Top DIY ideas for beautiful Christmas and winter centerpieces

The holiday season is a magical time when we decorate our homes to reflect the joy and cheer. A stunning centerpiece on the dining room table or entryway console is an essential part of holiday home decor.




Jan 21, 2021

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You don't need to spend a fortune on an over-the-top floral arrangement from a designer. With creativity, you can make beautiful, festive centerpieces using everyday household items. Read on for fun and thrifty DIY ideas to make your home merry and bright this Christmas and winter.

Use a balloon to create a sparkling centerpiece.

An easy way to make a dazzling centerpiece is to fill clear balloons with inexpensive Christmas decorations. Use a balloon stuffing machine to efficiently fill balloons with things like glitter, fake snow, pinecones, cranberries, cinnamon sticks, and festive greenery clippings from your Christmas tree. Inflate the filled balloons and arrange them in a large glass vase or bowl. The transparent balloons allow the contents to be visible, creating a shimmery, magical look. For extra sparkle, add Christmas ball ornaments in complementary colors to the vase as well.

Craft natural pinecone wreaths

Pinecones are a charming and free craft supply for DIY winter decor. Collect pinecones on a walk through the woods or purchase a bag from a craft store. Use hot glue to attach pinecones side by side, building up the wreath base. Then, wire additional pinecones in clusters to fill out the wreath shape. You can leave the pinecone wreath natural or spray paint it in metallic colors like silver, gold, or copper for a more glamorous look. Nestle the finished pinecone wreath on a round mirror or platter and decorate around it with faux pine branches, candles, and Christmas greenery for an elegant yet inexpensive table centerpiece.

Make mini Christmas tree centerpieces

Tiny potted Christmas trees make adorable tabletop centerpieces and double as holiday gifts. Purchase affordable 4-6 inch potted evergreens from a nursery or grocery store. Then decorate them with mini ornaments, garlands, bows, and battery-operated string lights. Place several on a festive platter or plant stand for a charming Christmas display. For Hostess gifts, add Christmas mugs, packets of hot cocoa, or ties around the pot with recipe cards for festive holiday drinks like mulled wine or peppermint hot chocolate.

Fill glass bowls with sparkly holiday decor

Fill clear glass bowls or vases with shiny Christmas decorations for an effortless holiday style. Options include jingle bells, beads, garland, tinsel, ribbon, and inexpensive ornaments. Layer the items, alternating textures and colors for visual interest. Incorporate foliage like holly sprigs or evergreen snippets to add organic elements. Top off with battery-operated lights or candles for a warm, welcoming glow. Place one large bowl on the center of your holiday table, or arrange multiple smaller vases down the table runner for a coordinated display.

Create a mini Christmas village

Bring the charm of a snow-covered village to your tabletop with a miniature Christmas village centerpiece. Use a large, flat platter as your display surface. Arrange inexpensive model buildings like houses, stores, churches, a post office, and more. Add tiny Christmas trees, toy people and animals, model trains, and other mini decorations to build out your village scene. Use cotton batting or fabric scraps as "snow" and stick twigs and leaves in trees and bushes. Place candles or string lights carefully throughout to illuminate your creation. This creative centerpiece transports guests to a magical, festive world.

Make melted snowman centerpieces

Create "melting snowmen" using glue and holiday knick-knacks for a fun and playful centerpiece. Start with glass vases or containers, which will form your snowman's body as the contents appear to "melt" down the sides. Coat the inside with decoupage or strong glue. Press ornaments, fake greenery, berries, pinecones, and other decorative items into the bond while still wet to adhere them. You can attach a festive scarf around the "neck" of the vase with glue as well. Top with a fabric top hat and a carrot nose to finish your melting snowmen. Group 3-5 together for a whimsical winter scene.

DIY snow globe centerpieces

Snow globes make gorgeous winter centerpieces and are easier to make than you'd think. Start with round glass bowls or vases. Fill them about 2/3 full with distilled water and glycerin, which you can find at craft stores. Add a few drops of glitter glue or food coloring to tint the liquid. Then, place Christmas figurines, tiny houses, pine trees, stars, or other small decor items in the bowl. The things should rest on the bottom with the liquid surrounding them. Finish by securing plastic wrap over the top of the bowl with a rubber band to seal the contents. Gently turn over to "snow" your creations. Arrange your DIY snow globes on a platter or tray for a magical wintry setting.

With a bit of imagination and effort, you can create gorgeous DIY centerpieces that make your holiday decor shine. Experiment with materials you have on hand and embrace your creativity this Christmas season!

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