Top Home trends for 2022

Certain design trends are making their way into homes all over the country this year.

A purple living room with a yellow couch, a painting on the wall, and a pink rug.


Stacey Fleurime


Jan 21, 2021

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Image courtesy of Modsy

As this new year has progressed, so have our home design trends. The neutral colored, minimalist themed homes of the recent past are making way for bolder, brighter, and more textured looks. Current home trends are accommodating our desires for comfort, convenience, and beauty. They center around colors that bring us closer to nature, and patterns that used to feel overwhelming. 

Many of our newest home trends are reminiscent of the ones from the 70s. The bright colors and wild patterns from that era are coming back, but wrapped in a more contemporary package. This year is all about style that makes a statement. Subdued hues are no longer enough for modern people who want to live in more exciting spaces. With the rising demand for Prefab homes, panelized home manufacturers are offering customised options more than ever. If you want to follow 2022’s new home trends, you’ll need to throw your need for subtlety out the window and go all in!

The Color Brown

A brown bedroom with two brown couches, an office space, and a whit bed sheet.
This chocolate colored bedroom is an amazing place to relax in. Image courtesy of US Decorating

Brown is becoming a very popular color in modern homes. It is quickly replacing gray as the prominent color used to decorate homes. Gray gives off a sleek look that can be somewhat cold, but brown is the opposite. Brown is comfortable and homey while still looking put together. Brown is a sturdy color that is warm and welcoming. Its visible presence in nature makes a space filled with it feel more connected to nature. 

Brown is a neutral color that goes with everything. It will look great on the walls, the upholstery, and the cabinetry. It can be paired with any number of colors. It can be combined with other neutral colors or with bright and bold colors. 

The use of wood is one way that the color brown makes a big appearance in today’s homes. Wood in the home feels a bit retro and rugged. There are many ways to add wooden pieces to a space that makes it look amazing. Think cabinets, tables, and even walls. 

Curved Furniture

A living room with a tan curved couch and a white curved loveseat.
These couches look like they’re both comfortable and stylish. Image courtesy of Havenly Hideaway

The sharp, boxy furniture that you see in most homes will no longer be the default choice for people looking to redecorate in the coming months. People this year are learning to appreciate the beauty of curved furniture with soft edges. Curvy furniture will look like it is an art piece itself when you place it in the center of a room. It comes off looking unique and will give your room a cozy feel because of the softness expressed by the rounded shapes. 

Seating is where you will most often see curved furniture used. Curved couches can make a room look artsy and comfortable. A long, curved couch is pleasing to the eye, and small curved loveseats and chairs will hug your body comfortably as you sit. You will even see curvy furniture beyond seating. There are a growing number of curved beds, curved coffee tables, and curved desks

Curved furniture automatically adds a bold element into a space. Curved pieces are fun and striking, and can be made even more fun by using bold colors. Even when neutral colors are used, curved furniture pieces will still stand out more than the square shaped furniture we’re used to seeing. 

Fun With Patterns

A living room with lilac pattered wallpaper, green curtains and couches with different print throw pillows, with a zebra print rug.
This living room looks like so much fun. Image courtesy of Veranda

Use of pattern has become far more bold this year than ever. Patterns have long been limited when used for style purposes because they are often seen as too bold to pair with each other. We have long used only a single bold pattern in a space at a time, but that era has been coming to an end. Now that we know bold patterns can be used in combination with each other, it is easy to appreciate the results of pairing two, three, or many more patterns together. 

Patterns make a space look bold and fun, and when they are paired together add a sense of whimsy. One pattern on its own just doesn’t fill a room the same way. This trend combines bold with bold, and the results are even more exuberant. 

A room filled with strong patterns is a room with a strong personality. It is a great contrast from the plain, minimal design styles we have long lived with. Bold patterns have become so popular in recent weeks that wallpaper is back in style and hotter than ever! People are going for ultra bold prints that make for a fun backdrop to any room’s features. 

Outdoor Spaces

People have been making an event of updating their outdoor spaces lately. Since we’ve been confined to our homes for most of the past two years, outdoor time has become far more valuable than it used to be. No matter how much space a person has to use outside their home, they are still turning it into awesome lounge areas. 

You don’t need to have a ton of outdoor space to make something out of it. A large outdoor space will have plenty of room to implement multiple design styles, but as long as there is space outside for at least one chair, you can turn it into a comfortable lounge area. You shouldn’t need to travel far whenever you want to spend some time in nature. 

In large outdoor spaces, people are adding pools, fireplaces, and even kitchens to make them more enjoyable. For both small and large outdoor spaces, outdoor furniture is the way to go. People are using outdoor furniture that fits into their space, whether it includes a full set with a coffee table or a single chair with a small sized table. 

Earth Tones

A golden brown bedroom with a bed covered in tan comforters and blankets.
These colors together make for a very calming space. Image courtesy of Architectural Digest

Earth tones like green, blue, and tan are even more in demand this year than in previous years. This year, people are into soothing earth tones that remind them of nature, like blue, and especially the color green. Colors like blue and green give a space a strong sense of peace and calm. Our minds strongly associate the colors we see out in nature with those feelings. They give you a sense of enjoying nature even while you are inside. 

Interior designers overall predicted different shades of green to be the most popular colors of 2022. The next most popular colors were predicted to be shades of yellow, blue, and tan. These colors mainly have their prominence in nature in common. 

To achieve an earth toned room, muted colors need to be prominently displayed. The colors outside, even though they are vibrant, tend to be soft rather than loud. Greens like sage, olive, and forest will look great paired with tan, beige, brown, and other soft nature inspired colors. 

Mix and Match Textures

A living room with different textured rugs, throw pillows, a wicker seat, and a wooden ladder with a wool blanket.
All these textures add tons of character. Image courtesy of Home Decorate Tips

Throughout the year, pairing many different textures together will be a trend in many homes. In the past, it was often a practice not to overdo texture combinations, but today, people are ditching minimalist sensibilities for a whole lot more expression. Contrasting textures used together brings a lot of fun into a space. Strong textures don’t always have to be used separately to make a statement. 

There are many ways to use texture in a home. With rugs, furniture, curtains, and bedsheets, you will have many opportunities to pile layers upon layers of textures on top of each other. Stacked textures will make any space look more exciting than before, even if you were to use primarily neutral colors. The texture of an item adds a lot of personality on its own. 

Adding pillows and blankets is a simple way to add layers of texture to your spaces. When different textured pillows are combined on a bed or a couch that sits on top of layered rugs, any home can look like a bastion of fun and excitement. 

Dual Purpose Room 

Something that is becoming really popular is using one room for more than just one purpose. In 2022, people are making multitasking even easier with this multipurpose room concept. As we have spent a lot of time in our homes these past few years, we’ve discovered the benefits of having rooms we can use for a multitude of things. 

Instead of just having an office, the office can double as a gym. Or you can keep your office space in the corner of your living room. If you fix up your basement just right, it can be used as a seating area as well as a laundry room. You can also make it a game room depending on how much space you have. 

A bedroom can even be used for more than one purpose. If there is enough room in a bedroom, part of it can be made into an office space or even a workout space. With added bookshelves, a living room can also be made into a library. All someone needs to do is figure out what they need that they don’t have a space for, and then make it a shared space!

Vintage Furniture

A green sitting room filled with plants, a painting, and an old style love seat.
Old furniture can look new again in a whole new space. Image courtesy of Wallsauce

High demand for vintage furniture this year is driven in part by a growing need to be more sustainable. It doesn’t hurt that vintage furniture often includes unique offerings that are filled with old charm. Vintage pieces tell a story, even if you don’t know exactly what that story is, a vintage item is automatically filled with character. These items can be worn, chipped, or imperfect in a number of ways, but that only adds to the charm. 

Vintage items can make an opportunity to hone your DIY skills. If you have a creative idea for reupholstering a piece of furniture, a vintage item is perfect for trying it out. You won’t have to worry about damaging a brand new piece of furniture. You can find high quality vintage furniture at all kinds of prices. 

Turning an old item into something that fits your space can also bring a sense of pride to your space. You can feel content knowing that you helped the planet a little bit and made something that used to be great into something even better!

Dark Colors

A dark blue bedroom with yellow accent pieces.
This color combination makes this room look cheerful and inviting. Image courtesy of Next Luxury

In the past, light and bright colors were often displayed the most inside of homes. The trend was often to have a bright and airy space. Dark colors have since been taking over rooms everywhere. Dark and moody colors have proved to be interesting and inviting in a space. It gives a room some drama and the feeling of being unique. It’s not often you come across rooms with bold, dark walls. The atmosphere dark colors bring about will be a warm one. 

Dark colors will also give off the feeling of opulence. Even if the items in your place aren’t very expensive, dark colors can still give off that vibe. Dark colors are often associated with royalty. Dark purple is glamorous, dark blue is comforting, and dark red is dramatic. They give off a whole different feel than their lighter counterparts, and are just as great. 

Dark colors can change the appearance of the proportions in your room. If a space feels too big to be as cozy as you want it to be, dark colors on the walls can make it feel less expansive. They will add warmth into the room and make it more comfortable. 

The home trends of 2022 are filled with so much excitement! Some of these trends are modern iterations of past ones, and it's easy to see why they are on their way back. When you follow these trends, you’ll have a home filled with bold colors, artsy furniture, and fun patterns. The year 2022 will be a year filled with homes that will be just as exciting as they are comfortable to live in.

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February 11, 2022
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