Trendy Home Decor Ideas for Winter 2021

Spruce up your home this holiday season with these easy ideas!

Cozy Christmas Corner Home Decoration


Kyle Reyes


Jan 21, 2021

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As the weather drops it is natural to spend more time inside. During the season spent indoors, it makes sense to make your space as relaxing and pleasant as possible, right? Fortunately, decorating for the winter season has evolved far past its roots with many trendy ideas constantly refreshing and adding possibilities to your plans if you want to change up your home’s decor for this winter season. 

Low-Cost, High-Impact Decor Changes

A Minimalist Home Full of Plants and a Neutral Palate
This home utilizes fine artisanal goods to elevate its design to the next level. Image courtesy of Indecor Trends

Even on a tight budget, there is plenty you can do to prepare your home for the holidays. You may be surprised at how much a well-placed change can impact the whole room, and these low-cost, high-impact decor changes are designed to do exactly that!

Utilizing different decor options from this list can transform the look and mood of a room without breaking the bank. Adding a few plants and pieces of handmade decor goes a very long way into creating a cozy, wintertime room that is both relaxing and warming when you and your guests spend time in there. 

Handmade Decor

Handmade decorations, crafts, and furniture — whether made by you or by an artisan — have grown steadily in popularity over the years, and they are a strong trend in this holiday season. As this style of decor has grown in popularity, so have the choices. You can find artisanal goods or step-by-step DIY projects to round out the room’s aesthetic and bring on the holiday cheer! While getting big pieces of handmade furniture or decorations is quite expensive, smaller items are unlikely to break the bank, as well as the materials if you are considering making something yourself.


Ornaments come in all shapes and sizes and fit in many nooks and crannies around the house. Ornaments add an incredible wintry feel to rooms with just a few well-placed items. Small crocheted goods like snowmen, snowflakes, garlands, and coasters are fun and trendy handmade ornaments that add a lot to any room. There are tons of options for handmade ornaments so you can find the perfect one for the room you are decorating.  

Practical Decor

Decoration that serves a purpose in the room is a popular trend this winter season. These are baskets, pottery, and ceramics, and all of these work to add that authentic aesthetic to the room you are decorating, a popular trend this winter season. 

  • Baskets double as storage, where you can add a wicker basket in the kitchen for fruit or one by the hearth for firewood or Holiday cards. These imperfect, woven baskets are very popular and a way to add a more authentic feeling to your room. 
  • Pottery serves really well with plants, be it a vase for fresh flowers or a pot for your winter plants (real or fake!). Pottery has nearly unlimited potential with the aesthetic and mood it brings to your room. With so many customizable pottery products you can find one to suit each of your rooms with ease.
  • Ceramics add a lot of style to your decor and can often replace items you have during the spring and summer. For example, ceramic serving trays, mugs, and coasters can transform the mood in a room into a cozier space, especially when you use these decorations in conjunction with plants or knitted blankets. 

Easy DIY Crafts 

The most personal handmade piece of decor is one you create yourself! There are so many DIY crafts that regardless of your level of proficiency with this type of craft, there is a fun one out there for you. Many DIY crafts can be a fun family activity over the holidays, and you can take the end results and spruce up your home with them! There are too many winter DIY crafts to count, but some of our favorites are pinecone trees, card coasters, and stick reindeer. These three are also very easy to craft! 

Brighten up the Place with Plants

No home is complete without a handful of potted plants in the main rooms. Hearty plants are a cornerstone of this winter’s decor trends, partially because of all the options they bring to the table. A home with plants is brighter and more welcoming, and their addition is a great way to counteract the fog that sometimes comes with the cold winter months. 

Adding plants to your home brings another aspect of decor into the picture — their pots. Pots come in many forms and many different materials. Their pots or baskets can be materials like wicker, ceramic, metal, or clay, as trendy practical decorations. The plant and pot combination has a tremendous impact on the aesthetic of the room as a whole, serving as decorations that draw the eye when you or your guests walk in. 

Big, Knitted Blankets

Nothing says winter is here like your biggest, warmest blankets. This winter season, knitted or crocheted blankets are a popular way to serve functionally and decoratively, with both solid colors and patterns being popular in home decoration. Adding one or a few blankets to a room is an invitation for guests to get comfortable and nestle into chairs and couches enveloped in the blanket of their choice. When blankets are not in use they serve as a part of the room’s decor, lending their patterns and colors to the room’s aesthetic and mood

Stimulate the Senses with Wintertime Scents and Sounds

A Lit Candle on a Cold Winter's Night
There are many ways to keep the winter decorations when adding a candle inside or around a glass jar and a selection of plants.

Visual decorations are only one part of decorating your home for the winter. Just as they draw the eyes and set the scene, your sense of smell and hearing are compiling an idea as well. Walking into even the prettiest, best-decorated winter room when it’s smelling bad is likely to take you out of the joy of being in that exquisitely decorated space. If you are planning on transforming your home into a winter wonderland you must make sure you can back up your delightful visual decor with some scents and sounds. 


Candles are the quintessential way to invigorate your home with pleasant scents, and there are many scents perfect for the winter months. Lighting is a big part of creating a mood and aesthetic in your room, and though candles do not provide much light, the small flickering flame creates a relaxing and peaceful feeling wherever it is. 

Candles are a trendy way to spread a fun scent around the house. Some of our favorite winter candle scents are the sweater weather candle, the maple butter candle, and any vanilla-scented candle. 


Music over the wintertime works very well with any candles you have burning in your home. Whether it is Christmas music or soft rock, pop, or otherwise, music sets the mood more than any other single part of your winter decor. Adding some speakers, a Bluetooth system, or something along those lines in your main rooms so you and your guests can hear the music clearly is a great addition to the decor aesthetic you are going for in your home.

As an example, if you’ve decorated your sitting room to be very relaxing and comfortable, playing some coffee house or classical music and burning a candle will let you settle in and relax amongst the blankets and decor that you’ve set up around the room. 

Cooking and Baking

Alongside candles, cooking and baking you do will contribute (hopefully) to the pleasant aromas around the house. A lot of the discussion in this article refers to “you and your guests” but there is nothing wrong with creating a masterfully decorated room for your own personal enjoyment, and the aromas and taste of your food is no exception to that rule. Baking over the winter season is a great way to occupy yourself as the weather gets less and less enjoyable, and the aromas percolate throughout the house to create an excellent aroma for the whole day. 

Before anyone else, spending time and money on these trendy decorations should make you happy. The wintertime is full of its own challenges, like the sun setting before you get home from work and the temperature plummeting. All the changes, small and large, you make in accordance with these trendy home decoration trends should make you happy. If you don’t bake that’s okay! If you don’t like candles, or thick wool blankets that’s okay too! Take what you like the most and add it to your home’s decor this winter season. 

Center Your Decor with These Trendy Color Palettes

A Modern, White Palate Home Office
This home office is capitalizing on the hours of natural light in these short winter days. Image courtesy of Castro Lighting

As you are picking and planning out the new decorations for your home it is important to keep in mind how the color palette will change, or stay the same. While both are good ways to go about decorating, here are some of the trendiest color palettes of the winter season. 

Whites and Off-Whites

White and light colors play an important part in color schemes and decor trends this winter season. Adding whites into your room’s decor serve to reflect light like no other color, adding an extra brightness and warmth to the room. While too much white ends up looking stark, having a white-based palette in rooms with windows can capitalize on the natural light during the daytime and keep the room lit for a larger portion of the day. 

Warm, Earth-Inspired Tones

These colors include clays, terracotta, and burnt oranges alongside browns and greens. This neutral palette is always in style, based on the colors you see in nature. This palette is full of muted colors with vibrant accents that build off one another to create a cozy space to take a deep breath, relax, and remember the warm weather of autumn. An earthy palette is a great way to bring a piece of nature into your own home!

Bring Out the Colors With Pristine Lighting

Lighting has a huge impact on your home’s decor. Make sure to capitalize on all the natural light you can in rooms by keeping the curtains open during the day. Unfortunately, during the winter natural light is a little harder to come by, so for much of the evening, you will have to rely on your own light sources. Room by room, if your light source is positioned incorrectly it can mess up the room no matter how well it is decorated. Now, lighting has evolved far beyond a practical part of room planning into a creative and artistic way to bring out the most of the decorations and colors you have placed in any given space. Lights in all shapes and sizes can turn a drab room into an exciting one, both in the light they provide and their fixtures.

Light fixtures, too, have changed over the years. There are a wide variety of fixtures you can choose from if you decide to add lighting to a room. There are many lamps, string lights, and bulbs to choose from, and each has its own slight effect on the room’s ambiance once installed. If, for example, you are adding many handmade decorations to your living room and want to supplement the lighting with a pair of floor lamps, finding lamps with a more natural stand and lampshade would fit the room excellently. 

Find the Perfect Decor for You

Remember that the prime reason to decorate your home is for you to enjoy it more. Inundated with friends talking about their own decor plans and the trends they are going to follow it is easy to lose sight of what decorating your home is all about. It is important to only make changes that you want to! These trendy winter decor ideas are to provide inspiration so you can fine-tune your home’s decor for this season. Any plans for decorating? Let us know in the comments!

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