5 Gifts That Pet Parents Will Love for Their New Home

Are you planning to sell your house ‘as is’ to a fast cash company? Selling a home can be daunting, particularly when you’re in a hurry or facing a challenging situation.

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Jan 21, 2021

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Is your friend or loved one shifting to a new home along with their pets? That calls for celebrations and gifting. 

Of course, the process might have been overwhelming for both the parent and the pet. But this is your time to make them feel like it was all worth it. 

Giving them a little token of appreciation can go a long way. 

A great idea would be to get presents that will benefit the pet as well as the parent. 

Think of items that can be useful for both, objects that will make them comfortable in the new home. 

It is as difficult for a pet as it is for a human to get used to a new space. Make the settling easy through gifts that help them adjust to the new surroundings. 

I have listed 5 thoughtful gifts that will be treasured by your loved ones and their pets after they shift to their new home. 

1. Pet Portrait from Photos

One of the most thoughtful gifts for a pet parent would be a Pet Portrait from Photo. Select a photo, send it to a custom portrait painting company like PortraitFlip, and get it converted into a painting. 

Don’t just gift an empty picture frame. Instead, make their day with this hand-painted token that they can adorn their walls with.

Chances are that you will end up getting their favorite photo painted, and it will serve as a cherished memory forever. 

This will surely warm their heart and home, so much so that it can become a cool topic of conversation. 

Giving gifts that embrace the love of their pets is a wonderful way to celebrate moving into a new place.  

2. Pet Placemat

Another fantastic idea is to gift a pet placemat. If the pet already had a placemat before, this is only going to make him feel comfortable in the new home. 

A pet placemat is similar to what we use on our dining tables, just that it protects the floor from spills and food stains from pet food. 

Some pets are food-aggressive and can get messy while eating – although this is mostly applicable to dogs.

Having a pet placement under the pet’s food and water bowls can ensure the floors of their new home remain pristine and clean. 

They are easy to clean and will definitely serve as a great gift for their new home. 

3. Storage Unit

Storage units are on the high end of the budget. Your loved ones may have already exhausted enough during the shifting process. 

You can help them by getting a storage unit which will serve as a space to keep all their items. 

Alternatively, it can also be used as a cabinet to keep their pet’s food, clothes, leashes and toys. 

It is not only a useful gift but also a great way to elevate the new home’s décor. 

Find a statement or antique piece of cabinet, and the look on their face after receiving it will be priceless. 

If you are looking for something long-lasting, steel self-storage facilities are also a great choice. 

Another lovely idea is to get them a dog toy storage, specifically, so that their pup’s toys aren’t scattered around the floor. 

A clean house means your gift is successful. 

4. Customized Door Mat

Doormats are an essential part of a new home. But what if you could customize it? 

Gift a doormat customized doormat – of any sort. It can have the face of their pet’s breed or just simple paw-prints. You can also get some quirky lines written instead of just “Welcome”. 

The options are just uncountable. 

One of the most remarkable things about custom welcome mats is that only one piece is crafted specifically for an individual. 

It is a wonderful gift for cat parents because then, the mat won’t just work as a doormat; it will also be a great scratch pad. 

And when I say customized doormats, it does not have to be about prints. You can customize the size, material, and even the feel of it. 

They will proudly put it on the entrance, and it will always remind them of you. 

You can also try your hands on customized accent rugs that work wonders as a housewarming gift. It will look amazing and serve as a great nap space for their pets 

5. A Pet Pillow

A true pet lover will appreciate a playful pet-shaped pillow. It will be a nice addition to their couch.

They look so real and cuddly that they can help them on days their pet does not want to cuddle with them. 

It is made of polyester velvet that allows enough space for chewing without it tearing apart. 

It is a perfect piece to elevate the interior of the house and be absolutely aware because these pillows look real. 

Shifting can be a hectic job, but if you plan on giving gifts like these, your loved ones and friends will really feel special. At that point, it would only make them feel happy and calm. 

Which of these gifts will you give?

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