Best Family Things to Do in Columbus



Jan 21, 2021

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Columbus is located in the middle of the state, about two hours from Lake Erie, where visitors can walk to Ohio. Columbus marks the confluence of the Scioto and Olentangy Rivers, providing plenty of options and points to explore, scenic walks by the village, shopping, or picnicking when you travel to Columbus, Ohio. 

Outdoor enthusiasts are attracted to Columbus by the abundance of scenic parks and nature preserves. Many interesting routes pass through the territory of the Cuyahoga Valley Nature Reserve. The main decoration of the territory is the river of the same name. The zone of the field is very large and is more than 132 square kilometers. Here you can find the highest waterfall in Ohio - Brandywine. Its height is 20 meters. There are many trails for hiking and biking through the park, and you can also take a sightseeing train ride through the scenic areas. There are many interesting things to see in the city center.

City of Columbus

The city is a very popular place to visit with a unique history. Easton town history is an open space and free spirit. It's fresh, multifunctional, and dynamic, bringing and making people together. The city is a new generation hotel that uses technology and design to enhance our guests' stay. 

There is a conservatory in the township that is part of Ohio history. It is a place that is nice to take a trip to in the afternoon. It is a fantastic place for kids tours and those who love science. Columbus specializes in comfort food and beer, but several pizzerias in this city could be great competition for even the best Italian eateries in New York.

Columbus Park of Roses

There are dozens of beautiful parks and gardens throughout the city center, and Columbus Park of Roses is considered one of the most beautiful and romantic. This luxurious garden, which has an area of about 5 hectares, is drowned in the abundance of rose bushes, all planted on its territory with about 12,000 shrubs. 

During the blossoming period, it is possible to observe dozens of varieties of roses. Columbus Ohio park is considered one of the most romantic places in Ohio. The huge territory of the park is divided into zones. The oldest and most interesting part of the field is considered to be the Heritage Rose Garden. Here you can see the varieties of roses that were bred and planted back in the 19th century.

Among the most beautiful Columbus parks should be Schiller Park; this field is a historical one. While walking through it, you can see a lot of huge old trees, this location has interesting sculptures, and in the summer, there are always running fountains. There is a small outside theater that puts on interesting performances in the summer, and visitors with children are drawn to the park conservatory by miniature replicas of famous city landmarks and neighborhoods.

Columbus Zoo

The Columbus Zoo is also impressive, divided into several zones: North American, Asian, coastal, African forest, and Australian. The zoo is organized in such a way that visitors can see many animals almost at arm's length: red pandas, koalas, kangaroos, Amur tigers, and Humboldt penguins. And the greenhouse and botanical garden in Franklin Park is a famous place in Ohio. Its stunning landscaping and collection of more than 400 species of plants. A visit to the orchid garden from January to March will be especially enjoyable.

The programs that Columbus Zoo funds restore populations of rare species outside the park. In 2010 alone, the administration gave $2 million to support endangered animals in other parts of the world. Today, 70 projects in 30 countries receive assistance from Columbus Zoo.

If you are looking for an unusual experience, we recommend an overnight stay at the zoo. In the evening there are far fewer people and, most importantly, you can see how the animals behave after sunset. There is an evening feeding, a night tour, a breakfast, and a commented tour in the morning hours. The zoo is sure to surprise you with some other activities.

Columbus Entertainment and Attractions

Downtown is naturally the town center of the city's business life, and it's also home to significant attractions: the government Ohio building, built in the 1840s and 1860s in the Greek Revival style, the Art Museum, Franklin University, and the Columbus Commons Garden. Notable among them is LeVeck Tower, a 47-story Art Deco building on West Broad Street. 

Short North is the city's main cultural and entertainment district. It's home to dozens of art galleries, stores, and restaurants. On the first Saturday night of every month, all the galleries and museums stay open late, attracting thousands of visitors, and on the Fourth of July, the Short-North hosts a fun costume parade. It's also home to many hotels, apartments, microbreweries, and distilleries. Speaking of family travel activities, you can read an example of narrative essay about family to find some options of things to do together. 

Drexel Theatre

One of the most unusual entertainment venues downtown is the Drexel Theatre, a movie theater located in a very spectacular old building. In the evening, its facade is adorned with neon signs and lights. The building is one of the most conspicuous in Ohio. There are several auditoriums for visitors, and movies of different styles are shown here every day. Interestingly, this movie theater is a historical theater. It was opened back in 1937.

The Columbus Performing Arts Association runs the theater. The theater, which has been owned by Jeff and Kathy Frank for 30 years, has been run by the nonprofit Friends of Drexel Inc. since the spring of 2011. 

Designed by architect Robert Royce, the Drexel Theatre combined the luxury and glamour of Art Deco with the speed and movement of Art Moderne to create a modern, interesting neighborhood cinema in downtown Bexley. Today, the Drexel Theatre is one of the few existing examples of a once-popular entertainment venue.

BrewDog Franklinton Club

Do you want to do different things and have fun in Ohio? A huge selection of nightclubs and bars are worth mentioning. The BrewDog Franklinton Club would be a fantastic place for an evening out. It was opened in an old industrial building, which managed to preserve the original finish as much as possible. The club offers popular local food and drinks, serves the best beers, and makes many interesting cocktails. 

During the summer, there is always an open terrace located on the roof in Ohio. Entertainment programs in this club are very diverse, so it attracts visitors of all ages. The Big Bang club is a famous fun place in Ohio. It often hosts live musicians, dance competitions, and other unusual entertainment.


Be sure to visit The Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens. A myriad of flowers of hundreds of species from all over the world awaits you here. In the large greenhouses, you'll find a rainforest, a collection of orchids, or desert flora. Also, visit the North Market. Besides getting something to eat here, it's a great way to get a closer look at local daily life.

If you take the full tour to visit the museum, you are guaranteed to enjoy it. In the museum, many exhibits from history give a unique experience and offer to make your day unique and interesting. What other tour is worth choosing? A tour of Ohio will bring you a lot of positive emotions. The indoor aquarium has amazing inhabitants waiting for you. This place is worth a visit because there is a lot to see inside. You will enjoy every minute you spend there. For the kids, there are lots of fun games to play. 

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May 6, 2021
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