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The Royal Atlantis complex towers over the Persian Gulf. The world's ruling architects, engineers, and artists operated to create it, and the resultant masterwork is like no other.

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Emma Holt


Jan 21, 2021

ROYAL ATLANTIS RESORT & RESIDENCES in Dubai is an impressive development dominating the Dubai skyline in the rich Palm Jumeirah area. The architects have painstakingly created luxury 2-5 bedroom apartments.

Where is the complex

It is located in Palm Jumeirah, often called the world's 8th wonder. The manufactured island overseeing the Arabian Sea is just a 30-minute drive from Dubai International Airport. The Palm is recognized worldwide as one of the most exclusive beachfront properties on the planet. There are many excellent restaurants and other world-class amenities in the area. Whether you love golf, sailing, or relaxing in a restaurant, you can find everything your heart desires here. Due to the island's excellent transport links to major highways, residents can easily access neighboring areas.

The apartment complex is near to numerous relaxation and entertainment spots like Dolphin Bay, Sea Lion Point, and Aquaventure Water Park. Residents will obtain 12 free annual tickets to visit these famous destinations. In addition to nearby Atlantis The Palm, the Palm Tower is a 52-story complex completed in 2021 with a landscaped pool, a signature cafe, and an observation deck. Many of The Palm hotels are close to boutiques and shopping malls. These include The Pointe, Nakheel Malls, and Golden Mile Galleria, with world-famous brand stores.

About the Developer

Kerzner International is the world's leading developer of luxury resorts, hotels, and complexes. A team of professionals has joined forces to achieve a common goal: to create a residential complex unlike any other world. Developer Kerzner International has pioneered award-winning projects such as Atlantis and the ultra-luxury One&Only resorts.

Kinds of flats in Royal Atlantis

Luxury apartments in Royal Atlantis are separated into 3 classes:

  1. Penthouses. VIP-level real estate in Dubai. Featuring scenic sights of the city, each has a big patio, swimming pool, and dining and living areas.
  2. Sky Courts. These apartments furthermore present a spectacular view of Dubai. It has terraces, a swimming pool, and landscaped parks. There are 4 bedrooms inside the apartment.
  3. The Garden Suite is a personal oasis. The focus is on special gardens, private pools, and big recreation spaces.

Apartments include rooms and luxury suites. Royal Atlantis Residences presents 2, 3, 4, and 5 bedroom flats and luxury penthouses. The rich interiors of the places and hotel rooms are designed by the Parisian designer Sybille de Margerie. High-quality finishes are made from stylish and tolerable premium fabrics. Decor parts are made of leather, metal, glass, porcelain, and gold leaf.

Penthouses are supplied with personal lifts. Contemporary kitchens are furnished with premium appliances. The floors are tiled with marble and elegant carpets. High tops, light finishes, and floor-to-ceiling windows fill the rooms with genuine light and visually widen the space.

Panoramic windows overlook the Persian Gulf and Palm Jumeirah. Personal patios and panoramic balconies are perfect for relaxing.

Description of the area

You can find:

  • Entertainment. Five-star hotels and resorts have become a key feature of Palm Jumeirah. Palm Jumeirah is a real resort area on the sea coast with a wide range of entertainment. The Atlantis resort is the place that attracts the most tourists in Dubai. Right next to the Atlantis Hotel on the beach are some of the most popular nightlife in the city, elite bars, and concert venues.
  • Exquisite restaurants on the water. Palm Jumeirah is a foodie's favorite area. Here are the best restaurants and cafes with a pleasant atmosphere. Most of these establishments have sea views and are ideal for a gourmet dinner, lunch, or breakfast.
  • Private access to the beach. Living in Palm Jumeirah is like living on the beach. Each villa here has its access to a private piece of the coast. Views of the sea and sights can also be enjoyed by walking along the promenade. Fitness and sports lovers can access gyms, children's sports clubs, rowing classes, an aqua park, and a dolphinarium.
  • Shopping malls. Shopping lovers visit the Nakheel and the Golden Mile. Pointe by Nakheel is another shopping and entertainment complex that deserves attention. In addition to entertainment facilities, they have cinemas. The public can access grocery and hardware stores through the Palm Jumeirah, along the highway.
  • Schools and kindergartens. Buyers who have children can enroll them in kindergartens equipped in the community. You can also find schools that teach how to play musical instruments. Since Palm Jumeirah is discovered next to the Knowledge Park, you can enroll your children in schools and higher education institutions accredited and located in the area. Another school is situated in Al Sufuh, adjacent to Palm Jumeirah.

Palm Jumeirah is a self-sufficient community that is great for relaxing on the beach and living comfortably in Dubai. Choose Palm Jumeirah to experience your life as a daily holiday.

Luxury property in Dubai

Investments can begin with Royal Atlantis real estate - Emirates.Estate experts will gladly help with the selection. Contact them via the feedback form or the phone number on the site to get information about villas for sale off-plan in Dubai or any other property.

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March 10, 2023
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