Useful Plumbing Tips to Prepare Your House for Summer



Jan 21, 2021

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Summer brings with it longer and brighter days, warmer temperatures, and outdoor activities. Higher temperatures will also mean a higher pressure on the plumbing system, as people try to stay hydrated, keep clean by washing clothes, and taking more showers. The garden will sprout new growth and caring for the plants will need more water as rainfall dwindles. Getting ready for the summer months will mean implementing some safeguards for the pipes that supply the home with water.

Caring for the Pipes and Plumbing System

It may seem banal to simply check for leaks, but it’s the easiest way to make sure that pipes are in good condition. Any dripping water pooling near damaged points can easily pinpoint where weaknesses in the pipes emerge. These damages will most often need to be taken care of by a professional plumber, but catching them early will prove most useful. 

Tap spouts are also a more surface part of the plumbing system that tend to leak which is easy to spot and maintain. Along with fixtures under the sink, tap spouts can be easily replaced with some DIY skill, and reattach rubber O rings to secure any further leaks. 

Maintaining the Water Heater System

The water heater may not be as strained as it is during the winter months, but that is also why it needs to be given more attention. Showers will likely be more often in use, but there won’t be any heating needed. Checking for signs of corrosion and leaks around the heating system is an easy way to check its condition. 

There are also other ways to have access to warm water in showers in the form of instantaneous tankless electric heaters. A whole house water heater that also functions as the warm water provider for the shower is thus bypassed, with an electric heater. 

Hydration and Water Quality 

With warmer temperatures and the possibility of heat waves, it’s important to keep hydrated. Tap water has a good enough quality for drinking but it can have an even more improved quality with the use of water filters. The many options of water filters on the market can cover anything from drinking water to water used for cleaning. Water pitcher filters are the most common filter used solely for drinking water, but there are also many more that help purifies all the water that is used in a home. 

Whole-house water filter, equipped with multi-stages of filtration like sediment blocking and activated charcoal, helps maintain the plumbing system as well. Fewer deposits and contaminants can spell fewer damage risks for the pipes. Corrosion and limescale deposit that affects all water-using appliances in a house, could be an issue. 

Drainage Maintenance

Pipes that bring water into the house are not the only ones in use. Pipes that also flush wastewater out need maintenance of their own. The simplest way to ensure proper drainage is to clean these pipes to ensure the prevention of clogs. When we think of clogs mostly, the shower drain comes to mind, but the kitchen drain is just as much in need of care. 

Cleaning solutions on the market will work nicely in both declogging and maintaining these drains. Preventing clogs from happening is the ideal way of dealing with such problems, but when this fails, a plumber may be needed to find the clog and repair it. 

Clear Away Gutters

Cleaning gutters might not seem like it has anything to do with taking care of the plumping system at first glance, but rainfall ends up in the drainage system. Clogged gutters can be filled with debris like leaves and dust that accumulates over time. 

With rainfall, some of this debris can end up in the drainage system and pose a danger of clogging it. If this happens then even the wastewater from the home could be back washed and damage home plumbing. It can be easier to clean the gutters in the summer months as the debris could be dryer and easier to clean out. 

Toilet Leaks and Blockages

One of the most problematic drainage points that tends to get clogged the most is the toilet. Making sure this part of the drainage system will not clog up, can be as easy as not throwing anything in it that may obstruct the drain. Leaky toilet systems can be due to the lack of a proper tight seal of the water valve that replenishes the water tank. 

Prepare for Potential Replacements

Knowing the conditioning of your home’s pipes is important to its popper maintenance. Old homes with old pipes that are made of not-so-ideal materials can pose a risk of damage and corrosion. Some pipes could even favor bacterial growth. 

Changing pipes in the summer months could be easier as the heating system will not be needed, even though hydration is still imperative. Pipes such as these, left unchecked or in their damaged condition can present a flooding risk in the future.


Summer means warmer temperatures and the pressure this will exert on the plumbing system will change. Getting ready for summer may be useful to prepare the plumbing system by doing some routine checks. Larger or smaller alterations to the integrity of water pipes and drainage systems will go a long way in preventing leaks. 

Water filtration systems can improve water quality and even maintain the plumbing system by protecting against limescale and debris build-up. Even small things like keeping the gutters clean can add to the well working of the drainage system along with water mains.

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June 11, 2021
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