Want to Run a Home-Based Business? 5 Factors to Look for When Choosing the Perfect Home

If you’ve finally decided to run a business from home, one of the first things you’d consider is whether or not your current living space can accommodate your business needs.

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If you’ve finally decided to run a business from home, one of the first things you’d consider is whether or not your current living space can accommodate your business needs. And if not, you can always sell or rent out your old home, and move to a more suitable new home.

But how do you go about picking the perfect house for your home-based business?

It’s not always a walk in the park, but it gets easy if you understand the ideal attributes to look for. Read on to discover five essential factors you should keep an eye on in your search for a business-perfect home.

1. L for Location – Find the Right Spot to Host Your Business 

When looking for the perfect home to set up a base for your business, location is key. At the very least, pick a home near transport hubs and other amenities like shopping malls. Also, it pays to consider access to customer parking and local infrastructure for things like basic utilities, broadband connections, and road networks. 

These are all crucial in picking a spot where customers can reach your business without difficulty.

2. Evaluate Property Types and Sizes to Choose What Is Best for You 

Next on, it’s also essential to assess the type and size of property that will best suit your specific needs. For instance, a small apartment may be enough if your business involves mostly internet-based orders or sales. However, for a retail store, workshop, or business that needs a warehouse, you'll likely need more space.

Simply put, the ideal house size will be determined largely by the type and size of your business, as well as the nature of your operations. It’s also worth considering the initial costs such as mortgage rates or rent prices, as well as any additional expenses such as home warranty or homeowner’s insurance where applicable.

3. Looking Out for Cost-Saving Opportunities and Tax Benefits

Once you've decided to purchase or rent a piece of real estate, it helps to take note of other opportunities that may help boost profitability and reduce overhead costs. As an example, you may want to compare mortgage rates, energy providers, and ISPs to get the best deals.

Also, you could look into the availability of government tax credits if these are applicable in the area where you live/work. These cost-saving opportunities could after all be the difference between success and failure!

4. Know the Local Regulations You Might Need to Follow

Local zoning regulations are changing all the time and non-compliance could easily get you into trouble with the law. This makes it important to check the laws if you plan to run an at-home business. Depending on the location, your business type, and the kind of setup you're looking for, you may want to factor in things like:

  • Any noise permissions required from neighbors and local authorities
  • Environmental impact regulations
  • Building and operation permits

These should also be factored in when calculating the costs involved with running your home-based business.

5. Making the Most of Working from Home: Some Business Examples and What to Look For 

Home-based businesses have become increasingly popular over time and there are many types that you can choose from to get started. Whatever type of business you decide on, it's important to ensure your premises meet all requirements needed for launching a successful enterprise, while also making sure it offers the comfort required as part of modern home life.

Below are a few (obvious and unobvious) examples of businesses that you can start from home, alongside what you may need in the ideal home to run such a business.

Home Business Example 1: Online Storefronts and E-Commerce Solutions 

It’s super easy to run a retail business these days from the comfort of your home. However, it pays to ensure that the home is at least spacious enough to give you room for a small office, at the very least. Internet connectivity should also be reliable.

And especially if you keep inventory, you’ll need a home that provides adequate storage space. This can range from downstairs rooms for stock or items awaiting shipment to a tailored shelving system if necessary.

Home Business Example 2: Social Media Management Services 

If you know your way around digital platforms, social media management can be a lucrative venture that you can run from your home. However, it’s good to have a private area for work, such as a home office. This can allow you ample room for making videos or taking photos for investment purposes, as well as guarantee quiet and convenience for connecting with clients without much interruption.

Home Business Example 3: Micro Brewery

Starting a microbrewery can be an exciting adventure, and you can actually do it from home. Nonetheless, it’s a big venture that often requires the premises to have adequate space and ventilation to allow your brewing processes to run smoothly and safely. 

Along with special automation software for brewery management, having an adequate, well-ventilated room can help streamline production and inventory, which are key to success in this competitive industry. Furthermore, more room means you’ll have secure storage areas for grain, hops, herbs, and other crucial ingredients that could be perishable.

To conclude, some of the world’s most profitable businesses got started from home. And in an age where remote work is becoming increasingly popular, numerous high-value companies are run from home. Choosing the perfect home for your business needs can help increase productivity, boost efficiency, and skyrocket your growth, so go ahead and embrace the few tips above in doing so.

Home Business Example 4: Machine Shop

For those who are adept with design and engineering, setting up a machine shop at home is achievable. You can serve all sorts of clients, from those looking to prototype new products, to small scale manufacturing runs, to component repairs and beyond.

You’ll need to look for industrial machinery for sale, and take not only the cost of acquiring it, but also the space needed to accommodate it and the ongoing costs of energy and maintenance into account.

It’s also necessary to take advantage of modern CAD software, which is something you’ll need to master to make ends meet in this field. So really it’s a home business that suits people who already have these skills, or who are passionate about acquiring them.

The startup costs for a machine shop can be minimized if you choose quality second hand machinery as opposed to new equipment. And of course it makes sense to research the local market to see if there are any obvious prospective clients that you can gear your services towards, whether that’s automotive manufacturers, aerospace organizations, or even healthcare businesses that could help to fuel demand for what you plan to do.

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March 15, 2023
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