A Minimalist Christmas

With the grandeur of Christmas decorations assaulting you at every store you walk into, it’s hardly surprising if you want to take a step back from it all.

a minimalist christmas tree decoration on the wall


Olivia Miller


Jan 21, 2021

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Have you started to loathe setting up a Christmas tree every year? Have you recently moved house and just don’t feel like it this year? You’re not the only one who’s gotten tired of the same old, same old even if you’re still full of Christmas spirit. For the minimalist in us all, people everywhere are trying out ladder Christmas trees, and there are three good reasons you should try it too.

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1. They offer you a huge creative outlet

If seasonal decorating is your thing, ladder Christmas trees give you a great canvas to explore your creative side when it comes to Christmas decorating. Sure, you can decorate a ladder Christmas tree just like you might decorate a traditional Christmas tree with lights, tinsel; the whole shebang, but you can take it a step further. Plenty of people have called upon the right side of their brains to create some truly magnificent Christmas masterpieces that are anything but average. You can turn it into a vintage toy tree or put some decorations on the steps. Best of all, if you’re not feeling inspired, either way, you can keep the minimalist spirit alive with just a strand of lights. There’s no limit to how you can decorate this trendy Christmas piece, so go nuts.

minimalist christmas
They’re even space-savers!

2. They’re environmentally-friendly

Since cutting down a real tree is a big no in the environmental bible, and funding the artificial Christmas tree industry is even worse, you get bummed out if you’re a Christmas person because what options do you have? Ladder Christmas trees are a great way to celebrate traditionally without the traditional waste. Not only does it offer way more options for decorating purposes, but it also gives you peace of mind while you bake your gluten-free, non-GMO, and dairy-free cookies and sip your cocoa over the holiday. You keep doing you.

Minimalist Trees
There’s no limit to the creativity you can show with one of these “trees.”

3. They’re just plain fun

Do away with tradition and get into your own kind of spirit. If you’re the party-hosting type, having a Christmas tree against the norm means you’ll have an awesome centerpiece for conversation all year long. Who knows? Maybe you’ll inspire others to take the plunge too. There are no rules on how to celebrate Christmas. So make it entirely your own. There are tons of awesome ideas out there to get the creative juices flowing.

House Tree
Want to try something new?

A new home calls for a new tradition, and this season a ladder Christmas tree may be one you’ll want to keep doing every year. Then again, if you’re a hardcore Christmas tree traditionalist—which is totally fine—you can check out all the places you can find a great tree this Christmas for a more Griswold holiday season.

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December 19, 2017
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