Where to Go In Columbus For All Your Gardening Needs

The Best Plant Nurseries and Landscaping Suppliers In Columbus

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Interested in starting a garden or doing your own landscaping, but unsure where to start? Finding the places that provide high quality products and services might sound difficult, but Columbus, Ohio is filled with premium plant nurseries, garden centers, and landscaping businesses.

From shrubs to soil, trees to tools, we have the best places in Columbus to fulfill your gardening needs. Browse our selection of excellent locations and find exactly what you’re looking for!

Here’s your comprehensive list for where to find:

  • Plant Suppliers
  • Stone, Mulch, and Soil Experts
  • Gardening Tools and Planters
  • Expert Plant Care
Vegetables in a brown basket
Try growing your own food--it’s easier than you think! Pick up some seedlings from a plant nursery in Columbus to get started.

Enhance Your Garden With A Variety of Plants From These Columbus Nurseries 

Flowers, Shrubs, and Trees: These Are the Best Places to Go In Columbus

Oakland Nursery

Go here for: Trees (willow, magnolia, and peach are some of the most popular), perennials, roses, shrubs

Oakland Nursery has served Central Ohio for 80 years, providing quality plants, service, and products. Their success as a plant nursery in Columbus is well established. Each year they sell in excess of 10,000 roses--and what better time to get your own than now? Even more impressive, Oakland Nursery has the largest plant selection in central Ohio, stocked with exotic plants and trees.

If you’re thinking about starting a garden or restructuring your yard, Oakland Nursery’s design team will set you up with landscapers to meet your every need. Outdoor gardening isn’t the only service Oakland Nursery provides. Some of their rarest varieties of plants are meant for a life indoors, either in a temperate greenhouse or as an accent piece in your living room. 

A bonsai tree leans out of a pot
Connect with an ancient tradition by learning how to sculpt a bonsai. Bringing pieces of nature into your house can have a calming impact on your mood.

If you’ve ever wanted to put your green thumb to the test, get an African Violet and see how long you can keep this finicky plant alive. Looking to test your patience and dedication? Try a bonsai plant, the slow growing plant you can sculpt into fantastic shapes.

In addition to plants, pottery, and decor, Oakland Nursery is the place to go for supplies to coax the local birds to your yard. With their spectacular seed and feeder products, you’ll easily become the hot spot for all varieties of colorful Ohio birds.


Go here for: vegetables, herbs, bulbs, indoor plants for any lighting arrangement

No list of plant nurseries in Columbus would be complete without mentioning Strader’s. Strader’s is a cutting edge garden center with a wide variety of plants, trees, vegetables, flowers, and shrubs. Many of their plant species are grown in-house, producing mature plants ready for transplanting. 

In addition to the array of refreshing greenery lining the walls of Strader’s, the garden center is well-stocked with decor, tools, mowers, and lawn care supplies to take care of all your indoor and outdoor gardening needs. And if you’re in need of equipment repairs, there is a shop adjacent to the plant nursery where you can bring your broken and rusted equipment.

Located on King Avenue, the Columbus location is a compact store bursting with greenery. Whether you’re browsing for a new plant, searching for the right shovel, or simply going to be surrounded by nature, Strader’s has something for you.

A view of sculpted lawns with red flowers
Landscaping is an art, but you don’t have to be a pro in order to start building paths and mulching gardens. Check out some of these Columbus suppliers and start ordering everything you need to get started.

Landscaping Suppliers In Columbus

The Next Step In Your Landscaping Adventure 

Semco Outdoor

Go here for: building stone, landscaping stone, patio flagstones, fire pits

The impressive flagstone walkways and elaborate stone patios you see through Columbus probably all originated from Semco Outdoor, Columbus’s leading location for quality natural flagstone. With the largest selection of stone in the region, Semco is the first stop you make when considering adding stone accents anywhere in your yard.

If designing and creating stone structures isn’t your strong suit, don’t worry. Semco Outdoor has an array of services to help select, plan, and install patios, walkways, and more.

Semco’s excellence is thanks to the cutting edge technology and services provided. The quarries providing the stones you’ll use are owned and operated by Semco, and on-site fabrication of the stones is done through Semco Outdoor’s parent company.

In addition to flagstones, Semco stocks other stone products like gravel and pavers. Mulch and soil products are also available--finish off your Semco made patio with a nice mulch border perfect for planting bushes and shrubs.

A wheelbarrow next to a large pile of mulch
Your soil and mulch can make or break your garden. Connect with an expert to figure out the best blend for your needs.

Kurtz Bros.

Go here for: mulch perfect for any condition

Central Ohio’s leading landscape supply company, Kurtz Bros. has ten different blends of mulch to cater to your specific landscaping needs. Their high quality top soil is just what you need to encourage your plants to grow strong--after visiting the nursery, make sure you stop by and browse through their soil selection to ensure the healthiest garden possible.

Kurtz Bros. also offers several types of gravel, varieties of sand, and limestone to finish off your landscaping projects. Use their calculator to find out how much gravel you’ll need to transform barren backyard spaces into contemporary rock gardens.

Their array of landscaping products can be overwhelming--will 411 limestone or 54 limestone be best? How about mulch, which kind will provide the perfect finishing touch to garden borders? Kurtz Bros. offers guidance to help direct you to the best products for your specific garden and landscaping needs.

Jones Topsoil

Go here for: three selections of topsoil

Serving the Columbus area for over 90 years, Jones Topsoil specializes in quality topsoil collected during gravel operations. 

Jones Topsoil has three types of topsoil: blended topsoil (used for gardens and flowerbeds), pulverized topsoil (used for leveling yards), and regular topsoil (used to fill holes or bald patches in the yard). Delivery options are available for their products, which include gravel, sand, and mulch--orders can be filled and delivered in as little as a few hours.

Sprinklers arch over a flower bush
Find the sprinkler system of your dreams and watch your grass turn lush and green.

Site One

Go here for: sprinklers, hoses, watering systems

If you struggle to find the motivation to lug a heavy watering can around your garden every day, irrigation systems could be your answer. Site One Landscaping Supply has all that you need to keep your yard well watered.

A good irrigation system will keep your yard healthy and increase the productiveness of your fruit and vegetable plants. Investing in a good quality irrigation system will save you a lot of maintenance time down the line.

Hoses, controlling systems, pumps, and more: Site One will help you identify the most efficient system for your yard.

Their irrigation systems are compiled using the expertise of their contracting experts. When you purchase one of Site One’s irrigation systems, their Certified Irrigation Designers are on hand to help design the perfect system.

Where to Go in Columbus for Great Gardening Gear

Get High Quality Planters, Pots, and Tools

A row of indoor plants on a bench
Bring your plants inside--not only will they keep the air filtered, they can also be used as decor. Pick up some plants from a Columbus nursery and get started!


Go here for: pots, planters, window boxes

Whether you want something understated and subtle or bright and bold, Gardener’s Supply Co. in Columbus has a selection of pots and planters for outdoor and indoor needs.

Their selection of outdoor planters can add a touch of class, sophistication, whimsy, or elegance to your home. Use planters to strategically hide bald patches on the lawn or scratches in paint. 

If your windows are looking barren, pick up some window boxes from Gardener’s and decorate with flowers and herbs--a great way to ensure you always have fresh herbs on hand.

Gardener’s Supply Co. is also a resource for those looking to learn more about gardening. They pride themselves on being a place where a love for gardening is communicated to all. If you’re looking to understand how gardening can bring together communities and want to become a part of a community dedicated to empowering gardeners and respecting the planet, go to Gardener’s.


Go here for: generators, blowers, mowers, and more

Murray’s Tool Rental has been serving the area since 1937, helping homeowners complete large and small scale projects without needing to purchase thousands of dollars of powerful equipment. 

Especially helpful for those without storage space for bulky tools and power equipment that you might only plan on using once, tool rentals are an ideal solution. Simply find the equipment you need, rent it, use it, and return it. 

This tool rental isn’t specific to yard work, either. During the winter months they supply snowblowers and other supplies to help clear yards and driveways. And any indoor project, no matter how elaborate, can be simplified by finding the right tools to complete the job.

A blue lawnmower in the grass
There are many different brands and types of lawn mowers--buying one can feel more complicated than finding the perfect car. Thankfully, knowledgeable staff at each of these Columbus locations can help you find your best fit.

Buckeye Power

Go here for: lawn equipment and landscaping supplies

With hundreds of machines on display in their large Columbus showroom, Buckeye Power Sales is sure to have what you’re looking for. In addition to the brand new equipment and top of the line models, Buckeye sells gently used equipment at lower costs. 

Buckeye has a large selection of lawn mowers, but if you have a machine you’re already attached to, they also provide service and care to make sure it stays good as new. Instead of risking the loss of several fingers by trying to clean, fix, or service your mower, send it in to their highly trained professionals.

Keeping hedges and trees trimmed and neat is essential for a well groomed yard free of twigs and sticks. For those who don’t have a chainsaw lying around, Buckeye is also the place to go for all the equipment you need to trim, cut, and clip. 

A flower is in focus with a smiling woman blurry in the back
Connect with nature through your garden--and connect with experts through these resources.

Have Trouble Keeping Your Garden Alive?

Online Resources For Plant Care

Plant nurseries and outdoor centers are filled with experts ready and willing to give you helpful tips on how to get the best garden possible. All of the centers listed above are equipped with professionals eager to spread their know-how. 

But if you have trouble getting out to any of these places or are already equipped with everything you need to start your next project and are just looking for some pointers, there are plenty of online resources to help you out.

Before planting bulbs or pulling back turf, make sure you know what you’re doing. Wilson’s Garden Center is a plant nursery with online resources guiding you month by month, giving you a list of what you should be accomplishing garden-wise. To avoid planting flowers and vegetables out of season, check their comprehensive list before you start sprinkling seeds.

For seasonal advice regarding lawn care, Columbus Monthly has local experts weigh in on what tools to get ready, when to plant what, and what to expect maintenance-wise.

Once you’ve got a plan together and are ready to head out to your local Columbus plant nursery, consider browsing this list compiled by experts in the Central Ohio area. Pick up some of their recommended perennials and vegetables for a garden certain to flourish.

No matter how large- or small-scale your project is, we have the resources to help you succeed. Columbus, Ohio is filled with plant nurseries, tool rentals, stonemasons, and all sorts of landscaping and gardening experts.

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July 1, 2020
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