Top 15 Wineries in Ohio

Ohio ranks 9th in the nation for wineries. Since Ohio have so many beautiful wineries, we compiled a list of the top 15 that you must visit!

glass of red wine posed in front of a vineyard


Lydia Bernardo


Jan 21, 2021

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Most people don’t realize the state ranks 9th in the nation for wineries. Ohio’s temperate climate and rich soil makes it a hotspot for vineyards and they intend to maintain the growth - of both the grapes and the industry. Spending a day at a winery tasting wine, walking the grounds, picnicking, and touring the space is a perfect little vacation at one of Ohio’s best and most beautiful wineries.

Whether or not you live in Ohio, you definitely need to take a couple of road trips and visit their top 15 wineries and vineyards. The staff are always friendly (they’ve got a pretty nice job, working at a winery!) and happy to guide you through the tasting to find what wine you like the best.

Even if you’re not a wine connoisseur, you’ll surely be able to appreciate the breathtaking estates and hard work put into creating each bottle.

Northern Ohio:

wine icon with number 1 inside

Put-In-Bay Winery

Sip Wine + Relax as You Soak Up Gorgeous Views of the Water

Put-in-Bay Winery exterior & front sign
Entrance of the Put-in-Bay Winery. Image courtesy of The Crew's Nest.

392 Bayview Ave | Put-In-Bay |

Put-In-Bay Winery seeks to “enrich and transform” your palate. They take a simplistic and educational approach to providing quality wines to satisfy every individual. You may discover a new favorite wine during your tasting, which is always exciting. There are so many varieties and subtleties to the taste of their wines that they explain in a way that makes sense to non-sommeliers that stop by.

Situated on the water, directly across from Gibraltar Island, this estate is gorgeous and the perfect place to sit back and soak in the sights and a fine glass of wine.

“Very nice! Nice little selection of wines. All the wines we tried were good. Nice  presentation as well. Peaceful setting overlooking the bay.” - ★★★★★ Google Review
wine icon with number 2 inside

Gervasi Winery

Enjoy Spa Amenities, Cozy Accommodations + Jaw-Dropping Views at One of the Best Wineries in Ohio

Gervasi Winery and surrounding greenery
Gervasi Winery has been recognized as one of the most beautiful wineries in Ohio. Image courtesy of Today's Bride.

1700 55th St NE | Canton |

Gervasi Winery is a top-rated distillery AND hotel. That’s right, you can stay there for a week or however long it takes for you to try all of their 15 varieties of wine. This amazing winery makes more than just wine: they have craft beer and spirits on the menu as well! While they have enough wine for anyone, it can be a fun change of pace to try one of their craft beers or small batch spirits.

Guests have the option of reserving a luxurious yet cozy individual suite or an entire villa….or even a farmhouse! In between wine tastings, you can visit their on-site spa, participate in a yoga session, or play some golf.

“My pizza was delicious and the fancy wine was one word "YUM"  The scenery was breathtaking as the wildlife frolicked about the grounds.” - ★★★★★ Google Review
wine icon with number 3 inside

Ferrante Ristorante and Winery

Family-Owned Winery on the Picturesque Shores of Lake Erie

Beautiful view of Ferrante Ristorante and Winery and their pond
The beautiful view that is Ferrante Ristorante and Winery. Image courtesy of Ohio Wines.

5585 OH-307 | Geneva, OH |

The Ferrante Ristorante and Winery is one of Ohio’s largest family-owned wineries. It’s located right along the southern shores of Lake Erie. Along with first-rate views, the establishment also provides award-winning wines, Italian food, and hospitality. Young wine-maker Nick Ferrante works hard with his family to keep their wines fresh and exciting. When you stop by you can be certain that there will be a new flavor to grace your palette. Their Chardonnay Reserve GRV has won gold at a few International and in-state competitions.

“Best local wines, but can be very difficult to get a table. They do not take reservations. Crowds are really good and the outdoor space is really nice.” - ★★★★★ Google Review
wine icon with number 4 inside

Debonne Vineyards

Expansive Grounds, Exceptional Wine at One of the Best Wineries in Ohio

aerial photo of outdoor seating area at Debonne Vineyards
Outside seating area. Image courtesy of Flickr.

7840 Doty Rd | Madison |

Debonne Vineyards is THE largest estate winery in Ohio with over 175 acres of vines. Their expansive grounds include a Tasting Room, indoor and outdoor seating, an outdoor stage/dance floor for live entertainment, and an enclosed Pavilion for private/special events.

Even though they are on a huge estate, they are still a family-owned winery, and that care is evident in the genuine feel of the winery from the moment you step on the grounds. You won’t want to miss out on their special events, which include an annual Hot Air Balloon Festival and Ice Wine Festival. They have nearly 40 wines, so you’d better get tasting!

“Debonne has live music, decent wines, decent custom brews, in a very cozy atmosphere. The food is very average but with all the other positives, who cares. Ample parking. Friendly staff. Love it.” - ★★★★★ Google Review
wine icon with number 5 inside

Lakehouse Inn and Winery

Fine Wines + Lovely Views of Lake Erie

the lakehouse Inn and Winery building and outdoor seating
The Lakehouse Inn and Winery on beautiful Geneva-On-The-Lake. Image courtesy of The Lakehouse Inn.

5653 Lake Rd E | Geneva-On-The-Lake |

The Lakehouse Inn and Winery is a boutique resort situated along the southern shore of Lake Erie. The 8-room bed and breakfast, cottages, and winery are so charming that you’ll probably never want to leave. Plus, there is so much to do on the grounds and in the area! Sample locally sourced farm-to-table cuisine at the Crosswinds Grille, visit their spa, or walk to “The Strip.” Watching the sunset with a glass of Red Sky sounds like a must.

This relaxing getaway is perfect for a long weekend, just make sure to book in advance! They are a popular winery, and having something like this on the calendar a few weeks in advance gives you something to look forward to!

“One of the prettiest places on Lake Erie. Friendly staff that went above and beyond. Looking forward to going back with my husband and checking out the spa. This was a business trip but plan the next trip to be personal.” - ★★★★★ Google Review
wine icon with number 6 inside

Laurentia Winery

This Ohio Winery is a Local Gem

table and chairs set up outside of the Laurentia Winery
The beautiful Laurentia Winery. Image courtesy of Pinterest.

4599 S Madison Rd | Madison |

Laurentia Winery is located in a truly exquisite setting. You have to drive on a winding road through an abundance of trees to reach this gem. The drive up is the perfect length to get excited about the luxurious wine-filled experience that you are about to have. The winery features cabin-style architecture, scenic views, and a tasting room serving gourmet cheeses and meats. All wines are dry and intended to pair beautifully with the foods.

This winery is perfect for a gathering of friends and family. The tasting room is a great place to catch up, and tours of the place, along with the walks around their estate, are all amazing with friends.

“By far the nicest winery in the region. Tastefully done interior with beautiful outdoor surroundings. Our favorite winery.” - ★★★★★ Google Review
wine icon with number 7 inside

ThornCreek Winery

Get the Cozy Winery Experience Right Here in Ohio

the ThornCreek Winery building and a snippet of one of their gardens
The perfect place for a stroll at ThornCreek Winery. Image courtesy of Winery Wedding Guide.

155 Treat Rd | Aurora |

ThornCreek is a unique gathering place. Its gorgeous gardens are packed full of flowers and trees. Inside, their tasting room and wine cellar are decorated with rich wood, warm lights, and stone fireplaces. It’s a bit of a surprise for people who haven’t experienced its beauty before, but word is spreading fast! People are traveling from all over to see the award-winning gardens and taste the award-winning wines.

Spending a day at this winery is unforgettable. Having a glass surrounded by a beautiful array of plants and landscaping is a unique experience. Try the Aurora Cream White and enjoy lounging on the pet-friendly patio!

“A lovely, cozy upscale winery with a nice portfolio of wine. The Aurora Red wine, local cheeseboard and tuna are all recommended. The service was friendly and efficient. The surrounding outdoor area is landscaped by their own professional crew. Simply stunning! Will be returning.” - ★★★★★ Google Review
wine icon with number 8 inside

Firelands Winery

Enjoy Quality & Curated Domestic and Imported Wines & Spirits at One of the top North Central Ohio Wineries

Firelands Winery's sign at the entrance with the building in the background
Entering Firelands Winery in northern central Ohio. Image courtesy of Event Ective.

917 Bardshar Rd | Sandusky |

Looking for both an enjoyable and affordable wine-tasting experience? Firelands Winery may be the place for you! This historical location cares deeply about their heritage, as the original wine cellar built in 1880 is still a part of the facility today! They are also one of the largest producing wineries in Ohio.

Firelands Winery offers a large selection of wines and spirits, both domestic and imported, and has committed themselves to the quality and curation of their products. They work to make their unique experience accessible and loved by all.

“This little winery is my favorite one in Ohio so far. The tastings are generous and low priced. The wines are delicious. You won’t be disappointed.” - ★★★★★ Google Review

Central Ohio:

wine icon with number 9 inside

Winery at Versailles

Gorgeous Views + Great Fun Right Here in Ohio

A row of grapes in this Ohioan vineyard
The winery has three acres of grapes, in addition to the 15 local growers. Image courtesy of

6572 OH-47 | Versailles |

Since 2002, the Winery at Versailles has been striving to “have fun” with what they do - and that’s providing quality wine to neophytes and connoisseurs alike. In the almost 30 years they’ve been in business, the winery has produced nothing but quality wines, resulting in their steady growth into the company they are today.

The central Ohio vineyard grows a lot of their own grapes and purchases some from other growers in the area. The Winery at Versailles believes in Ohio’s grapes, and you should too! They host special events frequently throughout the year which include dinners and pairings, or you can simply stop by for a relaxing afternoon/evening. Order a gourmet pizza and a glass and enjoy!

“Very nice place to visit. Great atmosphere. A wonderful selection of wine. Whatever you desire in a wine they have it. The staff and service is the best you can find anywhere.” - ★★★★★ Google Review
wine icon with number 10 inside

Wyandotte Winery

Quiet, Cozy, and Beautiful: The Ultimate Ohio Winery Experience

Wyandotte Winery’s homey main entrance
Wyandotte Winery’s homey entrance. Image courtesy of Drink Up Columbus.

4640 Wyandotte Dr | Columbus |

Quiet but friendly, Wyandotte Winery is a favorite of many. The winery is the oldest in Central Ohio, and the grounds look like they popped out of the pages of a fairytale storybook. Wyandotte features handcrafted, small-batch wines made right on the premises.

Everything about this winery is relaxing, making it a great place to go for a low-key winery visit. The staff is super friendly and will enhance your experience with great tasting recommendations. If you find yourself loving the wine like we think you will, you can become a member of their Wine Club! It’s free to join and ships bottles to you 4 times a year, along with providing access to a number of other perks like discounted prices.

“Hands down one of my favorite places in Columbus. Robin and Valerie (the owners) are super knowledgeable and so so so kind. They really do a great job of welcoming you into the winery and explaining everything to you.” - ★★★★★ Google Review

11. Raven’s Glenn Winery

Casual Winery Perfect for Outdoor or Indoor Adventures

Raven's Glenn Winery's cozy dining and tasting area with various guests sitting
A peek inside Raven’s Glenn Winery. Image courtesy of Ohio Magazine.

56183 Co Rd 143 | West Lafayette |

Experience “Ohio’s Crown Jewel of Wineries”... Raven’s Glenn! Walk through the Tuscan-style estate and sample all of their award-winning wines via a private group tour or a solo visit. Attire is always casual here. This central Ohio winery takes a step away from the traditional seriousness of a wine-tasting, and everyone has fun! The staff is always smiling and happy to engage in pleasant conversation as they guide you through a spectacular array of wines. They want you to feel comfortable and enjoy their own tradition of producing good wine and good food.

“Stopped for a tasting and lunch. Both were superb! I recommend the R2 and the White October wines which I believe are made from grapes grown at Ravens Glen. Dining outside by the river was a wonderful experience, and the shrimp carbonara was delicious.” - ★★★★★ Google Review

12. Camelot Cellars

Urban Winery Located in the Historic Olde Towne East Area of Columbus, Ohio

Camelot Cellars's dining area's rustic decor
A peek inside Camelot Cellars after their grand re-opening. Image courtesy of Drink Up Columbus.

901 Oak St | Columbus |

Camelot Cellars, a Black-owned boutique winery in central Ohio, has worked to create a beautifully rustic atmosphere with a unique urban flair. Recognized both nationally and internationally for winning 41 medals in wine competitions, this winery exhibits a high standard of quality and attention to detail.

Camelot Cellars offers a curated experience for both the first-timer and the wine connoisseur, along with a delicious array of cuisine in the realm of modern comfort food with a creole and southern influence. You can also check out this location’s event calendar to really make the most out of your experience!

“Amazing vibe! They had a live band and singer. Food and drinks were fabulous (who knew vegan greens could be so flavorful). I am already planning my next visit! Love love love it! Amazing food and service.” - ★★★★★ Google Review

Southern Ohio:

13. Valley Vineyards

Find Wines, Craft Beers, Cookouts, and Live Music at This Fun & Relaxing Ohio Winery

view of Valley vineyards and a portion of their outdoor seating
Valley Vineyards in its prime season. Image courtesy of Ohio Magazine.

2276 US-22 &, OH-3 | Morrow |

Valley Vineyards, found in southwest Ohio, facilitates a personal wine-tasting experience filled with ease and relaxation, perfect for a casual summer day. The staff works to enable joy, laughter, great service, and overall good times while you are visiting.

Among their wide variety of wines, the vineyard also offers a selection of craft beers that are also available for tasting. Valley Vineyards also hosts live music, and every Friday and Saturday there is the option to cook out, weather permitting, on their outdoor grills. Come on out and sip your drink of choice, eat some good food, meet new people, and enjoy the day!

“My fiancé took me here last June and I’ve been wanting to come back ever since. The food, wine, service and entertainment are a great combination.” - ★★★★★ Google Review

14. Vinoklet Winery

Try Their 12 Award Winning Wines, & More!

view of Vinoklet Wines and their beautiful pond and scenery
Beautiful nature views found at Vinoklet Winery. Image courtesy of Pinterest.

11069 Colerain Ave | Cincinnati |

Established in 1986, Vinoklet Wines creates a simplistic and stunningly scenic wine-tasting experience for all wanderers in southwest Ohio. As they participate in both local and regional wine competitions, representing Cincinnati, this winery has become the home of 12 award winning wines, all available for tasting!

Vinoklet also hosts an Annual Art & Wine Festival every September, along with a Summer Fair, live music, and other curated events throughout the year. So, for both delicious food and drinks, beautiful views, and great entertainment opportunities, make a trip to Vinoklet Wines!

“Stopped in on a Sunday for a sampling and was super impressed! The woman told us to sit anywhere and brought out our plentiful wine sampling trays. I loved being able to try every wine along with a little pamphlet guide.” - ★★★★★ Google Review

15. Shade Winery

Delicious Food, Wine, & Other Drinks + Beautiful Scenery

Shade Winery's outdoor seating on their wrap-around porch
Outdoor seating on a wrap-around porch at Shade Winery. Image courtesy of Explore Hocking Hills.

401 Gilkey Ridge Rd | Shade |

Come one come all to Shade Winery! This family-owned business offers a tasteful array of red, white, and sweet wines to sample, along with beer, non-alcoholic drink options, and delicious food. Within an hour of Hocking Hills State Park, Shade Winery is a perfect place to incorporate for a day while on your getaway. Kickback, relax, and sip while soaking in the stunning views of the grounds.

“My first impression, a very relaxed, comfortable, soothing atmosphere. Second, friendly and welcoming service. Third, excellent wine and food. I highly recommend Shade Winery and the Terrace Café!” - ★★★★★ Google Review

Which Winery is Your Favorite?

If you’ve ever been to any of these wineries, let us know in the comments which is the best place to go! Happy tasting!

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