What Your Agent is hiding? Smart Questions to Ask Your Property Agent

Buying or selling a home is a long and stressful process that needs the assistance of the realtors to make it through. Only they can give you enough evidence to help you make informed decisions.



Jan 21, 2021

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Whether you are buying or selling your property, you need to have a real estate agent’s support. Hiring the right agent is one of the priority tasks that you need to do before you start the buying or selling process of any kind of property. He is the one who has to deal with your financial transactions, inform you about market trends, value your precious asset, and interact between the two parties so he has to be an expert for the job. If you are likely to rent your property as apartments for rent in Simi Valley or sell your pretty house, you need to ask some essential questions to your realtor. They are as follows:

Ask about the Owner of the property and the reasons for selling it:

Before you get into the process of buying the house just ask about who the owners of the house are. Your agent needs to have thorough information about the sellers, their background, and the reasons they are selling it for. If they are already living in the new house they have bought for themselves then why are they selling it? look for authentic reasons before getting into a deal.  If you know their true motives it will help you decide better.

Ask what the agent’s thoughts are about the location:

 As the location of the house whether for renting a house or buying it matters a lot. It is better to ask your realtor about what he knows about the location and its surroundings. If he is the local of the area of that location then he should have the bulk of information to give to you. He should know the suburbs, the city, and the street as well as should have the estimation of the population and demographics to decide if buying the house suits your choice and price.

Inquire about the neighbors:

A healthy and peaceful life is what people crave. Sometimes people buy new houses and try to sell them immediately right after moving in, which is due to the neighborhood.   Ask your agent about the neighbors whether they are the decent ones or some noisy neighbors with screaming kids or working members of the family. Check if you can get along with them or they will bug you for your whole life. Take all the information from the agent before making the decision.

Take information about the renovation of the house:

 The house your agent has brought to you for buying purposes has to have a classy interior and exterior which would make it presentable. Ask your agent about the real condition of the house and satisfy all your queries regarding everything related to the house. If the house has been newly renovated then you can match it with the price that they are asking for the house.

Make inquiry about the similar sales in the area:

Your agent who has the information about the whole area and location of the house, must know if there are other houses on sale too. You can also ask him if there has been a good sale of a house according to the market price in that location or not. Just get the authentic information about it as you are the one who is paying. It is also fine to ask him about the peak time of the biggest sales in that area or location to help you visualize the true picture of what is happening there.

If the location of the house is growing:

 When buying a house, one has to be conscious of the growing population in that area. You need to know if the location has small businesses growing there, if there are more people coming in for better opportunities, if the price the sellers are asking for is as per market trends, if the area is developed for the family and the working persons. This is all of your prior concerns before you get to sign the contract with the owners.

How long the property has been on sale:

It is also a fact that sometimes the house is on sale for a long time and nobody wants to buy it. you need to dig deep to know the reason behind it. you have to pick a home for yourself where you can live comfortably and people would love to have it. If the house has been on sale for quite a long time, then why it has not been sold till now is what should concern you. there might be some trouble with the house or the area or the price is too high that nobody wants to get in there.


Buying or selling a home is a long and stressful process that needs the assistance of the realtors to make it through. Only they can give you enough evidence to help you make informed decisions. You need to have a clue about the location of the house, the duration it has been on sale, the neighborhood, the growth of the location, and the price as per market trends to give your verdict. You need to Behave Like an Investor, as buying some property means you are investing in it and expect profitability in return.

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