Top 6 Nail Salons in Newark, Ohio

Newark is home to several great nail salons and spas.

Brightly painted buildings downtown.

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Image courtesy of OHM Advisors

Newark, Ohio is a Columbus suburb that is located 35 miles away. It has a population of 50,000, making it the 20th largest city in Ohio. Newark is the site of the Newark Earthworks, large earthen mounds constructed by the ancient Hopewell culture. It is a national historic landmark that Newark is most known for. 

Newark, Ohio is the second biggest “Newark” in the U.S, after Newark, New Jersey. It is home to many businesses, giving the residents many opportunities to find employment. You can see the remnants of the past all throughout their lands. You can enjoy a walk around the place to take in the work of the ancient indigenous tribes that used to live there, or you can enjoy your time in a nice restaurant. There are plenty of shopping locales all throughout town to enjoy. Newark is lots of fun, and also quite close to Columbus. If you need your nails done, this city has got you covered. There are several great salons and spas there that offer excellent service. 

Spa On the Avenue

A mostly white room with a white chandelier.
This place was built to promote style. Image courtesy of Spa On the Avenue

292 Miller Ave | Newark | spaontheavenue.com

Spa On the Avenue is a spa and boutique that offers several different services. Their aim is to reduce any tension that their customers may be experiencing through different services like massages, facials, and pedicures. These services are offered by talented professionals who are passionate about their field and strive to give out unforgettable experiences. You can tell that they love what they do once you enter the place. You’ll find a happy staff that provides a friendly atmosphere and high quality service. They insist that anyone who visits leaves the stressors of the world behind and to simply focus on relaxation. 

This spa serves both men and women of all ages. The interior is beautifully designed, so you will feel like you’re in luxury as soon as you lay eyes on the place. To make sure that they maintain a tranquil atmosphere, they require all clients to silence their phones upon entrance. This helps everyone enjoy the peaceful environment that Spa On the Avenue works hard at providing. 

The services you can experience when visiting this spa will make the whole experience completely worthwhile. They do nails on top of so much more. You can get an 80 minute full body massage complete with aromatherapy, a restorative facial, a diamond ring manicure, and even lunch! Lunch is not something that you’ll often find provided at a spa, which makes this spa even more unique than most others. 

When you get a facial, your procedure will be customized to your liking. They focus on treating any of several conditions, which include, sensitivity, dehydration, excessive oil, and pigmentation. You will very likely leave this spa with a relaxed body and glowing skin. 

“I had such a great time when I went to get my nails done! I highly recommend the manicure package with the sugar scrub and paraffin treatment. It left my hands feeling so soft. The staff was so kind and welcoming, Esther, the receptionist, even gave us a tour. I definitely want to come back to try some of the many other services they offer.”--Yelp

Great Nails

1073 N 21 St | Newark 

Great Nails is a nail salon in Newark that focuses on providing their customers with results they will love. They provide a comfortable setting with a clean environment and friendly technicians. The cleanliness is one of the first things you will notice about the place and the technicians make the customers feel at home and feel comfortable enough to come back to do more. Everything about this place is calming, from the setting to the people. 

At Great Nails, you can get traditional manicures and pedicures. They will take care of people of all ages and genders. They will do any basic or more complicated nail design. People go there to do basic care for their nails or feet, like nail filing, cuticle care, and hand soaking, and they also go there for more complex things like complicated nail designs and even applying faux nails. 

The interior has a modern and casual feel to it that makes it a great place to be for regulars. You can set an appointment ahead of time or do a walk-in appointment. If you book it ahead of time, you will be promptly taken care of, but if you walk-in, you might have to wait a little while to be seen. Either way, you will most likely leave with a manicure that you will love!

“Had a great experience!  My husband and I made an appointment for two pedicures, got in right on time.  Excellent service, beautiful atmosphere, clean calm and relaxing. We'll be back, highly recommend!”--Yelp

Envi Nails

1289 Long Pond Dr | Newark 

Envi Nails is a nail salon that provides many different services. They provide manicures, traditional polish, and gel polish. They also provide acrylic nail applications. You can get a variety of styles on your nails from the technicians at Envi Nails. They mainly take clients who make prior appointments, but they often still have space left over for a few walk-in clients every day. This nail salon is a friendly place. If you go there regularly, the staff will form a strong relationship with you. 

This nail salon has many long term customers that can attest to how great it is. It is a family run salon that knows the importance of treating their clients as if they are family. At Envi, they don’t only care about your nails, they also care about their relationship with their clients. Their technicians have lots of talent and experience, and will make you leave feeling really satisfied with the work they’ve done. They have organized stations that make it a comfortable place for their customers. 

“I have been going to this salon for 11 years, and I'll never go anywhere else. My experience is always top notch each and every time I go in. Sam and Ni, who also own the salon, know exactly what I want and I never leave unsatisfied. It is nice that you can build personal relationships with the techs and not just go and sit in silence. This is one place you can go and know your nails will always look their best!”--Yelp

Chrysalis Nail Designs

1372 Granville Rd | Newark | chrysalishair.com

Chrysalis Hair Designs is a salon that focuses on hair, but also handles nails. While nails are not their primary focus, they have a nail specialist on site that does a great job. A huge bonus is that you can go to one place to get your hair and your nails done around the same time. It can be so convenient to get to do these two things right in the same place. You will leave feeling taken care of when you can beautify more than one thing in the same place.

Some of the primary services this salon offers includes hair cuts, hair colors, and waxing services. They service men, women, and children. They do initial hair coloring, highlights, retouches, and even Ombre. They offer conditioning treatments, straightening treatments, and hair extensions. They also offer special wig services. Whatever reason it is you need a wig, Chrysalis Hair Designs will create full wings and hair pieces for you to use. 

Their nail technician is knowledgeable about nail care and will even give you some tips for how to keep your nails beautiful at home. You need to make a reservation to visit this salon. They even offer free consultations. They will even do their best to book you a same day reservation if you really need it, but most appointments need to be made 24 hours in advance. 

“I can definitely say that Chrysalis Hair Designs is a terrific establishment. As soon as I walked in the door, they made me feel comfortable and at home. Everyone is very friendly and upbeat! The interior smells great and is very clean. There is a very warm and welcoming vibe about the whole place!  Bridgette, their nail specialist, did an excellent job with my gel manicure. Their prices are also unbeatable with the amount of quality and pride that they put into their work. I highly recommend this place to anyone looking for a new place to relax and get pampered!”--Yelp

Bellezza Salon & Day Spa

A chair in front of a mirror by a product display.
This looks like a great place to spend part of your day. Image courtesy of Salons Cloud Plus

206 Deo Dr | Newark | bellezzaspaonline.com

Bellezza Salon & Day Spa is a spa in Newark that offers a number of different services. This spa was founded back in 2009 and is composed of professionals that have worked in the industry for over 15 years. They are among the area’s most talented beauty professionals. They each have strengths that overall add to the cohesion of the place. When you visit this salon, you will be sure that you are in good hands. 

Their list of services is long. They offer bridal services, massages, makeup, hair removal, spray tans, and manscaping among other things. They offer a list of classic manicures and pedicures. Some of their nail and feet services are even more specialized. You can get a collagen manicure, which includes protective gloves infused with an argan oil and collagen rich emulsion that will penetrate and moisturize your skin. They offer gel manicures, and also dip manis, which are even stronger than gel. 

For pedicures, you can get a number of beautifying and relaxing services. Aside from the classic pedicure, you can get a glow deluxe pedicure, where you also get a mud masque and leg massage, a bubbly pedicure, with an oxygen-infused soak, and the glimmer pedicure that infuses skin brightening glitter flecks into the pedicure. They even offer an aromatherapy jelly bath! The services this spa offers will have you looking and feeling great. 

“Very nice spa atmosphere, clean and pretty. The people are very kind and welcoming and they take good care of you and your needs. I loved the pedicure I got, and prices aren't that bad! I would highly recommended going here as opposed to other places around the area and I will very likely be coming back again!”--Yelp

Mane Identity Hair/Nail Salon

Different color strands of hair next to each other.
You can leave this salon with hair like this. Image courtesy of Facebook

630 W Main St | Newark 

Mane Identity is a hair and nail salon that mostly specializes in hair. Most people go in to do their hair since that is the most popularized service, but getting your nails done there will be a great experience. Everything about this place will make your experience comfortable. The interior is decorated in a clean and classy way that makes you feel like you’re in a professional establishment. 

When you step inside of this salon, the specialists will give you a look that will satisfy you. You can make an appointment at this place ahead of time, but this place also takes walk-in appointments. As long as they don’t have too many customers at the moment, they will likely be able to take you when you walk in. And if they can’t take you right away, you are certainly welcome to wait until they can. 

“Clean and classy interior. Great service. The stylists always give great tips to maintain your look until you come back (which usually is not needed--even my girlfriend says so). I've never had to wait too long for a walk-in, but even during my wait, the staff is friendly and easy to talk to...makes minutes feel like seconds. Great place to go--we travel from Columbus just for the wonderful service and style.”--Mane Reviews

Newark is home to several salons that will make your nails look great. Some of the best salons in the city will offer you a variety of services beyond the traditional manicure. Visit one of these places and experience the best nail services Newark has to offer!

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