The Best And Brightest Spring Decorating Trends Of 2021

‍Herald in the new season with pops of pink and nature-inspired decor

A woman stands on an outside balcony with her hands over the rails. The walls are a bright yellow and the windows have green trim. In her hands is a bouquet of white flowers.


Diana Velasquez


Jan 21, 2021

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When March comes along with its windy weather, teasing at the spring to come you can often find yourself feeling stir-crazy just waiting for a hint of spring, any indication of warm weather at all.

Luckily, you don’t have to wait for the sunshine to make your home fresh for spring. The 2021 spring home decorating trends are already on the rise, and you can implement them into your decor as soon as you’d like to match the season.

This year the decorating trends revolve around rejuvenation and relaxation, making your home as comforting to you as possible, as it’s most likely the place you spend every day in now. And per the season, lots of bright colors and natural decor so that the outside world is never far away from you.

  • Thinking pink
  • Rattan furniture
  • Birds
  • Bidets
  • Edible gardens
  • Floral wallpaper
  • Plaid Fabrics

With even just one of these trends in your home you can improve on your style, and your state-of-mind, something very much needed in 2021.

A white table in the center with four pin chairs. On the table is a circular pink base with flowers in it. Also two green candles and a painting on the wall.
Pink calls upon a sense of fun and happiness into the home.

Thinking pink

No pink is not too much, you actually don’t have enough of it in your house. Don’t be hesitant when applying it to your home, the more the better for 2021.

Pink creates a fantastical and dreamy vibe in the home, something to bring you out of a funk, just by stepping into a brightly decorated or painted room. You don’t have to go for hot pink, not everyone is so bold and that doesn’t work well in every house, but salmon and blush are very on-trend.

And if you don’t have the time or the money to repaint your living room or office into a carnation colored paradise well you can add some pink accent pieces as well. 

A glass-blown vase in shades of rose and magenta would do well. Or even a couple of decorative pastel pillows for your chairs or couch could update an out-of-date living room. Even try getting a pink lampshade if you’re feeling so bold. 

Small pops of this color in the home can make a difference, and the more unique the better.

A close-up of a glass and rattan table on the top is an ashtray with flower petals inside.
This year, we’re bringing the vacation to you in the form of rattan decor.

Rattan furniture

Are you dreaming of a day at the beach? That one vacation years ago where you did nothing but sit around and lounge all day with the ocean in your ear, a drink in hand, and a lovely chair to nap in? We all are, and with rattan furniture, you can bring that dream back home.

Rattan is made of a specific vine native to Southeast Asian rainforests that is dried and woven into these beachy looking furniture. 

You’ve probably seen them in your grandparent’s house before. Rattan was considered an older decor fashion until recently when it came back into prominence.

And with the rattan resurgence, it was not just the older styles of furniture but newer implements of the material that came into use. Here are a few suggestions that are currently on-trend.

  • Rattan wall decorations are absolutely everywhere. On Instagram and Twitter, these decorations can double as mirrors or serve as elaborately woven accent pieces often shaped in geometric patterns. 
  • Rattan lampshades, particularly hanging ones. They come in all shapes and sizes, whether you’re looking for something bowl-like or in a pattern.
  • The oversized rattan chair, that you’d expect to be sitting on a porch in South Carolina, well you can find these everywhere now and your house should be no exception. These chairs look particularly good in a place with a lot of sunlight. 
A fake decor bird sits on a tree.
Animal inspired decor can go a long way to bring life to your home. 


No, you should not be going to your local pet store and purchasing a parakeet for your home. This trend doesn’t mean get a bird, literally, into your home. We’re talking about birds as a decorating tactic. It’s time to bring some animal-inspired decor into your home.

You can put birds on everything, your walls, your tables, your pillows. They create a sense of whimsy and fun in your home, and should you have any guests over they’ll no doubt think of you as an outgoing and breezy person. Birds implement a sense of freedom, you should follow suit.

You don’t have to go for a big grand piece of art. Though you absolutely could put up some bird or feather themed wallpaper to add some spice to your room, a painting or some wall fixtures would do just as well.

A particular kind of wall decoration that would do this trend justice is photographs. Professional photographs of birds can be found at your local craft shop or you could look online and have one printed out and then framed. 

Or even, if you’re feeling particularly ambitious, maybe try taking some pictures of your own? Bird-watching is an underrated hobby, that requires a lot of patience, but the reward is so much sweeter. 

A look into a bathroom from the doorway. A man stands at the sink washing his hands and a toilet is visible on the left.
Not only does your bathroom desperately need an upgrade, but your toilet needs it more. It’s time for a bidet. 


This is less of a home decor trend, and more of a home addition one, but it is no less important and it has taken the housing community by storm. As Americans stay more and more inside, they’re discovering more ways of easing their lifestyle. 

And you waste much less toilet paper, with a bidet in your toilet.

Contrary to popular belief you don’t need to redo your entire toilet to get a bidet. There are plenty of attachable options that you can easily hook up to your toilet without any hassle.

And the prices for a bidet range from low to high, so anyone can afford to get one. It won’t take a chunk out of your savings, and it’ll save you money in the toilet paper department.

Here are some suggestions for the best attachable bidets around.

  • LUXE bidet neo 120, is the best-rated bidet to date, particularly because of its customizable features and decent price. With an easy to use valve to control water pressure, the 120 is a great option starting at $35.99 on Amazon. 
  • The LUXE bidet neo 180, another great option from the LUXE brand, is the pick for those who are interested in a less involved upkeep of their bidet. Certified as self-cleaning, the 180 starts for $39.91 on Amazon. 
  • The Toto SW203 is an option for the more adventurous bathroom designers, because not only is this a bidet but it doubles as a new toilet seat as well. It’s more expensive starting at $329.97 on Amazon, but it's a great investment particularly for a family home as the SW203 can help in potty training. 
A closeup of herbs before a kitchen pot. There's basil, cilantro, and onion.
A functional and beautiful garden of your very own, edible gardens are a top-notch spring trend. 

Edible gardens

It’s all about plants this year. From houseplants to flowerbeds to potted azaleas you're going to put in that forgotten corner of your dining room, but more than anything you want a home garden going that’s not just pretty to look at but functional.

You don’t have to have a sprawling backyard with lots of space for soil to make a garden in your home. In fact, it's probably easier for beginner gardeners to get their hands on something of a smaller scale anyway. Edible house gardens are the way to go with this.

Herbs and small plants that don’t require a lot of space can be set upright in your windowsill if you please. Basil, thyme, cilantro. A tomato plant, tubers, even some hanging plants are edible if you’re feeling ambitious. 

Here are a few suggestions for what to start with.

  • Microgreens are plants that you can buy from the store already sprouted and ready to grow. They can range from sunflower plants to tubers to pea sprouts. They don’t require much space or light and can live happily on your windowsill.
  • Herbs are the plants that everyone saw coming, and for a good reason. Herbs like rosemary or basil are staples for flavorful cooking and you can hang them and pot them pretty much everywhere. 
  • Strawberries, believe it or not, are an ideal plant for indoor growing, and will make an excellent addition to your edible garden. They only need a small pot, but make sure that your plant isn’t carrying any parasites or bugs into the house.
An old record player sits on a table. Behind it the wallpaper is bright and floral. Colored in red and white.
As the saying goes, April showers bring May flowers. 

Floral wallpaper

Wallpaper is already on the rise in the home decor scene, so it's no surprise that this spring floral wallpapers have come in full force with the season of new life and new beginnings.

Flowers of any kind can brighten up any home, it’s always good to have a couple of vases on hand to store some freshly bought bouquets, but having a bright pop of permanent floral accents in your home can keep that concept alive twenty-four seven. Floral wallpaper can do the trick.

There are different kinds of floral wallpapers, some of the more traditional ones leaning into the lighter palettes, the pastels with the delicate swirls, and small bunches of white flowers. But you can also implement a bold floral pattern with loud petals in red and pink and blue. It all depends on how you want your room to look. 

Here are a few suggestions when it comes to deciding on what kind of wallpaper you want, with some tips on how to implement them.

  • Go for the mural effect, with wallpaper designs that are wall to wall with flowers and little background space to be had. These patterns are an art piece in themselves and can seem daunting, but when you’re making these bold pieces the centerfold of your room, you can design subtlety around it.
  • Classical floral and stripe designed wallpaper isn’t old and outdated it can create a sense of elegance for your home. Very much on trend with its 18th-century feel, these delicate yet daring patterns are a classic option.
  • Green is the color of choice, a play on the leafy designed wallpapers that have come into recent prominence, chose a design with a green palette. Leaves don’t necessarily have to be included but a green background with some flowers can crisp up a room. 
A top view of a plaid blanket on a table. On the blanket are some cookies, a candle, and a green napkin.
Plaid doesn’t have to equate to wintertime, it creates a sense of home and warmth. 

Plaid fabrics

Nothing screams cozy like plaid does. The pattern of comfort you don’t have to limit plaid to your wardrobe with your shirts, it’s time to bring it out of the closet and into your rooms with plaid accents.

Of course, the easiest option to implement some plaid into your decor is by using throw blankets for your couches and chairs. This method really works, a good fuzzy red or blue plaid blanket can bring an earth-toned or white couch to life.

But you can also implement this pattern onto your pillows or even a new piece of furniture. There are plenty of chairs or cushions you can but for coffee tables that come in a subtle and soothing plaid.

For this trend, keeping the accents small is key, plastering the entire room in this pattern is going to be way too much. You don’t want your house to look like a Canadian hunting cabin, but adding a few materials here and there can keep you comforted and cozy in 2021.

A modern looking living room with a plant theme lampshade. White sleek tables, and accents of pink all over. A pink flamingo, a pink light under the tv, and pink books.
Keep yourself focused this spring by sprucing up your home, with a needed eye-catching re-design.

The urge to spring-clean is a time-honored tradition, and so should be the urge you feel to redesign your home when the weather makes a good turn.

Without an upgrade every once in a while your home can feel stale and stuck, which can reflect onto your mental health if you’re spending a lot of time in this particular space. 

Everything and everyone needs an upgrade once in a while, standing stuck in the same rut or pattern for too long isn’t good for you. 

So extend this energy out into your home, so that when you revamp with a pop of pink or a lovely bird accented decoration it too reflects on you, and how you’re doing this spring. 

Do you have any favorite spring decorating trends? Be sure to comment below and to like and share! 

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March 12, 2021
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