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9 Restaurants You’ll Love in Russells Point, Ohio

Looking to chow down in this lovely little lake town? We’ve put together a variety of restaurants for you in the village of Russells Point!


Connor McCoy


Dec 23, 2019

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One hour from Columbus and nestled on one of Ohio’s many lakes, Indian Lake, Russells Point is a popular summer resort destination. If you’re looking for a home to build a life, or just your summer life, knowing the best restaurants and bars is a must!

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In no particular order:

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Landing Tavern

235 E Main St, Russells Point, OH 43348

cheeseburger and fries on a wooden tray from Landing Tavern

If you’re craving American eats like fried chicken and burgers, checkout Landing Tavern. They start early with breakfast at 7 AM on weekdays, and end late with music, karaoke and bingo on Fridays! During the week there are specials and deals including wing night, taco night, and gourmet burger night. If you’re brave, you can try frog legs on the first Saturday of the month.

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Jac N Do's Pizza

302 W Main St, Russells Point, OH

pizza with pepperoni, olives & mushrooms on wood table at Jac N Do's
Image courtesy of Jack and Do's Facebook Page

If it’s pizza night, Jac N Do’s Pizza in Russells Point offers pick up and delivery in addition to a cozy outdoor eating area where you and your family can enjoy pizza pies on warm summer nights. Jac N Do’s includes a waiter service if you choose to dine in. Don’t you worry about going anywhere for dessert, there is ice cream on hand at this delicious pizza restaurant.

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Mimi's at the Lake

138 E Main St, Russells Point, OH 43348

sandwhich & fries in front of lit Mimi's at the Lake sign
Courtesy of Mimi’s At The Lake Facebook

Mimi’s is an American & Family style restaurant that launched  in 2015. Perfect for groups to come and enjoy their indoor and outdoor spaces, they also have a catering service so you can bring Mimi’s home with you. Like any good American restaurant, they have a killer baked potato, but Mimi’s is a step up from the rest. This giant baked potato, topped with cheese, green onions, butter, and sour cream, also includes pulled pork drizzled with sweet BBQ sauce. Is your mouth watering yet?

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Woody’s Diner

7838 OH-366, Russells Point, OH 43348

3 big prawn on a plate

Stop by Woody’s and sit on the patio, where you can eat, drink, and watch the game all at the same time! For dinner, try the breaded jumbo shrimp, smoked chicken, or a deluxe create-your-own pizza. Woody’s offers takeout and delivery if you feel like dining in.  If you’re looking for a friendly place to start your day, they serve breakfast until 11am.

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El Azteca

110 W Lake St, Lakeview, OH 43331

two burrito's from El Azteca

If you have an itch for Mexican food that must be scratched, don’t worry! El Azteca is located within a couple miles from the center of Russells Point. Just a short walk from the Lakeview docking area, you can also access El Azteca by boat. The menu includes vegetarian plates. After a long day on the lake, enjoy a sangria or a domestic draft, El Azteca happily serves both.

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Indian Head Roadhouse

509 W Main St, Russells Point, OH 43348

cheeseburgers and fries on a plate from Indian Head Roadhouse

This quaint restaurant is filled with Indian Lake memorabilia. The patio has an amazing view of Indian Lake, and a fireplace for dining out on cool summer nights. The dock across the street at the State Park makes access by boat simple. Check out Indian Head Roadhouse’s beer list on their facebook page, including several beers brewed in Ohio!

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China Fortune Restaurant

223 OH-708, Russells Point, OH 43348

Asian dish on a plate next to chopsticks

China Fortune restaurant is big-portioned, authentic Cantonese and Szechuan food that offers take out and  waiter service if you choose to dine in. Thirty dishes served with fried rice and wonton soup for under $6.00 is a lunch special hard to beat! The menu includes a vegetable section and health food section.

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Cranberry Resort Waterfront Bar & Grill

9667 OH-368, Huntsville, OH 43324

boat at dock in front of Cranberry Resort restaurant
Courtesy of Cranberry Resort

Wouldn’t it be nice to dock your boat at the restaurant and relax with some live music? Look no further than Cranberry Resort, an important part of summer life in Russells Point. Their menu serves up delectable sandwiches like their signature Cranberry’s Famous Reuben. This exciting joint offers live music several times a week, sometimes twice a day at 3pm and 9pm. Check out Cranberry Resort’s website to learn more about their history.

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Lapizzeria Restaurant

7439 OH-366, Huntsville, OH 43324

pepperoni pizza from Lapizzeria

Looking for a pizza you’ve never tried before? Lapizzeria offers some scrumptious specialty pizzas like Rajun Cajun and Ultimate Steak. Pizzas come in four sizes. Go big and you will be rewarded: a 16” inch comes with a free 2 liter of soda. More than just a pizza place, Lapizzeria offers American comforts like chicken planks and burgers with fries in addition to their array of pizzas. Check out Lapizzeria on their website.

View homes for sale in Russells Point, OH

The village of Russells Point is sure to satisfy all your classic cravings. HER realtors is happy to help you find your summer getaway in this buzzing lake town. Take a break from the search to eat, drink, enjoy live music, and look forward to all the summers to come!

June 8, 2018
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