Your Ultimate Guide to the Best Donuts in Ohio

Where to Find the Best Cake-y, Airy, and Vegan Donuts in Ohio

colorful spread of fresh donuts


Sunanda Tamrakar


Jan 21, 2021

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Whether you’re craving a perfectly glazed classic or lemon blueberry treat, Ohio’s donut shops do not disappoint. Stores across the state open their doors as the sun come up, to offer their creative twists on a classic. Here are some of the places to get the best donuts in Ohio.

It's a given that anything fried and covered in sugar is going to taste delicious. But when it comes to donuts, these Ohio donut shops do not disappoint. Many local shops open their doors at 4 A.M. and sell out quickly, often before their morning or midday closing time. They have a mouthwatering selection for your morning coffee or afternoon snack. It doesn’t matter if you spell it doughnut or donut, these shops will have the perfect treat for you.

an icon depicting a donut with pink icing

Holtman’s Donuts - Cincinnati, OH

Lots of different flavors of donut
Image courtesy of Holtman's Donuts Facebook

1332C-2, Vine St, Cincinnati, OH 45202

Holtman's Donuts started in 1960 and has now grown into multiple locations. With four current shops and one slated to open in the fall of 2019, their popularity is only growing. The family-owned donut shop boats beautiful creations and often have lines out the door. You can find an array of donuts at Holtman's including a Maple Bacon, Fruity Pebbles, and a Smore's donut complete with a large marshmallow on top.

Holtman's locations are in Downtown Cincinnati, Loveland, Williamsburg, and West Chester. A shop in Oakley is opening in the fall of 2019.

As Cherie R.’s Yelp review says:

"You ever walk into a bakery from the cold outside and your glasses instantly fog up?  It's like it's out of a book or something!  On a frosty Thursday morning I came over here while the kids were still sleeping to pick up a doughnut or two.  Got a maple bacon and oreo doughnut.  They were deeeeeelicious!  Solid, reasonably priced, and I will be back if we are in the area again."
Lucky Charms donut at the Downtown location of Holtman’s donuts are a fan favorite. Image Courtesy of Instagram.

icon donut with chocolate icing and sprinkles

Duck Donuts - Multiple Locations

Duck Donuts
Image courtesy of Duck Donuts Instagram

Multiple locations

If you are a cake donut fan, Duck Donuts is the place for you. Duck Donuts is a fast growing hub for donuts across the country. They currently have four locations in Ohio: Dayton, Dublin, Westerville, and Mason. Their cake donuts are made-to-order and even have build-your-owns with different icings, toppings, and drizzles to choose from. Some of their popular flavors include Lemon and Coconut, Lemon with Raspberry Drizzle, and multiple Key Lime types.

Amber S. says on Yelp:

“Duck Donuts are fantastic! The staff is friendly, the dining area is clean, and the donuts are wonderful. The donuts are cake donuts and they offer icing such as strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, lemon, peanut butter and others. They offer toppings such as hot fudge icing, raspberry icing and sprinkles like bacon, lucky charms, rainbow sprinkles, peanuts, etc. The possibilities are endless!”
Image courtesy of Duck Donuts Instagram
Make a statement at home or any event with (delicious) Duck Donuts. Image Courtesy of Facebook.

icon donut with berry icing and white drizzle

Destination Donuts - Columbus, OH

Destination Donuts
Destination Donuts’s Peppermint Blackout donuts have a loyal following in Ohio and all over the country. Image Courtesy of Facebook.

59 Spruce St, Columbus, OH 43215

Looking to try new flavors? Then Destination Donuts is the place to go. Heather Morris started Destination Donuts and creates new flavors often. They also offer vegan donuts. The flavor offering change daily but some favorites include Salted Butterscotch, Mojito, and Raspberry Hibiscus.

Jayme H. raves on Yelp:

"All of Destination Donuts are all light and fluffy, made super fresh, and come in a variety of cool and unique flavors. I have never been to another donut spot where I could get a mojito donut or a ginger peach wasabi donut hole. Now, I'm not a donut expert but I have eaten a LOT of them, in a lot of different cities and this place definitely stands out. "
an icon depicting a donut with pink icing

Mimi’s Donuts and Bakery - Hamilton, OH

Mimi’s Donuts and Bakery
Mim's is know for custom donut creations in every season. Image Courtesy of Facebook.

2267 Millville Ave, Hamilton, OH 45013

When it comes to large treats and a great selection, Mimi's Donuts is the place to go. As a spot on Butler County's Donut Trail-- a donut shop scavenger hunt in Southwest Ohio-- Mimi's is incredible popular and busy. They have unique favors like their blueberry cake donut with lemon frosting, pineapple upside down, vanilla and coconut, and salted caramel.

On Yelp, Laura B. says,

“Yummy deliciousness!  They go quick, so arrive early for the best selection.  Good service.  I love supporting a local business within our community.”
icon donut with chocolate icing and sprinkles

Holey Toledough - Toledo, OH

Holey Toledough
Ohio’s Best Donuts: Some of Holey Toledough’s selection. Image Courtesy of their website.

3812 W Alexis Rd, Toledo, OH 43623

Holey Toledough started as a food truck item but is now growing in popularity and is a full year-round store. Chris Ritter started the successful business and his passion for food comes across in the donuts. They offer flavors from the classic Glazed and Chocolate Sprinkles to Samoa and Cannoli Paczki.

Gabby P. raves on Yelp:

“Stopped in on Thursday at the new location on Alexis and was not disappointed. These are the best doughnuts in Toledo, hands down. I got six different flavored doughnuts and while they were all excellent, my favorites were the pecan French toast and Oreo creme. I can't recommend this place enough!”
icon donut with berry icing and white drizzle

Brewnuts - Cleveland, OH

Brewnuts has a large selection of creative donuts, so there's something to please everyone.Image Courtesy of the Brewnuts website.

6501 Detroit Rd, Cleveland, OH 44102

Brewnuts is a sweet spot that combines two of America’s favorites: beer and donuts. Started by two native Clevelanders, Shelley and John Pippin, Brewnuts serves donuts with a secret ingredient: beer. At Brewnuts, you can sit down with a donut and your choice of one of the 16 local brews on tap. They have some pretty awesome flavor-- and some vegan options!-- including Orange Vanilla Coke, Chocolate Cappuccino Cheesecake, Raspberry Passionfruit, and Blueberry Bourbon Lavender.

Lucille H. shares,

“Brewnuts is such a fun experience and they have the most interesting flavors! I have been a fan for over a year and the creativity and novelty of their constantly-changing options never ceases to impress me. Their donuts are large and on the fluffy side”
an icon depicting a donut with pink icing

The Vegan Doughnut Company - Lakewood, OH

The Vegan Doughnut Company
The Vegan Doughnut Company’s Strawberry Shortcakes are some of the best baked goods in Ohio. Image Courtesy of The Vegan Doughnut Compan website.

6501 Detroit Rd, Cleveland, OH 44102

If you’re looking for more vegan options, The Vegan Doughnut Company is the place for you! The company is co-operated by two sisters who started the business from their kitchen. Now with their own store, they’ve expanded the menu vastly. Some highlights from their menu include Maple Coconut Bacon, Matcha White Chocolate, Lemon Lavender, and Cherry Chocolate.

Caity T. raves:

“This place is adorable and the staff was incredibly friendly. I was visiting from out of town and happened to stumble upon this place. I'm so glad I did!! I always seek out vegan donuts when I travel and this little shop blew me away. Some of the best donuts I've ever had. Will definitely be back when I'm in town again.”
icon donut with chocolate icing and sprinkles

Lil Donut Factory - Hillard, OH

Lil Donut Factory
Lil Donut Factory’s Bavarian Bloops have a huge following in hometown Hillard, OH. Image Courtesy of Facebook.

Scioto Darby Rd, Columbus, OH 43228

If you love filled donuts, Lil Donut Factory is the place to go. The shop is nestled to the west of Columbus and people drive from all over for their treats. The quirky spot offers an array of donuts including a Buckeye, Mint Cookie, and Blueberry Fritters. Their Bloop donuts are popular: filled donuts with just a dollop of filling on top as well. The Bloop donuts include Nutella, Lemon, Bavarian Creme,  and Apple Pie.

Customer Matt M. says on Yelp:

"Some of the best donuts in the Cbus area. Jordan works hard at his craft and it shows. He makes his donuts fresh every morning and he sells them until they're gone. He literally closes the store for the day when he sells out. You have to get there somewhat early so you don't miss out. There is usually a line so you should expect to wait a little while. The donuts are worth it. This is the true definition of a local business ran by a local resident."
icon donut with berry icing and white drizzle

Marcella's Doughnuts & Bakery - Amelia, OH

Marcella's Doughnuts & Bakery
Marcella's Doughnuts offers a wide variety of shapes, colors, and flavors. Image Courtesy of Marcella's Doughnuts website.

29 W Main St, Amelia, OH 45102

Marcella’s is a family-owned company that has grown over the past three generations. There are now three locations (Mt. Carmel, Eastgate, and Amelia) and they make over 4,000 donuts every day. Along with common found donuts, Marcella's also offers Blueberry with Cinnamon Crumb, Oreo Chocolate, Loaded Persian, and the Buckeye.

Joyce C. says:

“These are some of the (if not thee) best doughnuts I have ever had. Not only do they have fantastic toppings and such a variety but even their plain doughnuts are irresistible. My husband and I go nearly every weekend. The kettle danish is one of our favorites, as is the oreo cake doughnut. Service is always very friendly and helpful in selecting what to try next!”
an icon depicting a donut with pink icing

White House Fruit Farm - Canfield, OH

9249 State Route 62, Canfield, OH 44406

White House Fruit Farm is well-known in the Canfield area for a variety of reasons -- between apple-picking, sunflower fields, fresh cider, family fun nights, and Christmas on the farm, they offer something for everyone to enjoy... and that includes donut lovers! White House Fruit Farm's famous donuts are made fresh every day, but you'll want to get there early or call ahead to reserve your favorite flavor because they tend to fly off the shelves. With dozens of delicious flavors to try, you're sure to find a new favorite (or a few!) at White House Fruit Farm in Canfield.

But you don't have to take our word for it. Shawn A. says:

"These doughnuts are to die for!! So fresh and delicious. I don't even consider myself a doughnut lover but these are amazing. I'm already counting the days till I go back. Keep up the good work, never skimp on the ingredients!!"

Shout out to Tommy Staggs for suggesting White House Fruit Farm for our latest version of this list!

Whether you prefer creme-filled goodness or cakey sweetness, Ohio’s donut shops will have the best donuts for you. Are you hungry yet? Because we are!

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