Top 6 Renter-Friendly Holiday Decorating Hacks

With these top 6 renter-friendly holiday decorating hacks, we hope you can add some personal flair to your apartment with some cheerful decor. 



Matt Lyons


Jan 21, 2021

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With the holiday season upon us, we can all take a momentary break from the financial stresses of life and look towards more festive activities. Of course, one of the most common things people do during this time of year is decorating, but living in someone else's house can be tricky. 

Do you want to get your holiday cheer on without breaking your lease? Are you looking for a way to brighten up your limited space? We're here to help. Stick around till the end to discover the top 6 renter-friendly holiday decorating hacks. Let's get started: 

Top 6 Renter-Friendly Holiday Decorating Hacks

Find a Christmas Tree Alternative

Christmas trees are a staple of decor during the festive season, and it can feel like your home isn't complete without one. However, getting one can be inconvenient if you have a small space or a limited budget. Well, never fear. There are cheaper and space-conserving alternatives. 

If you have a houseplant, you can deck it with lights and traditional Christmas ornaments to make your space pop. However, if you want something more lightweight, you can invest in a 3D peel-and-stick Christmas tree wallpaper. This option has the added perk of being fast and easy to install. 

Hang Things with Damage-free Strips

Are you trying to hang up decorations? Try damage-free strips like command hook and velcro to prevent holes in your wall. You can use these hooks to mount lights, mistletoe, and other decors. Opt for papercraft decor if you're having issues hanging up heavyweight decorations. These are much easier to hang up, and you can make them a great DIY activity for the family. 

Create a Display Ledge

A great holiday decorating tip for your rental is to create a display ledge. This hack doesn't require much space and can spice up any room. All you need to do is set a spot on a table or a ledge to show off some festive decoration. For example, you could prop up a framed holiday card and add a bowl with Christmas-themed candy. Also, throw in some battery-operated candles to liven up the space at night. If you're short on space, grab a command picture ledge that allows you to use vertical space without damaging the wall. 

Decorate with String Lights

String lights make everything seem more festive and are a budget-friendly way to transform your home. Instead of leaving them on the Christmas tree, buy a couple to wrap around ledges, entryways, and wall corners. Ensure you install ones with LED bulbs to keep your electric bill low. 

Pick up Seasoned Candles

Besides trying to make your home look cheery, it can smell that way too. Pick up a few seasoned candles to give your apartment the feeling that Christmas is in the air. Cinnamon is a great go-to scent, but other fragrances you can explore are pine, eucalyptus, and even Christmas cookie. 

Install a Faux Fireplace

You can look into a faux fireplace if you have more space and want extra pizzazz. Use a large chalkboard to draw out a fireplace with roast chestnuts, stockings, and wishing logs. Or you can skip the chalkboard and opt for a portable battery-operated fireplace with a more aesthetic charm. 

General Safety Tips

Use a Sturdy Ladder

While hanging up decorations, it might be easier to grab a chair or a stool but resist the urge. Most decorating accidents are fall-related, so it would be best to use a sturdy ladder. Before climbing up, inspect it to ensure it is steady and keep in contact with the ladder at all times. 

Inspect Your Lights and Outlets

Fire incidents tend to rise in winter, so it would be better to practice electrical safety. Before and after hanging up string lights or other plugged decorations, inspect the bulbs and the sockets for signs of smoke, sparks, or blackening. Also, avoid overloading a single outlet with too many devices. 

Take Fire Prevention Measures

Following the previous tip, taking other fire prevention measures is crucial. First, ensure that your smoke and carbon monoxide alarm systems are fully operational. Consider getting another at the store if it's been a while since your last battery replacement. Also, keep a fire extinguisher handy if things get out of hand.  


There's no reason tenants should be able to transform their homes into holiday wonderlands without breaking the bank or losing their security deposit. With these top 6 renter-friendly holiday decorating hacks, we hope you can add some personal flair to your apartment with some cheerful decor. 

But while you're at it, remember to always stay safe. The last thing you want is a trip to the emergency room, so try and secure a solid ladder, do an electrical inspection, and keep the extinguishers and smoke detectors ready. Ask your landlord or property manager if you need clarification on any changes or require more safety tips.

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