Why You Need A Penthouse Vacation Rental When Visiting Cabo

Cabo is a premier destination for anyone looking to head south of the border on vacation. This stunning region is the perfect place to unwind with friends and family or celebrate big occasions.

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Jan 21, 2021

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The combination of the coastal landscape, local culture, and nightlife come together to give visitors a lot of wonderful memories. This is especially true when staying at Medano Beach. This beautiful resort area puts visitors right next to the water and a stone’s from the town. Naturally, there are lots of great apartments and hotels available here. But, if you want to go all-out for your vacation and do it in style, there is nothing better than a penthouse suite.

There are some stunning penthouse vacation rentals available near Medano Beach, all with great views, high-end facilities, and a great atmosphere. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose a penthouse over a standard apartment or hotel room for your next Cabo trip.

The Location

Staying close to Medano Beach means you are right next to the sand, water, and all the experiences that provides. You can spend your day sunbathing, enjoying watersports, or strolling around the waterfront with an ice cream. The area is also the perfect place to hire a boat to get a different perspective on Cabo. From there, you can get into the water for snorkeling or just relaxing on the deck. Some tours offer whale shark snorkeling as an unmissable way to get close to these gentle giants.

The best villas in Los Cabo are also just a half mile from the town center and nearby scenery. One of the most striking features in Cabo San Lucas is the natural sea arch that sticks out from the dramatic coastline. Couples that want a bit of romantic alone time can take a walk near here and Lover’s Beach.

The Views

Penthouse Cabo vacation rentals also mean breathtaking views. To be fair, there aren't any bad views when you book a rental on Medano Beach. Any ocean-front room greets you with that stunning sea, sand, and sky. Still, it's hard to beat the view from the top floor and the massive panoramas from the rooftop. The best villas also have expansive outdoor spaces. These areas are perfect for alfresco dining, cocktails at sunset, and some relaxation in the pool or hot tub. Then there are the balconies in the bedrooms, for when you need a little me-time with your morning coffee before joining the rest of the group.

These vast panoramas away from the people below also make these penhouses the ideal place for those perfect Instagram shoots. You can take endless reels of shots and footage as you document the vacation. You will always have that stunning view as your backdrop - either with the blazing sun, vibrant sunset, or star-filled sky.

The Amenities

The standard of accommodation in Cabo doesn’t disappoint. The luxury of a penthouse suite over a hotel room is undeniable. There is that extra level of sophistication and service that is unbeatable. All the bedrooms are spacious and comfortable, and there could be an adjacent bathroom on the master. That’s something for you and your guests to fight over when you check in. There is also a high-end kitchen for self-catering and a party atmosphere. This means everything from family pizza nights and snacks for movie nights to trying out local recipes. Many penthouses also offer an outdoor kitchen area with a grill and fridge for added convenience during pool parties. The addition of the outdoor fireplace and hot tubs makes everything more cozy.

Of course, there are plenty of conveniences for everyday living too. The bathrooms aren’t just there to look pretty and will have high-end shower facilities and vanities. There is also a laundry room so you can deal with spills and freshen up your favorite beach outfits. There is also the entertainment system with the best TVs, sound systems, and Wi-Fi.

On top of that, when you book penthouse vacation rentals with the right company, you also get access to professional and courteous staff. This includes a maid service, which is a must for those booking a Cabo penthouse for parties and special occasions. They can help you deal with the mess and make up the beds so you can still relax as much as possible. There will also be a concierge on call to help with whatever you need.

The Relaxing Vibes

There is another benefit to being this high up too. As much as visitors love the energy and vibrancy of Medano Beach and its social life, it's nice to take a step back. On the roof, you can admire the scene from afar and enjoy your own vibes and music whenever you need to. Then, once you're ready to hit the bars and clubs and go "out-out'', everything is within easy reach. You can make the most of what the area has to offer. There isn't far to go to collapse into a large cozy bed when it's all over.

It all becomes a lot more relaxing this way. You get that barrier between your party and the other resort guests when it all gets too much. If there’s a family-loving life down in the public pool and activity areas, you can let them do them and go and do you.

The Private Celebrations

Then there's the capacity of these larger penthouse villas and their suitability for larger parties. Staying in a hotel is fun, but it means you can end up isolated from your friends and family until you go to a public area. Villas offer that home-from-home feel where you can all gather to eat, drink, and catch up on your day's adventures. A penthouse just makes it even more special.

This means this spacious luxury accommodation becomes the perfect place for larger groups celebrating birthdays, bachelorette parties, or other special occasions. Brides-to-be can rent a villa for one last excessive trip with their future bridesmaids and maid of honor. You can enjoy a few extra glasses of champagne or a late-night pool party without worrying about other people around you. You feel a lot freer to have the vacation you need before settling down to married life.

Enjoy The Best Of Cabo From A Top Penthouse Suite

Cabo and Medano Beach are the sort of places that deserve a little more elegance during a vacation. Whether you decide to come here with friends and family to relax, set yourself up for a wild bachelorette, or want something romantic for a second honeymoon, you can’t go wrong here. The combination of those brilliant facilities, entertainment features, and unbeatable views makes these penthouses hard to beat. So, check out what's available in vacation rentals, see which one has the vibe your group is after, and get booking! You won't regret spending a little extra ensuring you have the luxury and relaxing vibes these Cabo penthouses offer.

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