Why Real Estate Agents Should Utilize Online Faxing

Becoming a real estate agent is perhaps one of the most promising ways to earn a living. To achieve success, you need to leverage the power of modern technologies, one being online faxing. 

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Bridget Houlihan


Jan 21, 2021

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Today, many real estate enterprises are leveraging new technologies to streamline operations. If you're a realtor, utilizing some innovative tools to run your company and overcome the market competition is a great way to attain corporate success.

Online faxing is one of the important technologies you can consider for your real estate agency. Also known as internet faxing, online faxing is a practice of sharing documents through eFax instead of fax machines. In other words, it means sending and receiving company files over the internet. 

There are numerous reasons to utilize online faxing as a real estate agent. Here are some of them.

1. It Enhances Data Security 

Real estate is one of the most vulnerable sectors to hackers. Without proper security measures in place, your data could be compromised. It becomes worse when unauthorized people access clients' personal information because they may sue you for compensation.  

Faxing in the traditional way may put your company data at risk as it forces you to deal with physical documents in your office. So, a person with malicious intentions may easily access your files then consume and distribute data.  

If a natural calamity like fire or flood strikes your office, all your physical documents may get damaged. As a result, you'll likely lose the data necessary for making strategic decisions and servicing customers. Therefore, you must find a secure way to share and store your documents. This is where online faxing for real estate agents comes in. Internet faxing eliminates the need to deal with physical documents. You can do everything over the internet from creating and storing documents to signing and sharing files. 

Most eFax solutions come with advanced online security features. For instance, you can subscribe to a file encryption feature, which lets you encode data to hide it from unauthorized users. With its multi-tier security protocols, unauthorized access to your company data will be minimized.  

2. It Helps Close Deals Faster 

There are many negative effects of service. If you are not able to close a deal immediately and if the customer is in a hurry, they may consider finding assistance elsewhere. Not only does this hurt their experience with your company, but it also harms your revenues. So, you should find an effective way to close deals faster. 

Traditional faxing may not be the best option if you want to upgrade your communication protocols. It may be disadvantageous because you must print, sign, and scan the documents before transmitting them to clients. Another alternative could be to take them to a postal delivery service. Either way, it leads to delayed communication thus possibly resulting to deferred deals.

With an online faxing service, you can simply attach an e-signature to documents and send them to clients in seconds. Because you can do it anywhere and anytime, you'll likely close the deals more quickly.  

3. It Improves Your Productivity 

If you want to increase productivity, consider investing in online faxing technology. Using fax machines involves a lot of manual and repetitive processes. Apart from the huge amount of time lost in printing and scanning documents, you’re likely to take several hours to arrange the files in your physical document inventory. It even becomes a nuisance when you want to locate a single file or receipt from piles of files in your office. All these impede business productivity. 

Switching to online faxing reduces manual processes and simplifies operations. As such, you can complete tasks quickly. This way, you can save time and accomplish more in a day. 

4. It Saves Money 

Your real estate agency's long-term growth and success rely on its ability to reduce costs or save money. When you minimize expenses, you can make more profit. Traditional faxing methods require you to invest in expensive hardware equipment like fax machines, photocopiers, and printers. It also forces you to spend a lot of money on paper, toner, and ink cartridge. 

Online faxing allows you to get everything done virtually with minimal costs. It eliminates the need to purchase faxing machines, printers, and all the other necessary items. It is, therefore, a cost-effective way to improve the document management process.


Becoming a real estate agent is perhaps one of the most promising ways to earn a living. To achieve success, you need to leverage the power of modern technologies, one being online faxing. 

As you've seen above, online faxing can benefit your real estate business in many ways if you utilize the right service. Don’t let your business stay behind progress, and shift to online faxing today!

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