The Best Go Kart Tracks Ohio Has to Offer

Awesome go kart tracks in Ohio the whole family will love

Two go karters racing around an outdoor track


Marissa Somers


Jan 21, 2021

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Come racers, come all! Summer has arrived and with it brings all the fun outdoor activities your heart desires– including go karting! For those of you that are unfamiliar with go karting, it is a racing activity with small, lightweight cars on a (typically) scaled-down circuit track. Think Mario Kart, and the like. There are three general distinctions when it comes to go karting: facilities with indoor tracks, facilities with outdoor tracks, and amusement parks that include go karts. While all three types will provide for your exhilaration needs and enable some good memory making, go kart-specific establishments are typically able to offer faster karts and more interesting tracks compared to amusement park go karting.

There is inevitably competition in the mix when go karting, whether that be some friendly rivalry in the context of a fun, leisure activity with the family, or a bit more serious opposition when racing for sport in more professional, larger-scale settings.The best part about go karting? It can appeal to any demographic; young or old, whatever gender, experienced or not– the thrill and enjoyment of racing is available to you. If you’re looking for the best go kart experiences you can get for your Family Fun Day, a friend group activity, a birthday celebration, or an exciting date, you have come to the right place. Below are 9 of the greatest go kart facilities you can find in Ohio.

1. Adkins Raceway

Located in Port Washington, OH

Rated 4.9 stars

Adkins Raceway is an outdoor track facility for go-karters towards northeast Ohio. They offer arrive and drives, rental karts (helmet and neck brace included), coaching, kart practice, leagues for kart racing, and an on-site kart shop. The raceway is open Tuesday through Sunday (12pm-8pm), and the track is open to both kart renters and kart owners.


  • All Day Practice (Owner Karts) - $25
  • Rental Karts - $25 for First Session (per driver)
  • $15 per Additional Sessions (per driver)

Minimum Requirements - 12 years or older and 56” or taller

Contact: (740) 498-5157

Check their Facebook for reviews and more information!

2. G&J Kartway

Located in Camden, OH

Rated 4.9 stars

G&J Kartway is an outdoor track facility, exclusive to go kart owners, in southwest Ohio. Rich with history and concealed among silos and cornfields, this track, which features a variety of configurations, allows for lovers of karting to have a location to practice throughout the year, weather permitting. The track is open daily from 9am until dark. So, if you happen to have just acquired a new go kart, head on down to Camden, Ohio to give it a go!

Practice price - $10 per kart for unlimited track time, $5 per extra driver

Contact: (937) 452-1218

Check their Facebook for reviews and more information!

3. Motorsports Country Club of Cincinnati

Located in Batavia, OH

Rated 4.8 stars

Motorsports Country Club is an outdoor track facility, requiring a membership, in southwest Ohio. With a MCC membership you will be getting beyond just the perks of track access (which features multiple configurations), but you will also have access to men’s and women’s locker rooms in a full service clubhouse, a kitchen, dining room, lounge area, and observation deck. They offer the convenience of storing your go kart if you would like (at a price, of course), along with rentals, full service kart sales, a racing shop, and any help needed in regards to preparations. The track is open Tuesday through Saturday, 1am-7pm, and Sunday 1am-6am (for the go karting night owls, I suppose).

Depending on your means and how invested you would like to be in MCC, there are three levels of membership to choose from. There are certainly pros and cons to each, so check out the details here and weigh them as you will.  

There is also the option to purchase seasonal kart rental passes (AKA The Rookie) and/or day passes.


  • The Rookie - $100 (per driver, includes 2 sessions)
  • $20 per additional session for remainder of the season
  • Day Pass - $60 (per driver, includes 2 sessions)
  • $25 per additional session on that day only

Note: The 2022 Season is May 3rd through October 30th

Minimum Requirements - 16 years or older and 60” or taller

Contact: (513) 625-7223

Check their Facebook for reviews and more information!

4. K1 Speed

Located in North Canton, OH

Rated 4.8 stars

K1 Speed is an indoor racing center in northeast Ohio. This track offers rentals of electric go karts with curation for all skill levels. Open 7 days a week (varying hours), they are available for arrive and drives (no reservation required), junior birthday parties, adult and teen group parties, corporate events, et cetera. The facility is also very accommodating to such events including catering options, private party rooms, group photos, arcades, an authentic collection of racing memorabilia, and more. If you’re looking for a go kart facility to host your group event with friends or family, K1 Speed may be the place for you!

Minimum requirement - 48” or taller for juniors; 58” or taller for adults

Note: There are no mixed adult and junior races allowed


  • Speedpass - $59.95 (includes 2 races, t-shirt, and membership)
  • 1 Race - $24.95 (arrive and drive)
  • 2 Races - $44.95 (save $4.95)
  • 3 Races - $59.95 (save $14.90)

Contact: (330) 526-6622

Check their Facebook for reviews and more information!

5. BOSS Pro-Karting

Located in Cleveland, OH

Rated 4.6 stars

BOSS Pro-Karting is an indoor track facility, which also includes axe throwing and virtual reality, in northeast Ohio. This track uses electric go karts and includes 6 different track configurations, including a hybrid indoor-outdoor track available in the summertime. There is also a racing league, referred to as “Boss Challenge Night,” for Cleveland’s competitive go karters. BPK is open Wednesday through Sunday with varying hours.

Pricing: (all race packages are per person)

  • 1 Race Package - $22 per race
  • 2 Race Package - $20 per race (save $4)
  • 3 Race Package - $18 per race (save $12)
  • 5 Race Package - $16 per race (save $30)

Annual Race License - $6

  • One-time fee for all drivers; valid for 1 year
  • Includes a free birthday race, among other perks

X1 Junior Race License - $20

  • For first time junior drivers
  • Valid until junior driver turns 14 years old or graduates into adult karts
  • Includes free birthday race, among other perks

Minimum Requirements:

  • 8-13 years old and 50” or taller (junior karts)
  • 14 years or older and 56” or taller (adult karts)

Note: any driver under 18 years old must have a parent or guardian OR have the

Parental Consent Form filled out upon arrival

Contact: (216) 938-6335

Check their Facebook for reviews and more information!

6. High Voltage Indoor Karting

Located in Medina, OH

Rated 4.6 stars

High Voltage Indoor Karting is an indoor track facility– though it also features at least one hybrid indoor-outdoor track– in northeast Ohio. This track has been deemed one of the most unique in Ohio, with some of the fastest karts in the state (adult karts reaching up to 50 mph!) via their Italian electric karts. Junior karts are also available (don’t worry, parents, only up to about 25mph), along with accommodation for groups and events, arrive and drives, and 4 racing leagues for both juniors and adults. The facility is open 7 days a week with varying hours. To fulfill your need for speed, check out High Voltage Indoor Karting, just outside of Cleveland.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Adults - 14 years or older and 58” or taller
  • Juniors - 13 years or younger and 48” or taller


  • Adult races - $22.95 (per race)
  • Junior Races - $17.95 (per race)

Membership Details:

  • Adult drivers - $19.95 per year
  • Junior drivers - $15.95 per year
  • Additional Membership Rewards and benefits available

Contact: (330) 333-9000

Check their Facebook for reviews and more information!

7. Buckeye Raceway Electric Indoor Karting

Located in Columbus, OH

Rated 4.5 stars

Buckeye Raceway is an indoor track facility in central Ohio. Among their electric go karts, this facility also includes activities such as axe throwing, tactical laser tag, footbowling, and arcades. It is a great location for parties and group functions of any kind, and also has leagues and classes for both adults and juniors. The facility is open Tuesday through Sunday with varying hours.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Adults - 12 years or older and 56” or taller
  • Juniors - 8-11 years old and 48” or taller

Pricing (just for go karts):

  • 1 Race - $21
  • 3 Race Pack - $57
  • One Year License for new racers - $6

Contact: (614) 272-7888

Check their Facebook for reviews and more information!

8. Full Throttle Adrenaline Park

Located in Cincinnati, OH

Rated 4.4 stars

Full Throttle Adrenaline Park is an indoor track facility in southwest Ohio. Among their go karts, Full Throttle also offers activities such as paintball, axe throwing, a rage room, virtual reality, mini bikes, and an adrenaline camp. Sounds like the place to get your heart pumping! A variety of karts are available in order to meet your needs, and both reservations and walk-ins are accepted (subject to availability). The park is open 7 days a week with varying hours.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Adults (Pro Karts) - 14 years or older and 55” or taller
  • Juniors - 7 years or older and 48” or taller
  • 2-Seater Karts - drivers must be 18 years or older and 55” or taller; passengers must be 42” or taller


  • 2-Hour Adrenaline Pass - $60 (get as many races as possible)
  • 1 Race - $25
  • 2 Races - $46
  • 3 Races - $63
  • Annual Race License (required) - $8
  • Additional perks, including one free Adrenaline Pass for racer’s birthday month (not valid on Saturdays; ID required for redemption)

Contact: (513) 341-5278

Check their Facebook for reviews and more information!

9. Sportway of Toledo

Located in Toledo, OH

Rated 4.4 stars

Sportway of Toledo is an outdoor triple threat facility in northwest Ohio. Among go karting, they also offer an 18-hole mini golf course and batting cages, making it a fun place to spend a summer afternoon, or to book a party room for your child’s birthday! The facility is open 7 days a week with varying hours.

Minimum Requirements:

  • 54” or taller
  • Double seater karts (one adult, one child) - driver must be 16 years or older with a valid driver’s license

Go Kart Pricing - $8 / 3 laps

Party Pricing (minimum of 10 guests):

  • Package 1 - $14 per person
  • Package 2 - $18 per person

Contact: (419) 867-3895

Check out their Facebook for reviews and more information!

If these 9 Ohio locations don’t get you excited for your go-karting endeavors, I don’t know what will! No matter what your skill level or racing intentions may be, you can see that there is a track curated for you. Find and invest in your favorite go kart destination, or try a new one every couple weeks to occupy your summer. The possibilities are endless, but the most important thing not to forget is to HAVE FUN! See you at the finish line!

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June 16, 2022
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