Toledo, OH to Columbus ,OH Roadtrip


Jessie Saalberg


Jan 21, 2021

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Toledo, OH to Columbus, OH Roadtrip!

Time to grab your friends, family, and some snacks and hit the road!

toledo to columbus
Image courtesy of WARDS AUTO.

Are you tired of doing the same activities day in and day out? Are you looking for a change of scenery and want something different? In this piece, you will learn about the various activities and restaurants to check out on your way from Toledo to Columbus, Ohio. Continue reading to learn more, and discover new favorite places to stop between these two cities.

Unlike many states in the US, when road tripping between Toledo and Columbus, Ohio, you have the opportunity to stop in not one, not two, but four different areas to find new activities to do and restaurants to try. Although stopping so frequently may cause your drive to be slightly longer than planned, you can check out what some of the cities along the way have to offer. In addition, you never know what hidden gems you may find. So now carry on, and let's get this journey started!

Things to do on the way to Columbus from Toledo Ohio

New and exciting adventures await!

Gilboa Quarry Scuba Diving and Adventure Center

Underwater is where the true adventure begins!

Adventures near Toleado
Underwater you will see things that many have forgotten about and some may not even know are there. Image courtesy of Gilboa Quarry.

3763 Old State Rte 224| Ottawa, OH, 45875|

Although you may have to go slightly out of the way to visit here on your road trip from Toledo to Columbus, it is more than worth a visit. No matter what your scuba diving experience may be, this is a great place to visit. The water ranges from sixty to one hundred and forty feet deep.  You have the ability to go as deep as you wish. 

In order to scuba dive, you will need to rent gear to use. Not a scuba diver or don’t want to try it? You can also enjoy freediving or snorkeling along the water's surface. Individuals can look forward to swimming with fish that live in the water as well as exploring the various underwater attractions placed throughout the water to make it more exciting than just looking at the ground.

If you or someone in your party just feels like swimming or wants to sunbathe there is a small beach that was installed here as well! Everyone can get a taste of how they want to spend their time here.

Snook's Dream Cars

Hello, oldies!

tings to do in ohio
A blast from the past, here you can stop to see the different makes and models of cars from throughout history. Image courtesy of motor museums.

13920 County Home Rd| Bowling Green, OH, 43402|

As you drive through Bowling Green, OH, you should stop by Snook's Dream Cars Museum. Not only is it a fun place to stop and look at cars from the past, but it also allows car enthusiasts to get their fill of car fun. Like kids in a candy shop, car enthusiasts will have the chance to see some of their favorite car's older relatives. The museum also permits you an excuse to get out of the car and stretch your legs before finishing your journey or moving on to your next stop.

Dixie Driving Range

Ready and putt. Image courtesy of top100golf courses.

19033 N. Dixie Hwy| Bowling Green, OH, 43402|

On the drive through Bowling Green OH, it is hard to miss the Dixie Driving Range. If you're a golf professional or even just a novice, this is a great place for you to stop by on your way down to Columbus. Just be prepared to spend both time and money to play the course. As you already, know golf can be a long game so be sure to take this into account when planning your road trip and consider the amount of time you have in both your day and trip.

Fostoria RailPark

Toot toot all aboard the choo choo train! Image courtesy of Railfan Guides.

Popular 499 S Poplar St| Fostoria, OH, 44830|

Trains have been around for centuries, but how many times have you had the chance to see a train up close? Most of you have probably heard of trains from afar or seen them pass by, but how common is it to travel by trains these days compared to our ancestors in the eighteen and nineteen hundreds? It’s not very common due to the accessibility to travel by car or plane to get places faster—trains are the last result. However, by stopping here, you have the opportunity to see trains up close and learn more about the station's history by walking around. It is a dream come true for train lovers and something fun to show your little ones.

Harrison Smith Park

Who doesn’t love a picnic? Or the chance to walk around and stretch your legs after driving for a while? Image courtesy of Birding in Ohio

525 E Wyandote Ave| Upper Sandusky, OH 43351|

Although Harrison Smith Park may be just a park, it is a beautiful place to stop on your way to Columbus. Get out and stretch, take a walk around the water or perhaps even have a picnic and enjoy the day. We don't take enough advantage of the world around us, and by stopping at the park, you are permitting yourself and whoever you are with to do just that. It’s only an hour away from Columbus on your road trip, don’t feel like you have to rush and plan on spending an hour or two there.

National Shrine of Our Lady of Consolation

One of the many Catholic Churches located in the US

Our Lady of Consolation. Image courtesy of Marian Anniversaries.

315 Clay St| Carey, OH 43316|

If you are one who follows the Catholic faith then you should consider visiting the National Shrine of Our Lady of Consolation on your way to Columbus. Many stop by each year to offer their prayers pertaining to their lives and those in them. There are lots of visitors who offer thanks to her, while others confide in the different troubles they may be having whether it is due to their needs or the needs of others around them. 

If you have the time and the ability to go we highly recommend stopping to visit. She is believed to be one of the few who connects everyday folk like you and me with God. She is believed to help  us better our faith, hope, and ability to heal. The statue here in Ohio arrived in Luxembourg back in 1875 and was built as a replica of the original one built back in 1652.

University of Findlay’s Mazza Museum

As the saying goes “art is held in the eye of the beholder.”

Monkey see, monkey do, there are four little sets of eyes staring out at you. Image courtesy of University of Findley’s Mazza Museum.

201 College St| Findlay, OH 45840| 

Do you and your friends enjoy going to museums and looking at the various art pieces? Whether you are an art fanatic or not we can almost guarantee that you will enjoy visiting this particular museum. The museum is home to such a large collection of paintings that only about three percent are on display at any given time. This can be seen as both a blessing and a curse. 

It’s a blessing because it means that every time you visit there is no guarantee that you will see the same artwork  as your previous trip, yet this can also be seen as a curse due to the fact that you may really love a piece you see on one visit and want to show someone else. But unfortunately this also means that you may not be able to in the next trip you have. 

With that being said, it is best to not take pictures of the art you see unless given permission for you don’t want the flash to wear down the paint on a particular piece of art. It’s also more fun to live in the moment when you are at a place like a museum rather than looking back at pictures and not remembering a day of your visit that well at all.

Zoombezi Bay

Time to get wet, wild and free at waterparks in this summer heat!

In the summer heat there is always time to pull off the road at Zoombezi Bay and enjoy some nice cool refreshing fun! Image courtesy of Zoombezi Bay.

4850 Powell Rd| Powell, OH 43065|

During the summer months of the year stopping by Zoombezi Bay is a must. With a number of slides to choose from as well as an area to swim and relax by the pool, what better place to stop and spend a couple of hours on your road trip? It is a great place for all ages and allows you to have fun  in the warm weather while enjoying the cool water from throughout the park at the same time. 

Along with the various slides and places throughout the park to enjoy time in the water, you also have the ability to rent a cabana if you know in advance that you are going to stop here as well as purchase snacks and drinks around the park. If you and your party are over the age of twenty-one you also have the option to reserve a spot in the adult-only premium lounge. Here you have the ability to enjoy seats in the water, the swim-up bar as well as the cushioned chairs spaced throughout the lounge.

 Another perk of this water park is that it neighbors the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium so those are a couple of other options for you and your party to stop at if your heart so desires it. This is something that is perfect for families from the area or who are from out of town. Having these different family fun options available can really help make trip planning more enjoyable.

Tanger Outlets Columbus

400 S Wilson Rd| Sunbury OH 43074|

By the time you reach Tanger Outlets, you will notice on your navigation system that you have reached your destination of Columbus. However, before you drive far into Columbus we recommend that you stop at the outlets and see what you might find. Perhaps you’ll find the shirt you have been waiting for to go down in price, or that pair of pants that was taken out of stores before you had the chance to go try them on. 

You might even just end up discovering clothing items and home decorations you didn’t even know that you needed. That is all part of the fun when it comes to shopping at outlet stores no matter where they may be.

If any of the above describes you then stopping here is a MUST-do activity with your party. There are bound to store that will make everyone happy. You never know unless you stop and look. A few of the different stores at this particular Tanger Outlets location include: Adidas, Bath & Body Works, C&S Crafts, Fossil, and Francesca’s to name a few.

These are only a few of the various activities that you can do on your road trip down to Columbus from Toledo, Ohio. Now we leave the planning up to you and your party! Remember to consider how much extra time you want to spend on the road while planning your road trip and overall have fun!

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