Top 10 Interior Design Trends You Need to Be a Part Of

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Jade Marzolf


Jan 21, 2021

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Home decoration is powerful. It has the ability to improve a space’s aesthetic beauty, functionality, and showcase the homeowner’s unique personality. Good interior decor can make you or visiting guests feel a certain way. Relaxed? Energized? Professional? Whatever the mood, you can make it happen. It really is an artform, and one you should consider dabbling in.

Whether you’re looking to spruce up an older home or decorate a recently purchased one, we’ve got the top tips and trends to help inspire you.

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1. Bold colors

kitchen with turquoise tiles

People have grown a bit bored of neutral, clean palettes and are beginning to move their decorating choices in a bolder direction. That’s right! The white-washed minimalist look is fading out and more exciting, vibrant colors are flowing in, especially in the kitchen. Now is your chance to paint your walls that gorgeous shade of robin’s egg blue! Using bright statement pieces such as rugs or throw pillows is also a great opportunity to add visual interest.

2. Rose Gold

small round tables with rose gold bowls
‍Source: Gold Coast Bulletin

“Millennial pink” is a thing. Rosier tones add modern glamour and warmth to a space compared to colder steel tones. A rose gold piece is elegant and can elevate your kitchen, bathroom, or living room to the next level.

3. Vintage accessories

living room with vintage furniture and accessories
Source: Small Design Ideas

“Vintage” means different things to different people. It could represent the Victorian period, steampunk style, or retro design from the 70s or 80s. Whatever speaks “nostalgia” the loudest to you is what old fashioned style you should take on. Older accessories and art is a great way to add charm to a room and tell a story. Let’s use a rustic farmhouse style as an example. People have been choosing a few refined farmhouse elements and blending them into their homes to create a unique, comforting aesthetic. For this design, look for warm wood details, white and gold tones, and vintage lighting.

4. Metallics

metallics interior design
Source: The Decorative Touch

Touches of metallics are trending in everything from finishes, to wallpaper, to accessories. They have the ability to warm a room and seemingly enhance its quality. Mixing metals (as long as it’s done correctly) can help to visually pull together a space. Just remember to pick one dominant metal to carry the room and allow the others to accent it.

5. Disappearing appliances

minimalist kitchen
‍Source: HGTV

People are becoming tired of stainless steel, so the paneling of kitchen appliances is becoming a trend. Paneling gives the illusion that POOF! bulky fridges or ovens aren’t even there, which in turn makes the space seem larger. Plus, colored panels are another way you can incorporate pops of color into your kitchen.

6. Curves

living room with curved couches and chairs
Source: Houzz

You’ll love this trend! A nod to the 70’s, curves and relaxed lines are sweeping the interior design world. They’re all about conveying comfort and flow, a nice change from the boxy edges and harsh rectangles we’ve all secretly been growing tired of. (Maybe I’ve bumped my hip on the corner of tables too many times.) With this change, expect to see puffier furniture, round tables, wavy patterns, and ruffles.

7. Nature fusion

bedroom with plants

Some designers have seen a shift towards earthiness in color palettes and decoration. Bringing nature indoors is becoming increasingly popular! It’s leading us into a handcrafted, recycled, and relaxed era. If you want to partake in this trend, strategically place plants such as succulents or potted trees to add personality to the corners or windows of your house. Natural prints and colors are another way to incorporate greenery and mega texture to a room.

8. Wall coverings

yellow wallpaper decorated with white flowers
‍Source: HomeKlondike

No more blank walls! Walls are a canvas and should be filled with color, texture, and art. Wallpaper use is making a comeback, and people are interested in employing nature-inspired prints and modern, geometric patterns to make a room interesting. If giving a space a unique twist by covering it in wallpaper seems too permanent or daunting, using grand art pieces is a popular alternative. Nevertheless, your walls want to be filled, not empty!

9. Wide-plank wood

wide plank wood interior design
‍Source: KingGeorgeHomes

Going along with our trending vintage style, wide-plank woods have been rising in popularity. Wider planks reflect a more rustic or industrial chic look and have a way of instilling a sense of history and charm into a room. Although wood tones are rather neutral, the wide planks do well to add texture and visual interest. Give a nod to nature and add some wood paneling or an accessory.

10. Geometric patterns

geometric floor interior design
Source: Designtrends

Interesting and bold, geometric patterns are making a fast entrance to the interior design world. They’ve been seen covering our walls and floors, but now people are beginning to use them in ceilings, too. Statement ceilings or floors sporting a geometric pattern is a fabulous way to create a striking, textured vibe that is, at the same time, minimalist. Make the most of what designers are calling the “fifth wall.”

November 6, 2018
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