Top Things to Keep in Mind When Flipping a Property

Other tips for flipping a house are to plan out a schedule for the work to keep you on track and focus on structurally sound properties that won’t be so costly to remodel.



Bridget Houlihan


Jan 21, 2021

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If you’re considering flipping your first property next year, you’ll be starting to understand just how many different factors can be involved in making this type of investment a success rather than a flop. 

Many elements will affect not only how much profit you make but how quickly you can turn around the house for sale and reinvest the profits. Read on for some of the critical things you need to consider when flipping a property, no matter the location.

Ensure You Have Decent Credit to Get Good Loans

Firstly, successful flippers need to have a good credit rating so that banks and other financial institutions will be willing to lend them funds and do so at reasonable rates and with decent terms and conditions on loans. As such, before you try to purchase your first place to flip, do what you can to get into an excellent financial position. 

Check your credit report and see if any errors might be affecting it negatively or if there are other signs of issues you can rectify. Pay off as many debts as you can, and cancel multiple credit cards if you have a lot so that you have fewer liabilities to your name. Ensure you have a decent cash reserve, too, that will cover your deposit and at least a decent amount of the renovation work you plan to do on the home you purchase. You’ll want a good buffer so if the property doesn’t sell quickly once you’ve remodeled it, you can cover mortgage payments and other holding costs. 

Learn the Market Where You Want to Buy

Doing plenty of research before you start buying properties to flip is crucial. You need to get very familiar with the market where you want to buy so you know a good deal when it arises and how much room you might have to negotiate on a purchase price. Look for suburbs that are likely to attract people who will pay top dollar for a renovation property, too, such as those in good school and employment areas, with low crime, lots of development happening, and plenty of nearby facilities. 

It helps to know real estate agents and brokers in the suburbs where you plan to look for properties, too. These people deal in homes day in and day out and will thus have a good understanding of what potential buyers are looking for and what’s a good remodel investment when flipping a place. 

You don’t want to outlay funds on features in a home that no one will pay for and therefore overcapitalize and make it hard or even impossible to flip a property quickly. At the same time, you don’t want to miss out on adding features that people will pay handsomely for. 

In some markets, installing a range of new caged ceiling fan products or other HVAC is essential, as is a private, landscaped, fenced yard, and a home office. In others, you may find that people are more focused on having as many bedrooms as possible, a large outdoor entertaining area, a pool, or being close to public transport or other facilities. 

The more research you do on markets and buyers, the better placed you’ll be to spot a great buying opportunity when it comes up and to know what to spend money on when you get to the remodeling work. You’ll therefore be able to make a lot more profit on each flip. 

Set Yourself a Budget and Stick to It

You’ll find profit incredibly difficult to make if you’re not strict on yourself and set a budget upfront for each project. Before you start looking at properties or making offers to buy them, you need to know exactly how much you can afford to spend. Set out the funds you can allocate for purchasing the property in the first place, the costs of renovation, the fees you’ll have to pay for real estate agents, and other closing costs. Remember that you may have charges for demolition and rubbish removal, insurance, shipping, and other potential fees to cover. 

Don’t make your budget too tight, either. You should always have a buffer of at least ten to 20 percent available to cover any unexpected costs. Most flippers find that they have to spend more on renovating a place than expected or pay more for a property initially, or have other financial woes to worry about as they go. 

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Other tips for flipping a house are to plan out a schedule for the work to keep you on track and focus on structurally sound properties that won’t be so costly to remodel. Plus, negotiate on price and supplies, and ensure you have a solid team of contractors to help you do the physical work of renovating.  

Flipping takes time and practice to get really good at, but if you follow the above tips, your chances of success will increase significantly. 

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