25 Exciting Things To Do To Stay Entertained in Augusta, Kentucky

You never have an excuse to say you’re bored before trying these 25 fun things in Augusta, Kentucky!

a view of the river in augusta kentucky


Sara Nuss


Jan 21, 2021

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Augusta, Kentucky is a city located in Bracken County with a population of 1,082. It is located on the Ohio River, right across from Ohio. Living in Augusta has many perks in addition to being close to the river and the state border.

There are many things to do in Augusta, so whether you are just driving through or moving there - you’ll be able to find plenty to do. Consider this article your essential guide of 25 things to do while in this adorable little Kentucky city.

After trying these 25 things you may want to move to Augusta! So here’s a link to the homes for sale!

1. Ride the Augusta Ferry

Get a magnificent view of Augusta while riding a ferry and feeling the wind through your hair!

An advantage (or disadvantage for the Debbie downers) of living in a city with a river is having a ferry! Ferries are an effective and fun way to get across the Ohio River. This specific ferry has been running since April 2, 1798 when it was a hand-propelled ferry. The Augusta Ferry rides the Ohio River, shutting visitors, or locals from Kentucky to Ohio for just $5. Visit Augusta's website to find out more about the Ferry and experience what Augusta, Kentucky is all about with getting a great view of the area!

2. Visit the Rosemary Clooney House

Get to know a little bit of Augusta’s history by visiting this neat looking house!

When in Augusta, you’ll regret it if you don’t visit the Rosemary Clooney House. Rosemary Clooney was an American singer and actress originally from Augusta, Kentucky that was popular in the 1950s. She was a jazz vocalist with hit songs such as “Come On-a My House,” “Botch-a-Me,” “Mambo Italiano,” and “Tenderly.” Dr. Steven Henry, former lieutenant governor of Kentucky, and his wife Heather French Henry, former Miss America, bought this house to preserve it in memory of Rosemary Clooney’s phenomenal talent. It is now open to the public. Be sure to book a tour!

3. Stop by the 1811 Historic Jail

A one-time jail, to tourist attraction, this gets people excited to explore Augusta!

1811 jail
Check out the 1811 Historic Augusta County Jail that is supposedly haunted, and you can get in for free! Image courtesy of Facebook

While on the topic of historical landmarks, why not book a tour of the 1811 Historic Jail! It’s original foundation is still intact, so you get to see where it held prisoners in 1811 up until 1978, and its original cells and artifacts. It is free admission to enter, but donations are accepted! So if you're a history freak or want to scare your kids, make sure to pay a visit to the jail.

4. Gilded Lily Tour

Enjoy learning about Augusta’s haunted past from Miss Lily, a Southern woman from the 1860s!

The Gilded Lily Walking Tours of Augusta is a fun way to learn about the history of the town. The tour is guided by Miss Lily, a Southern woman from the 1860s where you learn more about Augusta’s haunted history and heritage. This walking tour has been made a central attraction within Augusta for its potential to see the ghosts that roam around Augusta, along with being something fun to do!

5. Baker-Bird Winery and Distillery

Sample some award-winning wine at this elegant, yet casual winery and distillery!

The Baker-Bird Winery and Distillery is the oldest commercial winery in America. At Baker-Bird they have Kentucky Bourbon Barrel wine, which has been barreled for years. This winery and distillery is also known as the oldest commercial winery still on the land it was first built on, where half of the wine that you probably drink comes from. It’s just that good! If you stop by, you can go on a classic wine tasting, enjoy historic tours about the winery, or even rent the place out for events. If you are 21 and interested in visiting or purchasing wine check out their website.

6. Augusta Carriage Ride

Check out their carriage rides to fully understand Augusta and its history!

It is obvious that Augusta is a very historical town, so why not go for a Carriage Ride? This can be a great thing to do for a romantic evening out or a fun thing to take the kids to during the summer. Up to four people can be in one singular carriage for $35 per carriage ride. These carriage rides help to get the feel of the area of Augusta with its history, and it’s also just a fun thing we should all experience!

7. O’Neil Landing

Go sightseeing around Augusta at the perfect spot to be out in nature and enjoy yourself!

O’Neil Landing is a strip of land adjacent to the Ohio River where it is technically considered a park. You can walk up and down the sidewalk with the River on one side and the historical building on the other. This is a great way to get outside and sightsee, and you can even get to the Augusta Ferry from here too if you want to do two fun things in one day! Come check out the history of O’Neil Landing just by doing some sightseeing today!

8. Bracken Creek Horse and Hiking Trails

Take a walk through nature and enjoy the beautiful scenery that Augusta has to offer!

The nature trails where many love to walk or ride horses is conveniently located right off of the highway. This is a 7.2 mile loop that will give you plenty of land and scenery to explore all around Augusta that’s even free! For those that enjoy fishing, there is a lake for fishing that is free - no license needed (as long as you catch and release). Make sure to stop by and enjoy the outdoors.

9. Go Swimming

Take a dive into the public pool and meet the other Augusta locals!

Although Augusta has a beautiful river nearby, it's always better to swim in a pool. That is why Augusta has a city pool open to the public where it’s open all summer long for those especially hot days in Kentucky. There are lifeguards on duty, changing rooms, bathrooms, and plenty of grass to layout on. This pool even features a diving board to practice your dives, cannonballs, or even those belly flops! The best part is, it just opened in 2020!

10. Locust Ridge Organics

Shop and support local by getting fresh vegetables at this local family-owned farm!

Locust Ridge Organics is a farm located in Brooksville which is about 10 minutes from Augusta. This farm is a family-run vegetable and honey farm where they own about 57 acres of land to produce some of the freshest produce in the area. Every Friday in the summer, Locust Ridge Organics sets up a farmers market in Augusta. So if you are a resident of Augusta and want fresh produce, there is no need to travel, since it comes to you.

11. Potato Hill Farm

Hold an event here, or recommend that someone has their wedding at this beautiful venue spot!

While on the topic of farms, Augusta is home to Potato Hill Farm. This farm owns 86 acres of land and plenty of room for any event you’d like to hold. They also offer different kinds of workshops there that you can attend, such as “Stress Busters/Recovery,” and they even have donkeys and chickens for you to come see! So you can book your wedding here or just stop by for an afternoon and enjoy the outside.

12. Augusta Welcome Center and Rotary Caboose

Learn more about the railroad history that comes with this small town!

Just like every city many people visit, there is some type of welcoming center. In Augusta, it is in a Caboose! When you stop by, you can come see and learn more about the railroad history in Augusta  and just enjoy the small town feels that come with visiting. The Welcome Center is open to everyone and it’s a great place to stop by to find out about events happening in the area.

13. Visit the Small Town Gift Shop

Come here to see the artistic ability of many crafters and collectors in Augusta!

small gift shop
Stop by the Small Town Gift Shop to see what goodies and collectibles you can find when you come to Augusta! Image courtesy of HER, REALTORS® Blog

Visit the Small Town Gift Shop. We’re serious, that’s the name of it. When shopping here you’ll find many handmade items passed down from several generations. This gift shop includes collectibles and crafts from many people in the town of Augusta, so you can get to know the people around you, along with seeing their amazing artistic ability! And if you stop by when Christmas shopping, no need to worry because they have a Christmas room set up all year long.

14. Shop for Antiques

Have fun looking at some unique items of the past that you can buy at a great price!

antique shop
Go look at old antiques when you come to Augusta that has lots of old antique stores! Image courtesy of Invaluable

Augusta is home to many antique shops. For example, there’s Nina's, Itchy Dog Antiques, Pickers and Peddlers, and Rosie’s Antique Emporium to name a few of them. Shopping for antiques is something fun that the whole family can do together. You can find things that we don’t even use anymore that you can use as decoration for a great price!

15. Take a Boat on the River

Experience Augusta’s beautiful views out on the water in the middle of the Ohio River!

Stay Augusta KY has boat and kayak rentals for those looking to enjoy a day on the Ohio River. For those who own a boat, there is a place to launch it. The Augusta Boat Dock and Marina is located in the heart of the city so you can sail off after a day of sightseeing or shopping. You can rent boats, set up a picnic at one of the many picnic tables, and there is also a ¼ mile walking trail to explore more of the area too!

16. Watch the Sunset

Be blown away by the views that come with visiting Augusta and consider moving here today!

A benefit of being on the Ohio River when you’re in Augusta is watching some breathtaking sunsets. With O’Neil Landing nearby, you can sit in the park and watch the sunset. Make sure to take pictures and revel in the beauty that the little things in life hold and enjoy the views that Augusta holds!

17. Go Out to the Bar

Have a drink or two whenever you go to the local bars in Augusta!

If you are over the age of 21, Augusta has several bars. At one time, Kentucky was responsible for supplying more than half of the alcohol in the United States, so you might as well get some while in Augusta. There’s an Irish Pub on Main Street and the Beehive Tavern not too far where you can enjoy a great night out with friends or family while enjoying the small town vibes. 

18. Eat Pizza

Everyone loves pizza, so make sure to check out a beloved favorite in Augusta!

The place to get pizza in Augusta is Carota's Pizza. It is loved by many locals and little kids, and is somewhere where you must go whenever you visit Augusta. Pizza on a Friday or Saturday night is something that many people look forward to, and when you go to Carota’s Pizza, you can make memories happen.

19. New Rhineland Farm

There’s nothing better than farm fresh produce, so check out this farm when you can!

Come to New Rhineland Farm where you can eat some delicious fruits and vegetables, and even get some pretty flowers! Image courtesy of New Rhineland Farm. 

New Rhineland Farm is a family-owned farm located in Augusta. The farm has been in business since 1913 and is known for its bourbon chestnuts and their pawpaw fruit. They offer lots of other fresh farm goods, such as chestnuts, field peas, cut flowers and flower bulbs, spicebush berries, and other tasty vegetables. Stop by to shops or visit the website to pre-order.

20. Support Local Stores

Augusta is full of local stores, so make sure to support local when you stop by!

Bite down on a delicious cheeseburger from Corner Cafe, a cute little diner in August today! Image courtesy of Yelp.

Like we mentioned, there are many local stores for antiques, souvenirs, and food. When in Augusta, you can continue shopping locally by visiting the family-owned grocery stores in the area to guarantee you get the freshest produce around. Also, make sure to visit K’s IGA and the Corner Cafe. Small local stores like this is what makes Augusta as unique as it is, so it’s important to get to know the people that work there and to also shop there when possible!

21. Go Horseback Riding

Gallop through the Augusta countryside where you can be stress-free riding through the fields on a horse!

Stay Augusta Ky has all the information you need if interested in horseback riding. They will set you up with a horse and tell you the perfect trails to go on. You can enjoy the fresh country air while riding on a horse that will gallop through the countryside of Augusta to bring you some peace and relaxation during your stay. 

22. Visit The General Store

Dive into some grub at this local restaurant where you can enjoy some of the favorite local dishes!

The General Store is a reasonably priced restaurant in Augusta. It serves American cuisine and was rated as number one in restaurants in Augusta by TripAdvisor. Make sure to stop by and grab some grub, such as a ribeye sandwich, hot dogs, spaghetti, grilled chicken sandwiches, and so much more. This tasty food is something that you must try out!

23. Get Your Hair Done

Feel fresh with a new hairdo in a small town salon where you’ll walk out feeling like a brand new person!

At Uplift Beauty Lounge all your hair care needs will be taken care of. This salon is located right on Main Street so you don’t need to travel far at all. Nothing feels better than a clean wash and a fresh new do. Run by two empowering women, this small town hair salon is something that you must check out and get their own personal opinions on what new things you should do with your hair. Feel fresh with a new look after visiting this local salon in Augusta!

24. Fill Up Your Weekend With Fun

Stay up to date on the fun things that you can do around Augusta!

Every weekend there is something fun going on in Augusta. Whether it’s fireworks, a pop-up donut stand, or a farmer’s market - you can easily find something to do. Always check the calendar of events to stay in the loop with what is happening in Augusta so you will forever have something to do, even if Augusta is a small town in the middle of Kentucky.

25. House Hunt

Find your dream home in Augusta with lots of property and enjoy your new life here!

Augusta, Kentucky is the place for you! Thanks to HER, REALTORS® they have a whole page dedicated to homes for sale in Augusta that you can look at, and picture your future life in. Become a part of this great town by buying a home and checking out the many different fun things that you can do in the area!

Hopefully, after seeing the 25 things to do in Augusta, you’re planning your next vacation there. If this article made you fall in love with the town just like 1,082 people who reside there, here’s the link to find the perfect house in Augusta to live in for the rest of your life!

Have fun in Augusta and happy house hunting!

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February 8, 2021
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