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Emma Holt


Jan 21, 2021

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We’re are sharing some of our tricks to help you sell your home!

HER, REALTORS® always have your back when it’s time to sell or buy your next home. We want the process to move as swiftly as you do! We know all the inside tips and tricks on things you may or may not have already known to make your real estate journey quick and easy.

In this article, we’re are dishing out tips on:

  • Staging for different seasons
  • Pricing your home so it doesn’t sit on the market too long
  • Irresistible lawn care
  • Real estate black holes
  • Honesty in your listing

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‍Change your staging each season

Create a cozy conversation area that makes buyers already feel at home

cozy seating area around lit fireplace
A cozy seating area focused around a fireplace may help buyers to envision themselves at home in your home!

The idea of staging your home was once a secret that few sellers practiced. Now that the cats out of the bag, we can dig deeper into how to stage your home to sell fast.

For instance, during the summer, experts suggest using shorter furniture because it makes rooms seem bigger. In the fall and winter months, you may choose to focus on the fireplace and make it the center of attention. Create a seating area, bring in a stack of wood, and set up fall decor around the mantel. You’ll also want to add warmer tones whereas in the summer you can use vibrant and bold tones. And, of course, I’m sure you’ve all heard about the cookies in the oven (which can apply to all seasons). Not only are cookies a nice treat, but they make your home smell lovely and seem more homey. There’s no need to douse your home in air freshener, that can be a bit suspicious.

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Don’t let your listing sit too long

This happens when your house is way overpriced

With the housing market as hot as it is, three to four weeks is a “long” time for a house to sit. Potential buyers will know right away that the house is overpriced. Price your home realistically from the start to avoid appearing desperate by dropping the price later.

graph from Zillow showing list price by month
Zillow can help estimate your potential sale price by the month.

Just like there’s a magic day or month to buy a plane ticket, there’s a magic month to list your home. That month is May. According to a study from last year, homes listed between May 1st and May 15th sold around 18.5 days faster than homes not listed during that time frame. The housing market and weather have affected this window, as Zillow's pervious analysis found the ideal window to be between mid-March and mid-April. Overall, listing your home in Spring is generally your best bet. Zillow also offers online tools to help you figure out the best time to list your home in your specific area.

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No one can resist a freshly cut lawn

Get your lawn mower ready for every showing

house with freshly cut & cared lawn
Get your mower ready! Buyers love the smell and look of freshly cut grass.

Buyers can’t refrain from the smell of recently cut grass. Mow your lawn just before potential buyers show up, even if you have to mow your lawn three times in one week.

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Your listing may fall into a black hole

Hidden listings won’t do you any good, my friend

This occurs when you list your home right before people possibly leave town, for instance, before or during Memorial Day or the Fourth of July. The last thing you want is for your listing to get buried before potential buyers even see it. Always ask your real estate agent when the best time would be to list your home. They always know best!

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Exaggerations will only lead to disappointment

Don’t catfish buyers by making them think they’re viewing a totally different house

It’ll take just one exaggerated claim to turn buyers away from considering your home. For example, if your home is located near a small pond, don’t write “Luxurious home sought after for it’s view overlooking a gorgeous lake.”  After a statement like this, you’ll surely disappoint buyers who will likely tell all their friends. Describe the best features of your home without getting carried away.

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Ask your agent when it’s the best time in your area to list your home.

The best thing to do is to always ask your real estate agent how to go about listing your home and when exactly to do so. They always know best and will be able to help you move on and find the house of your dreams.

August 21, 2017
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