The Definitive Guide to Unique Homes In Ohio

What makes a home unique is relative, but there are some that without question will turn heads as one-of-a-kind abodes. We’ve compiled the largest list of unique homes in Ohio for you to peruse.

a home sitting on a hilltop at dusk


Lani Redinger


Jan 21, 2021

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Your home should reflect your personality. Some prefer vast space, while others opt for a tiny house. For those with extraordinary preferences, a distinctive home is the only thing that will fit the bill. What makes a home unique is relative, but there are some that without question will turn heads as one-of-a-kind abodes.

That being said, you make your home unique with the personal touches and decorative decisions you make from the moment you seal the deal. If you’re seeking a unique place to live, check out some of our current homes for sale in Ohio.

As for this blog, we’ve compiled the largest list of exceptionally interesting homes in Ohio for you to peruse; from One-of-a-Kind homes, One-with-Nature Rustic Abodes, and Repurposed Residences, to Mid-Century Marvels, and Magnificent Mansions. Who knows, you might just find your dream home!


The first group of unique homes on our list include one-of-a-kind historic homes, found throughout Ohio.

This list of 6 Ohio homes deemed as One-of-a-Kind features the Mushroom House, the Benson Ford Houseship, the Flintstone House, the Futuro House, the Pyramid Sculpture Park Home, and the Lane Hooven Octagon House.

Mushroom House

A Quirky and Nature-Based Abode in Southwest Ohio

A unique house in Ohio
This unique home is every kid’s dream treehouse. Image courtesy of Vale Magazine.

3331 Erie Ave | Hyde Park |

The Mushroom House of Cincinnati is always at the top of any list of unique homes, created by Architecture Professor Terry Brown and his students from 1992 to 2006. The structure combines whimsy, art, and organic elements for a house like no other.

The imaginative dwelling uses warped shingles to create an earthy and fungal resemblance, along with strategic placements of glass and the home’s unusual and colorful staircases. It very successfully executes the replication of something you would see in a fairytale.

“This unusual little place is in Hyde Park, a very pleasant area in Cincinnati. You are not going to find anything like it anywhere else, so take a few minutes to drop by. I recommend stopping in the neighborhood for coffee and walking over to take a few pictures of the home.” - ★★★★★ Yelp Review

Benson Ford Houseship

This Ohio Home Embodies a Remarkable Collaboration Between Land & Sea

 Large front-half of a cargo ship converted into an immobile houseship on the bay
The Benson Ford Houseship, aka the Ship on the Bay, has become one of Put-In-Bay’s most popular attractions. Image courtesy of Pinterest.

1191 Ashburn Ave | Put-In-Bay |

Originally a Ford Motors cargo ship, the Benson Ford Houseship was converted into a 7,000 square-foot, four deck home perched over a cliff on Lake Erie on South Bass Island. Featured on countless television shows, the 7-bedroom home is not only one of the most unique homes in Ohio, but the entire country!

As the historical Ship on the Bay is actively a private residence, visitors are not able to enter the home. Nonetheless, there are various viewpoints to catch your glimpses from different angles, including a fence inviting visitors to attach a padlock in memory of their sight-seeing.

“This is just the coolest house..where you can see the house from is a fence that has a bunch of locks on it so take one and add your message!” - ★★★★★ Google Review

Flintstone House

This Northeast Ohio Home Pays Homage to the Modern Stone Age Family Sitcom, the Flintstones

Exterior of the unique Flintstone House
This spectacular home is also known as the “Cave House.” Image courtesy of

7245 Cascade Rd | Painesville

Designed by artist Wayne Trapp and built from concrete and spray foam in the 1970s, the Flintstone house remains a private residency today. The vision of the creator of this house makes it the unique marvel that it remains to this day.

This unconventional, 3,400 square-foot home effectively replicates the pebbled architecture, stone chambers, and cave-like feel that would be expected from the Flintstones’ home as it was depicted. There is even a dinosaur in the yard! The current owner, Rick Kristoff, is thrilled to live there independently and enjoys sharing the joy of his home with passerbys.

“I like to drive a lot. One day I was on this road in Concord, and I was at the bottom of a big hill and I looked out my side window, and could not believe it! I think it really was a caveman house. It is a very scenic area and worth the glance. Especially for Flintstone Freaks!” - Roadside America Review

Futuro House

A Southwest Ohio Home That is Truly Out of This World!

Futuro House in Carlisle Ohio
This home evokes strong UFO images, especially with the huge satellite on its front lawn! Image courtesy of

9961 Central Ave | Carlisle |

Created by Matti Suuronen in 1968 as a portable ski chalet, the home’s design was based on the number pi, intended as simply a mathematical design. Even so, due to the nature of the home’s appearance, plus the large satellite in the yard, it makes most see what appear to be two spacecraft connected to one another.

Despite the Futuro House being on our One-of-a-Kind list, it is actually believed that there are about twenty of these homes in the United States– though some of them are no longer functional to live in, and others have been placed in museums. Each one includes a modest kitchen, a small bedroom, and a small bathroom.

“Neat spaceship house that people really live in. Staple roadside attraction. They have a long driveway and welcome pictures.”  - ★★★★★ Google Review

Pyramid Sculpture Park Home

An Ohio Home That Has Become the Louvre of America

Glass pyramid skylight roof of Ohio's Pyramid House, along with chimney/viewing tower right next to it
The Pyramid House is primarily underground, with these pyramidal peaks poking up, allowing lots of natural light into the structure. Image courtesy of Cincinnati.

1763 Hamilton Cleves Rd | Hamilton |

Before the Pyramid Sculpture Park was created, this underground pyramid home served as the residence of Harry T. Wilks. Over the years, he purchased the surrounding land and created the park as we know it today where artwork is combined with the nature around it. There are beautiful sculptures dotting the landscape, making this an amazing attraction in Hamilton County.

The interior and decor of the Pyramid House is truly spectacular, along with the other outside details Wilks paid close attention to. Check out more photos and information of this one-of-a-kind southwest Ohio home here!

“An absolute gem! This installation is fascinating. The park is lovely, the history of the Pyramid Hill home and museum is mind boggling. Harry Wiltz was ahead of his time. The artifacts are worthy of any museum. I'll be back. Go!” - ★★★★★ Google Review

Lane Hooven Octagon House

A Beautiful and Timeless Victorian Home in Southwest Ohio

319 N 3rd St | Hamilton |

Once an emerging architecture trend in the 1850s, very few octagon homes remain, certainly not as well restored as the Lane Hooven house. Designed to optimize space, the Lane Hooven house features a unique central spiral staircase and was originally home to industrialist Clark Lane.

A wooden, curved stairway amid a patterned maroon carpet, green walls, and other beautiful old wooden pieces
A beautiful stairway and corridor found inside the Lane Hooven House. Image courtesy of the Hamilton Foundation.

The house, since 1951, is now owned by the Hamilton Community Foundation, who works to uphold its rich history and meaning for all of Hamilton, Ohio. Their offices are maintained there, but they also offer free tours of the home during the week.

“Beautiful. If you have a chance to get in on a tour, do it. It's like walking back into the past. Gorgeous woodwork, interesting layout, the house is just beautiful.” - ★★★★★ Google Review

One-with-Nature Rustic Abodes

The most remarkable environmentally-immersed Ohio homes.

Find whimsical tree houses, refurbished barns, yurts, and more in this list of cozy dwellings engrossed in the beautiful nature lands of Ohio. If, after reading, any of these homes made it onto your bucket list, know that all of them are available to stay in via Airbnb!

Treehouses at the Berlin Woods

A Fun and Peaceful Getaway in the Trees of Ohio’s Charming Amish Country

A cabin treehouse and wooden ramp placed high in the trees
Opt for a cozy and private getaway up in the trees in Ohio’s Amish Country. Image courtesy of Amish Country Lodging.

5331 County Rd 626 | Millersburg |

Who wouldn’t want to live one with nature nestled among the tree tops? Treehouses aren’t just for kids, and for Ohioans that are still kids at heart, these cabins are for you! The treehouses at the Berlin Woods are owned by Amish Country Lodging, along with three other locations in the area, each offering their own unique, cabin-like experience.

There are treehouses differing in size depending on your occasion and party size, the smallest accommodating for two guests. Book yourself a stay today and also plan to leisurely explore all of the interesting culture that Ohio’s Amish Country has to offer!

“I stayed here last fall and it remains one of my favorite places of all time. The tree house is so well designed and modern inside. The balcony with the sweeping view was amazing and so relaxing. It was the most unique place I've ever stayed and I would go back in a heartbeat. You will not be disappointed!” - ★★★★★ Google Review

Earthstar Lodge

Tranquil & Secluded Domed Lodge Found in Southern Central Ohio

 Immersed dome home in Ohio
This dome blends in with the nature around it, intruding as little as possible into the natural world. Image courtesy of Arc of Appalachia.

7660 Cave Rd | Bainbridge |

In case you have a fear of heights or just prefer to keep your feet on the ground, you don’t need a treehouse to commune with nature. This Earthstar state-of-the-art monolithic dome is located in Highland Nature Sanctuary surrounded by 2600 acres of trails and a forest museum. You can rent this place out! All the staff at Highland Nature Sanctuary are excited and happy to give you tips on where to explore in and outside of your house during your stay.

Whether you decide to utilize your time by hiking the available 18.5 miles of trails, or enjoy time in the lodge and simply relax in the seclusion on the preserve, you can expect to enjoy your time in Bainbridge!

“Incredibly beautiful views, such an amazing lodge with a fantastic history. The people at the Highlands Nature Sanctuary do a great job with this place. Very special.”  - ★★★★★ Google Review

Hummingbird Yurt

A Boho-Inspired Take on Camping in the Heart of Hocking Hills

 A yurt– a tent-like building– perched on a wooden deck nestled on the edge of the forest
The 20-foot Hummingbird Yurt, which includes a back deck with a hot tub! Image courtesy of Vrbo.

9449 Stage Rd | Logan

How about more traditional accommodations, resembling that of the tribes indigenous to Ohio? Try out the Hummingbird Yurt in the heart of Hocking Hills! Hocking Hills is a popular camping destination towards southeast Ohio, offering similar, additional yurts, plus other options of teepees and cabins.

Full of peace, beauty, and comfort, this 20-foot, boho-inspired yurt provides everything you need, with a queen bed, kitchenette, and full bathroom. It even has a back deck that it is perched on, which delivers on more privacy and hot tub access!

“Such a cool place and amazing responsive hosts. They made it so easy and problem free for us. The hot tub was so nice to relax in after a long day of hiking. We cannot wait to come back.”  - ★★★★★ Google Review

Star Barn

A Stay in This Northern Central Ohio Home Will Change Your Outlook on Being “Raised in a Barn”

cozy and rustic interior of the renovated Star Barn
The Star Barn’s cozy and rustic interior. Image courtesy of Mount Vernon Barn Company.

7676 Co Rd 19 | Fredericktown |

Maybe you’re yearning to be down home on the farm? The Star Barn may be your long-awaited dream getaway! This cabin-resembling, renovated barn is full of quirky touches that make this home exceptional.

A hallway in the Star Barn offering views of the end of a billiards table and a bedroom with a sliding barn door
Glimpses of a billiards table and an inviting bedroom in the Star Barn. Image courtesy of Mount Vernon Barn Company.

The Star Barn’s frame dates back to 1840, and has been renovated to offer the appeal of being a 5-bedroom, 2 ½ bath country home. Amongst it, there are a great deal of other unique and rentable spaces all around Ohio as well, and they can all make for fantastic trips!

“Rustic and beautiful renovation and location! Perfect for a getaway with a group of friends or family.”  - ★★★★★ Google Review

Repurposed Residences

If you’re seeking a unique place to rest your head, try one of these recycled homes that served very different purposes in their previous “lives.”

Included in this list of 3 repurposed residences are the Hocking Hills Caboose, the Riverside Hideout Shipping Container, and the Whippoorwill Luxury Tent.

Hocking Hills Caboose

Enjoy a Peaceful Stay in This Immobilized Ohio Train Car

24830 OH-56 | South Bloomingville |

Formed from a 1950s Seaboard Air Line Railroad caboose, the Caboose of Hocking Hills is the perfect destination for an intimate getaway. Believe it or not, the Caboose can sleep up to 5 people, and also includes the accommodations of a full bathroom, a kitchenette, central air conditioning and heat, a deck, and a firepit!

Wooden deck attached to the back of the Caboose with a lower seating area and fire pit
Check out the Caboose’s attached back deck and fire pit area. Image courtesy of Airbnb.

It took dedication, creativity, and know-how to turn this into a livable and comfortable home. The residents are happy and they’ve created a unique home they are proud of. Book your unplugged stay today!

“The Hocking Hills Caboose was the perfect, cute place for our family getaway in Hocking Hills! Our kids absolutely loved all of the train details and decor. The wooded area surrounding the Caboose was very peaceful. We enjoyed cooking on the grill and having fires at night around the firepit.”  - ★★★★★ Visitor Review on the Hocking Hills website

Riverside Hideout Shipping Container

Enjoy an Unplugged, Nature-Filled Experience in the Renovated Shipping Container of Rural Ohio

Renovated shipping container with a yellow glass door and a couple sitting in the doorway
Don’t let the shipping container exterior of this tiny home form your expectations for the interior and accommodations. You may just be surprised… Image courtesy of Airbnb.

2312 Froman Hill Rd | Dover |

This recycled tiny house curates a unique escape for all that book a stay. As it is on a hill and surrounded by trees, the ball is put in your court when it comes to how social you would like to be during your stay and, overall, how you would like to utilize your time there. The Riverside Hideout comfortably sleeps 4 guests and is full of pleasantly surprising interior details.

Placed along the Tuscarawas River, it is just a 40-minute or less drive away from the heart of Amish Country, Atwood Lake, the Ohio & Erie Canal trail, the ProFootball Hall of Fame, and more! The opportunities are endless!

“We had a great time here! Everything is so cozy, clean & decorated so cute! Definitely recommend for anyone looking for a nice relaxing little getaway!” - ★★★★★ Trip Advisor Review

Whippoorwill Luxury Tent

Experience Glamping at its Finest in This Northeast Ohio Rental

Vibrant warm-colored bedding, carpet, and flowers in the Whippoorwill Tent with additional furniture and a little chandeleur
The curated, vibrant interior of the Whippoorwill Luxury Tent. Image courtesy of Columbia Woodlands.

6593 Mckracken Dr NW | Dover |

The Whippoorwill Luxury Tent, one of various glamping rentals available at the Columbia Woodlands, creates the perfect combination of a cozy and upscale experience. Despite its small appearance, the place is actually quite spacious with all the accommodations you would hope for, and more!

Hang around the 400-acre camp property (via a golf cart that comes with your stay!) or be strategic with your location and explore elsewhere. As yet another Dover, Ohio gem, this location is also just a minor drive away from attractions including Ohio’s Amish Country, Atwood Lake, the Ohio & Erie Canal trail, the ProFootball Hall of Fame, and lots more. The choice is yours!

“Un-be-lieveable. Beautiful land. Wonderful staff and experience. We will definitely be going back!”  - ★★★★★ Google Review

Mid-Century Marvels

Mid-Century Modern architecture is full of minimalist modern beauty with organic and geometric details.

Finding a well preserved Mid-Century Modern home is a gem, here are just a couple found here in Ohio.

Cincinnati Forest Home

Breathtaking Nature Views From This Lovely Southwest Ohio Home

inside view of forest home
Spending time in this home is an out-of-this-world experience. The location, the construction, and the renovations have perfected this unique place.Image courtesy of Zillow.

463 W Galbraith Rd | Cincinnati |

This home is secluded and it is almost impossible not to be relaxed when you step inside. Nature all around but not intruding inside makes this a fantastic and unique space in Ohio.

Gray house with orange details and a wooden deck in the forest
A simplistic yet quirky design secluded in a Cincinnati forest. Image courtesy of Zillow.

The 885 square-foot home offers spectacular walls of glass and a 60-foot deck overlooking Congress Run Creek and the woods, among its other expected home commodities. However, do note that this house is not on the market.

Westerville Lakehouse

A Deluxe and Earthy Home Unlike Any Other in Central Ohio

Beautiful stone lakehouse surrounded by trees
Because the entirety of the house is stone-front and lightly-toned, it really gives the home a natural and immersive look. Image courtesy of Zillow.

4518 Ravine Dr | Westerville |

This stunning 4,463 square-foot home, featuring a private lake and 5.7 acres, is a unique addition to Rolling Ridge and is a very sensible dream home candidate. With a level view of the lake from every room– how much more of a lake house could you possibly want? Note, however, that this house is off the market.

beautiful view from inside of Westerville lakehouse
Homes on the water already hold a special place for us, and the beautiful property in front of a stellar view in the back combo is hard to beat. Image courtesy of Zillow.

The home hosts a stunning great room surrounded in windows with a unique central fireplace. The area around the fire is very spacious and therefore allows the owners to decide how to furnish the room based on the season. During the winter, chairs may crowd the fireplace, letting it offset the cold coming in through the windows. During the summer, chairs may face outward, letting the room be the perfect place to sit and enjoy the view.

Magnificent Mansions

Some of Ohio’s finest examples of luxury, in house form.

Not all mansions are created equally! But nothing can top the ultimate in unique luxury than an indoor pool (which tends to become a given when it comes to extravagant estates such as these). While Ohio is home to many beautiful mansions, featured below are just a couple of our favorites.

Westerville Mansion

An Astounding Ohio Manor That Delivers For One’s Needs, Desires, and Wildest Dreams!

 Front view of a beautiful lightly-colored mansion surrounded by greenery
The beautiful entrance of this sizable Westerville villa. Image courtesy of Zillow.

5030 Smothers Rd | Westerville |

This impressive, 10,200 square-foot gated estate located in central Ohio is undoubtedly a dream location. It offers everything you could possibly need, along with just about anything you could want as well! Though note that this house is currently off the market.

indoor pool inside mansion
Alongside this pool, the home has unbelievable landscaping on a large, perfectly-maintained property.  Image courtesy of Zillow.

What better way to start your day than with a few laps in your own gorgeous indoor pool? While this home has many luxurious details, the indoor pool under 45 ft cathedral ceilings is its most unique feature. The temperature-controlled indoor pool keeps it temperate and pleasant to swim in regardless of the weather outside. Taking a dip in the pool when snow is flurrying outside is a magical experience.

Cleveland Lakeside Estate

Gorgeous Views of Lake Erie From This Lavish Mansion

The courtyard of a spectacular Ohioan mansion
Complete with an insane courtyard, this mansion is sitting on a beautiful estate, and it is said that parties thrown here feel like they are straight out of a movie. Image courtesy of Zillow.

11518 Harbor View Dr | Cleveland |

Talk about doing laps in the lap of luxury, this stunning lakeside estate is brimming with extravagant architectural details. A home like this is unique in its vision. The architect who designed it worked for many hours with the owners to construct their perfect house. And, as you can see, they hit a home run.

A marble-floored entrance hall with a winding wooden staircase and study room to the right
The lakeside estate’s stunning entryway and staircase. Image courtesy of Zillow.

From its elegant interior and intricate details, to its remarkable external views of the lake and the city, the 15,000 square-foot estate has the power to wow anyone. If you have about $6.5 million to spend, perhaps this northeast Ohio home could be your next investment (and flex).

So, What Did You Think?

Which one of these unique homes have caught your eye? They all bring something grand to the table, complete with exciting and one-of-a-kind features. Let us know which was your favorite in the comments below! Also, if you’re inspired to find a unique home of your own in Ohio, check out our available listings!

Discover your dream home in German Village, OH.

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July 27, 2022
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