going back to school this fall, they will provide you with free school supplies. Any local artist that is moving through HER Realty, will be impressed with the collection Indigo Hippo has.

MiCa 12/V

You need decorations to fill your new home with.
An Egg Sculpture
Your home needs this egg sculpture sitting atop your mantle. Image courtesy of MiCa 12/V.

Address: 1201 Vine Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202


Are you looking for new decor to display in your new home that you purchased through HER Realty? MiCa 12/V has you covered! They have a wide variety of decorative items that you can use to help your personality shine through each room of your home. All decorative pieces are made by local Cincinnati artists.

Ombre Gallery

Are you going out on a night on the town? You need to stock up on select jewelry pieces!
Gorgeous Circular Earrings
A gorgeous silver plated with white pod earrings that are great for work by day, and fun by night. Image courtesy of Ombre Gallery.

Address: 1429 Vine Street, Over-the-Rhine, Cincinnati, OH 45202


If you are obsessed with jewelry, and you like shopping small, you have come to the right neighborhood! Over The Rhine is filled with many creatives waiting to display their work, and especially waiting for you to purchase them!The Ombre Gallery is perfect for those who enjoy art as well as jewelry. No matter what piece you like, or if you like all types of jewelry, Ombre Gallery will have exactly what you are looking for.

Northern Kentucky is Close By

If you love Kentucky and Over The Rhine, you’re not too far from either place!

Northern Kentucky Skyline
Northern Kentucky is only a few miles away from Over The Rhine neighborhood of Cincinnati. Image courtesy of Lane Report.

After your big move, you will want to explore beyond Over The Rhine. Although some places seem far, like other states, you will not be too far from Northern Kentucky. With extra entertainment outlets, fun trails, camping areas, small towns, and specialty tours to take advantage of, you won’t ever feel like you are missing out on anything.

In Northern Kentucky, you will find that there are still many growing cities, some of which are still expanding with businesses, residential areas, and even schools. Northern Kentucky is a great area to visit, especially if you are looking to get away from city life for a while. One Northern Kentucky town that is one of the fastest-growing communities in the state, is only a few hours away from Cincinnati--Florence, KY. Florence is a small city that is at the very tip of the Northern Kentucky border, and is close to many of the exciting sites that’s offered in the region-- while also maintaining the peacefulness of the Kentucky countryside.

Florence, KY

A small city that still allows you to enjoy the peace and quiet of the Kentucky countryside.

Downtown Florence, KY
Come enjoy the perks of a small city that also allows you to enjoy the countryside. Image courtesy of Pinterest.

Considered the second largest city in Northern Kentucky, and one of the fastest growing communities in Northern Kentucky, Florence is a community that prides itself on welcoming visitors from all over. There is a lot of fun and excitement waiting for you to explore in Northern Kentucky, especially around the town of Florence.

Northern Kentucky Entertainment

Kentucky is rich in history, especially since it is the birthplace of bourbon. For your entertainment, here a few recommendations to consider when visiting Florence area.. Are you looking for a place to chill out and grab a bite to eat? The Atrium Cafe located at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Covington, KY, is a perfect spot for you and your entire family.

Do you enjoy spending time on the water? Consider taking a tour of local towns and their history on BB Riverboats, located in Newport, KY. BB Riverboats has different types of cruises that will take you around the area, and some even have different themes as well. From family dinner cruises to site seeing, you will not be disappointed with the amount of things you can do. Boat trips start at twenty-four dollars.

Northern Kentucky is home to a strong brewing heritage. Dating back to the 1800’s, the brewing business has since grown from surviving the prohibition of the 1920s to now having expanded by more than triple the amount over the last five years. Northern Kentucky prides itself in their brewing history, and if you ask any local, they will get excited and even show you their favorite brewery-- they might even let you join them so you can soak in the culture of a personal history that can be dated back all the way to the 1800’s! If you’re looking for the right brewery, or vineyard, be sure to consider Elk Creek Vineyard, located in Crestview Hills, KY.

If you are interested in experiencing the nightlife of Northern Kentucky, consider taking a trip to The Gruff for trivia night or grab some drinks at Old Kentucky Bourbon Bar. Or, if you and your party are looking for a more intimate night out, such as exploring the history of Kentucky Bourbon, Meet Northern Kentucky has an entire itinerary on how to explore Northern Kentucky distilleries and at what times to go for a tour and a tasting.

There are plenty of spots for sports as well. If you are a Bengals fan or a Reds fan, or just want to get involved in the excitement of a local football game, BB&T Arena will help you explore your options and help you plan for game day.

If Northern Kentucky being so close to Cincinnati has made you excited, then you need to give HER, REALTORS® a call today! Not only are they the best in finding homes for clients in Ohio and Greater Northern Kentucky, but they are proud to show the best homes that are within your budget!

Discover your dream home in German Village, OH.

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October 28, 2020
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