Why is Palm Jumeirah attractive to investors?

the reason why Palm Jumeirah is appealing for real estate investments. How much does it cost to purchase property in Palm Jumeirah?


Bridget Houlihan


Jan 21, 2021

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Odd as it may sound, this is one of the most asked questions about Palm Jumeirah. It may be because most of the askers are non-residents who have yet to visit Palm Frond Island and are wondering what it is like before they buy properties in Palm Jumeirah, place their bet, make a rental, or close any other kind of deal in the area. There are many reasons why this location is attractive to investors; they will now be summarized below.

Three reasons to look into Palm Jumeirah

According to Emirates.Estate, here are some of the top reasons why Palm Jumeirah is attractive to investors ahead of 2023.

The Island is a masterpiece

Palm Jumeirah is the first of its kind. A Man-made Island formed in the shape of a Palm frond, while the seawater from across the various fronds gives it a breathtaking view from above. Divers always comment on how amazing it is to see this area from heights – one commentator called it 'heavenly.' When you have the world's best designers, builders, and construction engineers fashioning an artificial island across 5.72 square ft, an area rumored to be able to take six hundred football stadiums, then you can rest assured that heavenly is an understatement. Many people come from all over the world to see the artificial Island, an economic phenomenon that investors hope to tap into, so here's the number one reason.

Many Properties in Palm Jumeirah have beach views

This is probably the most elusive reason but a powerful and highly influential one. It cannot be overemphasized that beachside properties are in high demand and the best place to get as many properties with those views is on the Palm Jumeirah as the 17 fronds are forged across the ocean with towers having both front and back views of the waters. This is another phenomenon that attracts investors to the area. Everyone wants a beachside property, and Palm Jumeirah has many.

Home to many notable structural edifices

If you know realty, you will understand that the presence of specific companies, buildings, and even hotels can serve as economic drivers and make the location more attractive for new entrants. Palm Jumeirah has an array of amazing non-duplicable eye-catchers in the area. For example, the Five Palm Jumeirah Hotels, the view, the Atlantis, and the Acquawater park are only a few of those highlights. These locations make it pleasant to live there and vacation in that part of the city and improve investment ROI; hence investors troop into the area.

How much does it cost to purchase property in Palm Jumeirah?

Property prices differ in Palm Jumeirah but you should have at least AED 1 000 000 if you want a small one-bedroom apartment. You can get properties from minor units to penthouses, rooms, and even villas and maxi four-bedroom apartments. The prices depend on the developer and the nature of the property.

How Much does it cost to live in Palm Jumeirah?

As expected, it is slightly more expensive to live in Palm Jumeirah compared to other city areas in Dubai. The reasons, amongst other things, include the influx of vacationers ready to spend money and the high quality of services available in the area. It is still being determined how much it will cost monthly to live an average life in the Palm as that will depend on your lifestyle; however, food prices are similar to other locations in malls. However, five-star hotels and eateries charge more than local stores per meal. Either way, you should come prepared if you want to have a fun time in the Palm, as most locations are enclosed and only accessible via tickets (although these are often cheap).


This article has looked at the three significant reasons why Palm Jumeirah is attractive to investors and a brief review of how much it costs to purchase property in the area. It has also considered the cost of living in the area. It was discovered that Palm Jumeirah is one site that attracts up to 50% of vacationers from across the world to Dubai. As such, it is an investment haven for all who want more profits from the realty business in the city.

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February 15, 2022
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