The Re-Imagined Turned Wood Trend (And How To Use It In Your Home)

Wood is a classic component in home decorating for a reason, you can use it anywhere

A bedroom with turned wood furniture. There is a small armoire against the wall with turned wood legs and a built in wooden bookshelf with records on it.


Diana Velasquez


Jan 21, 2021

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Some days when you go furniture shopping all you can see is what feels like miles and miles of sleek metal chrome designs for your bed frame, your couches, your tables. It looks like you’re walking through an Ikea warehouse, and that’s not exactly the kind of thing you have in mind for your home.

Lucky for you, there is a trend coming back in the home decor world that evokes the warmth and coziness you’ve been searching for. It’s turned wood.

For those who are unfamiliar, turned wood is a type of wood-crafting where the wood being worked on is carved and curved into specific grooves and patterns. Usually, you find this kind of detailing on the legs of chairs, particularly those in an old-style fashion.

Turned wood has fallen out of fashion with the emergence of the modern style of decorating and as more mass-produced furniture is created. However, the trend has come back with smashing popularity, especially with the new love for all things vintage. 

If you’re in the market for some new furniture then you might want to consider buying a turned wood dining table set, or a turned wood bed frame. But furniture isn’t the only way to go with this trend. Turned wood can be implemented into anything.

Check out these suggestions to purchase down below, for your turned wood of choice.

  • Bedframe
  • Lamps
  • Desks
  • Knickknacks
  • End Tables
  • Vases


Do you want to feel like a royal in the bedroom? Bring on the king and queen vibes with an old-fashioned turned wood constructed bed frame. Yes, many people already use wood for bed frame but turned wood for bed frames have a different kind of pizzaz to them.

You can get turned wood bed frames in all kinds of styles and sizes. They don’t have to be limited to thousands of dollars for some giant king-sized bed that you can’t afford let alone fit into your bedroom.

In fact, there are plenty of turned wood bed frames that come in a twin style if you want to buy one for your small apartment or your child’s bedroom. 

These woods also don’t have to be limited to the typical dark grains you might expect from an old-school turned wood style. Turned wood for bed frames, and any kind of turned wood in general typically, can come in lighter tones.

You can also get these woods painted a specific color if you’d like. White is popular for children’s bedrooms, or blue for a beachy theme, an earthy tan wood for someone fond of earth-tones. 


Lamps. You need them, and turned wood lamps are most definitely in style at the moment. They add an air of sophistication to the air of the room, and you should be looking to add one to your end table or desk.

Turned wood lamps were more popular probably in your grandparent’s days than your own. And they bring back a sense of nostalgia for you. These things are literally works of art. It takes time and dedication to carve a lamp of your own.

You can find some of these old lamps in good condition if you look hard enough. They might be more expensive if they’ve been kept up well over the years, but you can also buy new turned wood lamps from newer craftsmen. Etsy is a popular site to look for them on.

Here are a few suggestions for turned wood lamps you might want to check out.

  • This vintage two-tone wooden table lamp has come straight from the past of your dad’s old office and made its way into the future for you to purchase. It’s not only curved and carved but made with two-tones of wood for a quirky additive. Check it out on Etsy where the price starts at $106.25.
  • The hand-turned birch ply table lamp is a more stocky-looking option for turned wood lamps when compared to its many slender counterparts, but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t fit perfectly into your home. This wood has also been made with multiple wood grains and the pattern made into it is natural and lovely. Check it out on Etsy where the price starts at $100.00. 
  • The black walnut hand turned lamp is far off the traditional mark of turned wood lamps. It’s not made in the design of a typical lamp at all, in fact, you probably won’t need a lightbulb for this one. This lamp looks a lot like an egg split down the middle with fairy lights acting as the light source. If you’re aiming for a more modern style check this lamp out on Etsy where the price starts at $150.00. 


There is nothing more classic for a home office than a wooden desk. Timeless, sitting behind a wooden desk made with care and craft is a feeling that can’t be beaten, especially when so many desks these days are made with cheaper materials that require less work.

Turned wood desks can be very expensive. They’re big pieces of furniture and ones that are handmade take a while to make, thus reflecting in the price. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t find a vintage desk for sale at a lower price.

You can also save up for a new turned wood desk, and there are businesses and artists around that would be willing to sell them to you. 

And if you don’t have the cash to doll out for a big wooden desk you can also swap this out for a turned wood table. These are often cheaper than their office-mate counterparts and come with just as much intricacy in the wood, usually in the form of beautifully carved table legs.

Knick knacks

Your turned wood trend does not need to stop at buying furniture with intricately designed legs or headboards. After all, you might not need a new bed frame or chair, and it would be a waste to buy one of them just for this trend when you can’t afford to.

To solve this problem and integrate some of the turned wood trends into your home, implement turned wood in the form of various knick knacks in your house. They could quite literally take the form of anything.

There are turned wood candlestick holders, bowls, plates, sculptures, flower pots. All of these things can add a little pizzazz to a boring centerpiece you might have had on your table. Wood looks elegant and turned wood even more so.

Better yet, turned wood knick knacks are often cheaper than their furniture counterparts. You can get a bunch of them to display all over your home for a lower price. And these products often come at the hands of local artists. Check out your local craft store, they might have someone who is selling. 

End tables

If you’re in need of a spot to put that new turned wood lamp you just bought a couple of slots above, then look no further than an end table for your home.

End tables are the unsung heroes of decorating, everybody needs one but they’re far from the centerpiece of a room. Whether it’s the end table at the side of your bed that hosts your glasses and phone for the night or the one in your living room by your couch sections it’s important to have a quality and decorative table.

You probably don’t want one that screams in a bright color, something more muted and traditional. Turned wood end tables come in all kinds of styles that you can find, so you can get an accented one for your home no matter the decor style you’ve picked.

Check out some of these end table options online.

  • The Andra turned wood nesting tables, are two end tables for the price of one. Made in a style that evokes that woodsy rustic feeling, this end table is hollowed out in the middle to pop out a second when you need some more space. It very much evokes in the spirit of those Russian nesting dolls, only bigger and more practical. Check it out starting at $1739.00. 
  • The bijoux café table, as the name implies conveys the idea of a quaint coffee shop, something you might come across on a warm spring’s day, the insides flush with bright white furniture and baristas making heart foams into lattes. This end table would work best for a home that relies on soft light colors. You can get it painted in white, green, blue and more. Check it out starting at $1099.00.  
  • The minamo low table is the choice for those working in minimalist styles in the home. It’s a very simple cylinder block, carved smooth and clean for your liking. The bells and whistles on this piece are forgone for a more totalitarian style, but that doesn’t mean this turned wood option wouldn’t fit perfectly in your home. If you want to go without all the frills some end tables have to check it out starting at $2125.00. 


When you think of a vase, you probably don’t think of a wooden one. These days most vases you buy at Pier One Imports or HomeGoods, a plastic or glass confection in a bright blue color that you like but don’t showcase with pride.

Though these vases of choice might be cheaper it can be worth it to spend a little more money on vases, particularly if you’re a flower lover, and buy one from a local artisan in your area or online on a site like Etsy and get a turned wood one made for you.

Turned wood artists often thrive on social media sites like Instagram and Pinterest where they can post about their craft and their art for the masses to see. While some of these artists might not ship to locations far from their home base, it doesn’t hurt to ask and it definitely won’t hurt to support any local artists you might find.

Check out some of these turned wood vase artists from Instagram and Etsy that you might be interested in.

  • Bloom and gray is an artist based out of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and not only do they make turned wood vases but they create sketches, paintings, masks, and more art pieces that you might want to hang up on your home’s walls in addition to your new vase. The vases they displayed on Instagram come in a variety of sizes and colors, but each has its own rustic charm or sparkling draw. Check out their Etsy site here for prices. 
  • Studio Kala is a turned wood artist option outside of the United States. Based in the town of Helsingør, Denmark, Studio Kala hosts multiple artists varying in multiple specialties, but all of their creations are handcrafted with care for you. They have regular-sized vases but also sets of mini-turned wood vases for some smaller flowers in your home if you want something more subdued. Check out their website here for further prices. 
  • Wood turned creations by KG is a small working artist on Instagram and Etsy that after discovering the art of woodturning and woodworking in 2009, made it a business for themselves. They make all kinds of wooden knick knacks and things for your liking but their vases are absolutely stunning. They come in a variety of different sizes, but may we suggest checking out their Asian satinwood disc vase, a very unique style. Check out their Etsy site here for prices. 
A large turned wood dresser with faces carved into the doors.
Turned wood isn’t just a kind of decor, it’s a work of art.

It can feel like the furniture and decorations you buy these days for your home are made of something mass-produced. With that signature metal and plastic material. It’s not a criticism simply a factor of how the decor industry has shifted in production and style.

Wood though, and turned wood furniture, is a craft long-held and luckily coming back into style for your home. It’s best when looking for turned wood products to look at your local artists or small businesses online first to support those dedicated to the craft.

But it’s alright to get furniture from bigger brands as well, for your home, there should be plenty of options for you to choose from. Take the time to get it right, and do it well. 

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April 23, 2021
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