5 Gardening Life Hacks for Your Outdoor Garden in Ohio

Feel like setting up a cannabis grow in the Buckeye State? Discover five helpful gardening hacks for outdoor marijuana cultivation in Ohio.

Outdoor Gardening Hacks For Ohio


Bridget Houlihan


Jan 21, 2021

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Are you looking for helpful cannabis gardening hacks for your outdoor grow in Ohio? For example, go with natural materials like stone, terracotta, and marble. These are great materials for counters, bathtubs, tables, and shelving.

Moreover, consult an artificial grass Hollywood FL dealer and give your outdoor space a makeover with artificial grass.

This midwestern region in the United States can prove challenging due to the evolving climate and varying soil conditions.

These five life hacks will set you on the path to success. From autoflower strain seeds to deciding on the best pots, stick around to ensure your outdoor grow is better than ever.

1. Pick the right season

Like many states and countries, Ohio experiences all four seasons: winter, summer, spring, and fall. Choosing the most suitable time to grow cannabis is a vital weed hack for ensuring success.

Weed decarboxylation, a crucial step in cannabis cultivation, becomes particularly strategic in Ohio, where understanding the nuances of each season is a vital weed hack for ensuring success in optimizing the decarboxylation process for the best yield and potency.

The warm season in Ohio is between the end of May and the middle of September. The temperature averages about 75°F, a very comfortable heat for marijuana plants.

This period allows for multiple growing sessions, which leads to more yields, especially if you opt for non-photoperiod seeds. Could this be one of the 25 reasons to move to Springfield, Ohio?

It’s essential to obtain and begin germinating your weed seeds between February and March. Starting early allows your plant to reach the flowering stage in warmer temperatures. Transplant your seedlings in early spring after the last frost.

2. Select the proper location

Location, location, location. Are you looking at moving to Ohio from another state to grow marijuana? You need a spot that’s sunny, secure, and spacious.

Have you ever seen a cannabis plant flourishing without any light? Here’s a stoner hack: don’t transplant your seedlings into a shady area. You’d assume this is common sense, but it’s an issue many growers encounter.

Specific aspects require some consideration:

  • How much and how long will the sun be hitting the area?
  • Is the location hidden and secure from wandering hands and external threats?
  • Are you able to control pests and diseases?
  • Is there an accessible and adequate water supply?

Answering these questions ensures your location is ideal for marijuana. Outdoor cultivation doesn’t allow you to control the environment like indoor growing. Choosing the perfect place is vital for a successful harvest.

3. Avoid plastic pots

It gets hot outdoors in the summer. Warmer weather is necessary for cannabis growth, but sometimes it can get too much for the plant. A suitable climate is essential and significantly impacts how the seedling develops.

Keeping the roots happy is important and high on the gardening hack list. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Keep the stems of the plant moist at all times, as drying them out for too long can kill the cannabis. The vigorous shoots of the plant receive the nutrients and deliver them to the rest of the structure.
  • The food for the plant is susceptible to the pH of the water.
  • Marijuana loves oxygen. The more it gets, the faster the growth occurs.

Avoid using plastic pots for outdoor growing. They cause the plant roots to get too warm and dry out quicker. As a result, the crops require water more often. Plastic pots also increase the risk of fungi compared to other methods as crops battle to breathe in the heat.

4. Choose the correct seeds

Choosing the right weed seeds for your environment can take time and effort. Some strains have been adapted and developed specifically for outdoor growing.

The cultivars below are resilient, can handle the evolving climate, and adapt well to the Ohio soil:

  • OG Kush
  • AK-47
  • White Widow
  • Super Skunk
  • Northern Lights
  • Purple Haze
  • Sour Diesel
  • Blue Cheese

Other strains may not be as accommodating to the outdoor weather in Ohio. Some can’t survive in this climate, while others produce smaller yields.

The best and most convenient option is to choose weed strains specifically developed for the Buckeye State and trust the process.

5. Space your plants correctly

Figure out how much cultivating space you have available by answering these two questions: 

  • Will the fully grown plants have adequate space to reach their full potential?
  • Will any cannabis branches and leaves shade the ones growing beside them?

Truthfully answering these questions assists in determining how many plants can comfortably fit in your growing area. Also, keep the Ohio cannabis laws in mind before cultivating.

The correct spacing depends on whether you grow in pots or directly in the ground. The former makes it easier to move your plants around. The rule of thumb is that cannabis crops produce the best yields when they’re 3–5 feet apart in the ground.

Shoveling the dirt on outdoor growing in Ohio

Outdoor marijuana cultivation is a beautiful thing to witness. Mother Nature comes to the party and helps your plants cycle through their various life stages. From weeding hacks to growing techniques, use our tips to ensure your future grows in Ohio are more successful than the last.

Finding like-minded outdoor growers in your area allows you to build relationships, share tips, and learn from others. Why not check out the laws in Ohio and consider cultivating your own marijuana plants?

Philip Moore

Philip Moore is a Master Grower at SeedSupreme Seedbank. He has more than 10 years of experience in cannabis cultivation, from planting to harvesting. Philip is brilliant at managing all the growing weed processes. He also has a hands-on approach with excellent knowledge of different types of cannabis and their effects. Philip has an endless desire to constantly explore marijuana farming, which keeps him on top of current and future trends.

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