Tips on Using Accent Rugs in Home Decor to Add a New Feel to Your Home

When decorating your home, something as simple as a statement lamp, colorful scatter cushions, and an accent rug can brighten any room.

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When decorating your home, something as simple as a statement lamp, colorful scatter cushions, and an accent rug can brighten any room. For many of us, the interior décor of our homes is how we can display our personality. Changes due to the pandemic meant that we had to spend a lot of time indoors. As such, having a comfortable décor that is easy on the eyes is vital, as your living environment can affect your mood, motivation, and positivity.

One simple way to create a completely new look and feel for your home is to choose the correct rug. Rugs come in different shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns. Choosing the correct style of rug can brighten up any room and pull the room's theme together. However, deciding on how to place your rug to reinvent your home décor can be tricky. 

This article will show you a few easy ways to use rugs to add a new design element to your home.

empty living room
Copyright: Francesca Tosolini on Unsplash l Licence: CC0 Public Domain

Picking the Right Style of Rug for Your Home

One way that you can use to reinvent your home décor is to use different styles of rugs. There are several styles of rugs to choose from, such as oriental rugs, shaggy rugs, and boho rugs. A popular type of carpet that you can use is a woodland rug. Woodland rugs are accent rugs that are hand tufted and made from wool.

Adding an accent is a simple way to transform the look of a room, without a huge DIY project. These rugs come in a whole range of sizes and can be used in different ways to open up space, add a finishing touch, or pull together a design scheme. Accent rugs are available in a range of different colors, including bright, energetic shades to the more neutral and soft tones. Additionally, these rugs can have different patterns, including lines, shapes and dots.

Due to the variety of shapes, colors, sizes and patterns, using an accent rug is perfect if you want to create a fresh, vibrant and inviting atmosphere at home.

The Different Ways to Use Accent Rugs

Accent rugs tend to be smaller than area rugs. These rugs are the perfect size to be placed in front of a fireplace, in a doorway, and under a coffee table in the living room. The way they are placed in the room can affect the spacing and the feel of the room.

For instance, placing two or three accent rugs in different areas of a room can give the illusion of more space. Alternatively, if a room has an open plan, then you can use accent rugs to separate different sections of a room.

photo of living room
Copyright: Hannah Busing on Unsplash l Licence: CC0 Public Domain

Deciding on the Best Color for the Accent Rug

A bold accent rug can easily pull a room together. As a result, choosing the right shade  for an accent rug is key. In terms of color, you should choose an accent rug based on the color theme and style of the room.

For example, if a room has a neutral and minimalist theme, then a bright colored accent rug will be perfect. In this case, the bright color, like a sunshine yellow, or vibrant teal, will create a break from the monochromatic theme of the room, which can create a vibrant atmosphere. You can incorporate a silky rug for a shimmering effect. In addition, the bright color can be used as a statement piece as it will draw the attention of anyone who enters the room.

Alternatively, neutral-colored accent rugs are your best bet if a room has a bright décor, such as orange or yellow scatter cushions and pot plants. Using too many bright colors in your décor will result in a clash and disharmony. As such, when decorating your home, it will be best if there is a balance between bright and neutral colors.

How Should I Layer Accent Rugs?

Layering carpets in any room will create a cosy and homely feel. The best way to layer carpets with an accent rug is to place it on top of an area rug. Area rugs are large carpets that take up most of the floor space in a room.

When layering carpets, the area rug that you use should be flat and not have any shaggy material. This will create a smooth surface and prevent any falls. In addition to the material, the area rug should be plain with a neutral or pale color. This will prevent any color or design clashes.

Creating a New Home Atmosphere with Accent Rugs

In this article, we have highlighted a few easy ways to redecorate your home using accent rugs. Reinventing your home using accent rugs is one of the quickest and simplest ways to make your home look and feel more vibrant, energetic and new. You can even search for the best rugs, furniture and product deals in your area to incorporate the rug with the rest of the furniture.

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March 15, 2023
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