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Your Perfect Christmas Tree Awaits in Ohio

Everything you need to know about Christmas Tree Farms in Ohio.


Madeline Adamczyk


Jan 22, 2019

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It’s the holiday season, and Christmas trees are going fast. No matter what type of tree you’re looking for or what kind of overall atmosphere you want from the tree-buying experience, there’s a farm somewhere in Ohio that will match all of your wants and needs.

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Consider Buying a Real Tree This Christmas

What’s the point if a store-bought tree is so much easier?

Fake trees are great for people with allergies to Christmas trees or people that don’t have enough time to go to a farm, but if you don’t have allergies and do have the time, there’s really no excuse to not consider buying a real tree.

The Experience

It’s all about the process! Picking out a tree can be turned into an event for the whole family, and your dog too! Taking a journey to the country to collectively decide on the perfect tree that will be in your house for the next month or two is a bonding experience and can really test your family’s decision-making skills.

Environmental Benefits

Guess what? Every acre of Christmas trees that are planted gives off enough oxygen to meet the needs of 18 people. In addition, Christmas trees stabilize the soil, protect water supplies, and provide a refuge for various wildlife.

Buying a Christmas tree can be an environmentally-conscious and fun activity for your family this holiday season. Not sure where to go to buy one? Consider buying from one of the following farms:

christmas tree in living room
Decorate a real tree this year.

Storeyland Christmas Tree Farm

Make a whole day out of Christmas tree buying

Maybe one of the largest Christmas tree farms in all of Ohio, Storeyland Christmas Tree Farm in Burghill won’t disappoint. You can take a hayride from your car to the 100 acres of Christmas trees ready for pickin’. You’re provided with a saw and sled to cut and haul your pick yourself. There is complimentary coffee and hot chocolate as you wait for your tree to be shake, then wrapped or baled, depending on your preference.

Storyland offers a huge selection of evergreen trees, including Blue Spruce, Norway Spruce, White Spruce, Canaan Fir, Fraser Fir, Concolor Fir, White Pine, and Western White Pine. Trees are available in sizes from 2 feet to 16 feet.

If you don’t feel like cutting one down yourself, there is a selection of fresh cut trees to choose from. As you’re enjoying your hot beverage, peruse the supply of trees to plant, wreaths, swags, pine roping, and grave blankets.

christmas wreath
Buy festive decor to go with your Christmas tree.

Rossmann’s Christmas Tree Farm

Another great one

Bundle up and head to Rossmann’s in Warren County for your choice of Scotch Pines, White Pines, and Canaan Firs! All trees in the field are individually tagged and priced. Saws are provided so that you can cut down your own tree. They have tree sleds too so that you can pull the trees back from the field. All trees are shaken and bailed at no charge. Twine is provided for tying trees onto vehicles if you need it. They also provide free hot chocolate! Rossmann’s also have Fraser Fir Wreaths and handmade Christmas decorations.

Don’t miss Santa! He will be stopping by on November 25th & 26th from 11am-3pm. The little ones will love Rossman’s.

kid takes picture with santa
Stop by and see Santa.

The Walsh Tree Farm

104 acres, oh my!

Head to St. Louisville, Ohio, for your tree! This farm was started in 1958 and ever since, Fraser Firs, Blue Spruce, and White Pine have grown on the property. A baling service is available for the trees at an additional cost. Hand-painted items and ornaments are available for sale. There are Fraser Fir wreaths and boughs available to complete your holiday decorating. If you live close by, consider getting your tree from the Walsh Tree Farm.

person hanging ornament on the tree
Stop and smell the pine.

Medina Christmas Tree Farm

Two family-owned and operated farms

There are two Christmas tree farms operated by this business: Hamilton Road Farm and Butler Farm. Between the two farms, there are thousands of trees to choose from. You can also select from the many freshly cut trees that they have. They grow a variety of trees including Scotch Pine, White Pine, Austrian Pine, Blue Spruce, Norway Spruce, Concolor Fir, Canaan Fir, and Fraser Fir that range from table top size to over 15 feet tall. They will make sure that you can get your tree and secure it to your vehicle. They also make wreaths and offer other Christmas decorations as well.

Have a snack or lunch at their refreshment stand. There are a picnic area and a campfire where you can eat. Complimentary hot chocolate is offered, so head to the campfire and cozy up.

evergreen tree
What type of evergreen tree will you pick this year?

Pioneer Trails Tree Farm

Enjoy a horse-drawn wagon ride before you buy a tree

In Poland, Ohio, you’ll find Pioneer Trails Tree Farm. There are 35 acres of fir, spruce, and pine trees to explore. If you plan on cutting your own tree, there’s no need to bring a saw because they are provided on the farm. Pets are always welcome on this farm.

In addition to tree picking, you can enjoy horse-drawn wagon rides to the various types of trees on the farm.

After you’ve picked your perfect tree, head to the barn to go to the concession stand. There you can purchase hot chocolate, donuts, hot dogs, and other assorted goodies. There is also a gift shop to explore that has a ton of decorations that you can buy to make your home Christmasy.

horse drawn carriage through the snow
Take a wagon ride to find your Christmas tree.

If you don't live near any of these particular farms, don't worry. There are plenty of other farms all over Ohio that you can go to to find your perfect evergreen.

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