The Top 5 Affordable Cities to Buy Property in Turkey

The Top 5 Affordable Cities to Buy Property in Turkey. Top Locations to Retire to in the World. The Five Cheapest Cities to Buy Real Estate in Turkey.

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Matt Lyons


Jan 21, 2021

Immigrants who move to Turkey from Canada, the UK, and the United States of America always have a splendid review of life in the country and the huge difference in the cost of living. Some consider it a wonder that they get lovely apartments at cheaper prices and still get to live a great life without losing too much.

Top Locations to Spend Retirement in the World

Life in Turkey is so affordable, that it is considered one of the top places for retirees in the world. This cheap nature cuts across all the areas in the country. For example, Istanbul, which is the city’s economic headquarters, costs nearly half to live in, compared to Canada and the USA or even the UK. The food is cheaper, housing is cheaper, transportation is cheaper, and mobility is easy; what else do you want? That is not to mention the property in Turkey by installments option, which gives plenty of room for flexible payments. To get additional insight and access this, please read more on the official website

Here are some ways life is better in affordable cities in Turkey – for retirees and tourists:

  1. Transportation is very affordable: The road network and features in Turkey are very impressive. Interstate transport includes convenient buses and mini buses, ferry trains, and a handful of interstate transportation which makes it easy to commute to anywhere in the country without spending too much. Did you know that during public holidays, public transportation is free in Turkey? Interesting right? Tourists coming from other Western countries find this a huge surprise, especially when your country is highly commercialized, it makes no sense to have free transport during Eid or Christmas holiday, but in Turkey, you will enjoy such.
  2. Accommodation is affordable: When compared to other areas of the world, accommodation in Turkey is much more affordable, and offers greater value for money. For example, with 2500 Turkish Lira apartments, you will live like a big person in Turkey with a medium size apartment and facilities embedded. Meanwhile, that is less than 500 dollars when converted. Generally, there is such diversity in living in Turkey that you can find any kind of apartment ranging from 150 Turkish Lira per month (for student condos) to 15000 Turkish Lira per month. It all depends on your scale.
  3. Cost of Living: The cost of living in Turkey is cheaper than many other high-rise locations in the world. Manicures and pedicures and self-care will cost significantly less. Food is cheaper, and transportation is cheaper. The healthcare system is also much more affordable than in other Western countries. With retirement savings, you will live a splendid high-class life in Turkey without losing much time.

The Five Cheapest Cities to Buy Real Estate in Turkey

According to a survey carried out in 2022, among the top 10 most affordable places to live in the world, Turkey had Two (2) – Ankara and Istanbul. Coming from inside of Turkey, those are reportedly one of the most expensive parts, and you can find luxury apartments and units and all kinds of premium sectors/ areas there, yet, it is one of the cheapest and most suitable for tourism purposes. Below are five cities that are even cheaper than Ankara and Istanbul (although they may not be culturally or tourism inclined), and perfect for those who have a not-so-large budget.

Agri Merkez

A survey revealed that Agri Merkez/Agri is one of Turkey’s cheapest places to buy property. With an average of 100 000 Turkish Lira, you will get a decent house for sale in the city. The city is famous amongst travelers as a transit point from Turkey to Iran and for the livestock trade which takes place there.


Mus is surrounded by the Murat River and Kurtik mountain and is home to the 6th-century old castle ruins from the Armenian era. The average cost of housing in Mus is 120 000 Turkish Lira, and there is quite a number of premium real estate in the city. 


Simple, beautiful, decorated with patches of greens, and having a quality lifestyle, Bingol is a suburb city with very affordable property units for sale. The area dates back to the Ottoman era, but many landmarks were destroyed due to an earthquake in 1966. The average cost of property is 130 000 Turkish Lira.


It costs about 135 000 Turkish Lira to buy a decent house in Bitlis, Turkey. The city falls along the Armenian heritages in the district and has many tourist attractions.


Finally, is Bilecik where you can get an apartment at an average price of 140 000 Turkish Lira. 

The downside to this location is that unless you have a job there, or on transfer, you might find them not as satisfying as the other areas.

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