Want to Bring the World of Bridgerton to Life? Here Are the Top 9 Bridgerton Inspired Decorations!

If you love the Netflix hit, Bridgerton, then we know that you’ll love these Regency-inspired decorations!

Bridgerton Decor


Sara Nuss


Jan 21, 2021

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Main image courtesy of Aspire Design and Home. 

We’re sure that you’ve heard of the ever-so-popular Netflix series, Bridgerton? This popular romance series has accumulated over 82 million household views and has been a hit since season one came out. This hit show takes place during the Regency-era in England, and is about eight siblings in the Bridgerton family that attempt to find love and the obstacles that they face along the way. The drama and potential love affairs is what keeps viewers most interested, but the lavish interior design is something that many people find simply aweing as well.

The Regency-era in England is regarded as one of the most colorful, lavish, and creative times in history. Decorative arts from paintings, chandeliers, curtains, and anything else you could possibly imagine are what made this interior design so popular and beautiful. After watching the show, it’s easy to become inspired by these unique and magnificent interiors, so why not decorate your home and apartment the same way. If you’re thinking about styling your home Bridgerton-style, then check out these top Bridgerton inspired decorations today!

Add Some Unique Pastel Hues in the Many Rooms of Your Home

This makes the color pop instead of opting for the bland white walls!

Painting Walls
Forget white bland walls when you could paint them a pastel color like an episode of Bridgerton today! Image courtesy of Pinterest.

Thinking about painting your walls a different color to make them look more like you’re living in the Regency-era? We think that an easy way to do this (and maybe the cheapest) is to purchase some new paint and paint your walls! Regency-era homes contain a lot of pastel hues, cream colors, or something that will brighten up the room and make the color pop. 

Lots of common colors can be a pastel green, blues, pinks, yellows, or if you want to go a little darker, we recommend a burgundy, or maroon color. The first step to changing the look of your home into Regency-style is to opt for pastel hues, and this can also be for more than just the walls!

<iframe src="https://assets.pinterest.com/ext/embed.html?id=458030224596876648" height="359" width="345" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" ></iframe>

Purchase Ornate Gold Mirrors With a Beautiful and Extravagant Design

Mirrors are essential for your home, but standard ones don’t compare to Regency ones!

Mirrors are a decoration in the Regency-era that is crucial to have, so make sure to decorate your home with one today! Image courtesy of Pinterest.

Looking at many of the rooms in Bridgerton, or even simply looking at Regency-era decorations, mirrors seem to play a major part in the decoration. Almost every room has a mirror and they usually have some beautiful gold ornate pattern or design going around them. This design is very common when it comes to the Regency style and it’s important to get one, or ten of them to decorate all of your rooms!

Coming in many different shapes, sizes, colors, designs, and so much more, these mirrors are part of what makes the Regency era so unique. From looking sophisticated, unique, and being able to stand alone and make a statement is what these mirrors are all about, when it comes to decorating with them. These beautifully designed mirrors go perfect with any piece of furniture that you own, which makes it easier to decorate with what you already own!

<iframe src="https://assets.pinterest.com/ext/embed.html?id=482659285071468343" height="542" width="345" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" ></iframe>

Paintings, Paintings, and More Paintings!

You need art in your home, so why not get some beautiful portraits, flower paintings, and more!

Paintings are important in any home in the Regency-era, such as portraits, pictures of flowers, couple paintings, and more! Image courtesy of Pinterest. 

If you really want your home to look more and more like you just walked into an episode of Bridgerton, then you need to get some beautiful and creative paintings to cover your walls in! Almost all of the walls in a traditional Regency-style home are covered with mirrors, but paintings can be what really steals the show when people come to visit. 

A typical Regency-style home is full of paintings that are portraits of ancestors, or the individuals that live within the home-- but they can also be painted pictures of a war scene, which was another common painting that many people owned and hung up on their walls. Other common paintings include flowers, people dancing, individuals doing normal everyday activities, and many other pictures include a husband and a wife sitting down and posing. Why not opt for a Bridgerton-style painting, or paintings for your home today!

<iframe src="https://assets.pinterest.com/ext/embed.html?id=730005420849653127" height="359" width="345" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" ></iframe>

Long Curtains Need to Hang Over Every Window

Do you have large windows in your home? Make sure to get some beautiful long curtains that will complement them!

Long curtains that touch the floor are a signature look of any Bridgerton room, especially with intricate and beautiful patterns! Image courtesy of Pinterest. 

We’re assuming you’re a big fan of Bridgerton since you’re reading this article, so we’re sure that one thing you have probably noticed in the show and in the Regency-style are the curtains that are hung up on almost every window. Large, open windows are huge with this kind of style, and having large, patterned curtains hung up gives them even more of the Bridgerton look.

To make the space in a specific room look grand, we recommend getting some long curtains that nearly touch the floor. Thick curtains are perfect and give more of the Regency feel that you’re looking for. Curtains are one of the easiest ways to be able to style and decorate a room, so make sure to get some with an intricate pattern, a pastel color, or anything that just screams Bridgerton today!

Bed Frames Are Essential When it Comes to the Regency-Style

A fancy gold and ornate bed frame is something all the characters on the show have, so why not you!

Bed Frame
Intricate bed frames, along with other designs are perfect to match any Regency-era home! Image courtesy of Pinterest. 

When you look at almost every single bedroom in Bridgerton, all of the bed frames seem to be extravagantly beautiful. From having intricate ornate designs, to having curtains come down on them from the ceiling, it’s easy to see that the Regency design shines through. We recommend that if you’re looking to transform your bedroom into a beautiful Regency-style room, then you have to get yourself a bed frame to show it!

While we look at bed frames and think you don’t need to overdo it to achieve the Regency look, it is a crucial design element. Anything from having a beautiful design full of swirls, a plush frame with a pastel color or pattern, or even curtains hanging on it, a bed frame is an important look that corresponds with the style. Make sure to get a gorgeous bed frame that looks like you live with the Bridgertons’!

Don’t Want to Paint Your Walls? Put Up Wallpaper Instead

Instead of a simple color, why not pick out a pretty pattern to hang up on your walls instead!

Instead of having bland white walls, or pastel colors if that’s not your thing, why not put a pattern wallpaper up instead! Image courtesy of Pinterest. 

Maybe you don’t want to go through the chore that is painting. Painting can definitely get boring very easily, and maybe you want something different, but you don’t know what that “different” may be. Well, why not put up wallpaper instead? There are so many different patterns with different colors, designs, and more that incorporate the Regency-era style, and it might just be the change that you never thought you needed!

Since the Regency period is known for the many different colors, patterns, designs, and more that it loved and shared, we recommend instead of painting your walls a pastel color, or even just keeping them a bland white, that you opt for a wallpaper that looks a lot like something someone would have in their home during the Regency-era. Not only is this a huge change that you will love, but it will overall make your room look like an episode of Bridgerton. Pick a pastel color or beautiful pattern and decorate your room today!

Velvet Chairs For the Ultimate Regency Style and Comfort

Looking for new and comfortable furniture to sit in? Lounge in some velvet chairs or couches like royalty!

Velvet Chairs
Velvet chairs are not only beautiful to put in any room in your home, but they are also extremely comfortable too! Image courtesy of Pinterest. 

There is nothing more comfortable than sitting in a chair that feels like you’re lounging on a cloud. Are you sick of your current furniture and want to swap it for something that looks like only royalty sits in? Well, if you’re still interested in decorating your home like the season of Bridgerton, then we recommend getting some velvet covered chairs, lounge chairs, or couches today!

Velvet couches have been popular for many years, but they were especially popular in the Regency-era. You can get velvet chairs in many different shapes, sizes, or colors. If you want to keep up with the pastel theme, then don’t worry, there are plenty of colors to go around. Lounge chairs were also very popular during this time, so maybe you could opt for one of those to feel like absolute royalty. They are even made in couch form to fit multiple people, or singular chairs to give a sophisticated look to your living area. Consider velvet couches that look like something out of the Regency-era today!

Every Woman Needs a Regency-Style Vanity in Their Bedroom

Store your makeup and other essentials when getting ready in the morning in a Regency vanity!

Vanities are a great way to style any bedroom, along with keeping your makeup and other personal things organized all in one place! Image courtesy of Pinterest. 

It’s a known fact that every woman needs a vanity in their bedroom. Not only can it hold the massive amounts of makeup that you own, but it can also hold makeup brushes, perfume, and other belongings that will conveniently be right there whenever you’re getting ready in the morning. Vanities also add to your room by making it look more full and it’s a great customization and organizing piece of furniture that every woman needs in their bedroom.

Vanities are perfect to add a little extra decoration if you have some space in your bedroom. Getting one that looks like it is lined in gold rope, is a light cream color, and has a cute chair that goes along with it adds the perfect touch to a room that you’re trying to get to look more like the Regency-era. You can find beautiful vanities that look like this that really aren’t that expensive either, so why not snag a vanity for your Bridgerton-themed room!

A Unique Set of End Tables Can Stand Out in the Room Alone

The end tables can go along quite perfectly with your new velvet couch or chairs too!

End Tables
End tables with a Regency-era twist are just what you need to complement your other furniture in any room! Image courtesy of Pinterest. 

So you really liked the velvet chairs, lounge chairs, and couches right? Well, nothing adds onto the theme of the Regency-era quite like some decorative and gold-plated end tables! Even though the gold may not be real, they still look beautiful like something that came right out of an episode of Bridgerton. End tables can add to any room and they’re great as a simple piece of furniture that you can put more beautiful decorations on too.

End tables that are lined with gold-coloring leaves, or flowers make for a beautiful piece to add to any room in your home. From the living room, or on either side of your bed in your bedroom, these simple end tables that are full of color and Regency vibes. Make sure to get some of these amazing end tables, or ones like it for your new Regency-themed home!

Bridgerton has been quite an influence on home decor recently. From the many different colors, patterns, designs, furniture, and so much more that you can use to decorate your home, the Regency-style has swept the nation with lots of people wanting to redecorate and recreate their homes. Why not make your home look like an episode of Bridgerton today with these top Regency-style decorating ideas!

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