The 5 Best Batting Cages Near Columbus, Ohio

Get Back Into the Swing of Things At These Great Cages!

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You don’t have to be a player on one of the Major League Baseball teams in order to play the game. Batting cages help amateurs and professionals alike work on their batting skills by providing a space where they can focus on their specific needs.

Batters have about 200 milliseconds to swing after the ball is released from the glove, and with balls traveling at speeds upwards of 60 miles per hour even in Little League games, it takes a lot of practice to ensure that the bat will meet the ball. 

Batting requires a lot of precision, a skill that comes with hours of practice. With a batting cage, you can spend as much time as you need. Columbus may not have hundreds of batting cages, but they have enough high quality facilities to make sure that Columbus batters are at their best!

Portable batting cages for your backyard are popular, but sometimes only the real deal will do. Professional batting cages should fit your specifications--for example, taller players will need wider cages than shorter players to account for their longer wingspans. Picking the right cage is an essential part of finding the best batting cage for you.

Read on for an overview of how to go about determining your batting cage needs and where the best batting cages around Columbus, Ohio are located.

Find out what we love about these batting cages near Columbus:

  • Mannino’s Grand Slam USA
  • Westerville Golf Center
  • D-Bat Columbus
  • Bo Jackson’s Elite Sports
  • Sports Ohio

How Do You Know What Kind of Cage Is Right For You?

Watch Out For These Batting Cage Features

man in an outdoor batting cage
Understanding the different dimensions of batting cages will give you a new appreciation for professional baseball players--amateur and professional batting cages can differ in length by over thirty feet, and cages frequented by professionals wind up with their nets changed much more frequently to compensate for how hard the ball hits the net.

Height is an important feature of the cage itself but also of the pitching machine. A twelve foot high cage is standard for most batting cages, and you shouldn’t have to worry about height restrictions with the net, but for shorter players it’s important to ensure that the pitching machine can be lowered to an appropriate height.

Pitching machines are great for helping players get used to the mechanics of hitting. Wheeled pitching machines come with a variety of settings you’re able to work on specific skills over and over until they’re perfected--it’s important to differentiate between wheeled, spring loaded, and armed pitching machines, since only the wheeled machine has different settings. 

For most amateur players, having a pitching machine capable of multiple settings isn’t of the utmost importance, but more serious players might like the variety, and may also look for machines that simulate both left and right hand pitching.

When surveying a batting cage where a pitching machine is in use, make sure to identify the batter’s box. That’s where the batter stands, and it’s important to remain within the box so that when the machine fires you don’t get hit. 

Batting cages stocked with pitching machines will generally be seventy feet long--fifteen feet longer than those without machines. If you plan on heading down to the cages with a teammate to practice pitching and hitting, make sure that you’re able to secure a shorter net for when the pitching machine isn’t in use. This will save your pitcher’s arm in the long run.

Even shorter nets are available for players hitting off of a t, but this setup is most advantageous for those using the batting cage for an individual workout. Twenty foot cages (or shorter) are fine space wise, but will make tracking the ball’s flight more difficult. If you’re looking for feedback on your hitting, you’ll want a cage with plenty of space so that you can see the path the ball takes after it’s hit.

Where Can You Find Batting Cages Around Columbus?

The Cages With the Best Features and Reviews 

Columbus is home to the Minor League team the Columbus Clippers and plenty of baseball enthusiasts! Young and old, amateur and professional can all find something to enjoy at Columbus batting cages. 

These batting cages, located within a half hour of the city proper, are well stocked with balls, bats, helmets, and helpful staff ready to show you the ropes. There’s no time like the present for starting to practice your home run swing! Hours of fun filled batting practice await you!

Mannino’s Grand Slam USA

indoor batting cage with green floor
Courses here are great for beginners and little league players, with multiple pitching options you can customize your experience here. Image courtesy of Mannino's.

6635 Dublin Center Drive, Dublin OH

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Central Ohio's premier baseball and softball training facility, Mannino’s has plenty of equipment and a knowledgeable, helpful staff that give it such a great reputation. Perfect for kids, Mannino’s has batting cages outfitted for smaller batters and on-site staff trained to help young ones make the most of their batting practice.

You have a variety of options available when buying time in the cages, as you can purchase by the ball or by the half-hour. Pitching machines range from slow to fast, so beginners shouldn’t be deterred from trying their hand at batting. 

Camps and lessons are available here, which is why Mannino’s has such a great and supportive environment. And they have plenty of helmets and bats for visitors to use!

The Best indoor hitting facility in Central Ohio. Coach Chris gives effective, immediate results, has an enormous amount of patience and experience, and always makes lessons fun for kids and even parents. There's also always some type of camp to help with improving skills, cages for hitting, and space available for parties. Great place.--Yelp Review

Westerville Golf Center

view of golf course fountains
The golf course makes a picturesque background when visiting the batting cages. Indulge in some ice cream and a quick game of mini golf, too! Image courtesy of Westerville Golf.

450 W Schrock Rd, Westerville, OH

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Located just outside of Columbus, the Westerville Golf Center has outdoor batting cages with updated pitching machines perfect for anyone looking to get a few swings in. They have 8 different batting cages and can accommodate a comfortable amount of people. 

With three slow pitch and four fast pitch machines exceeding 60 miles per hour, there’s a wide range of speeds. Don’t forget to bring your own helmets and bats!

If practicing your swing is your thing then head for the driving range. This is a great driving range with a nice pro shop attached to it. They have some heated fare ways, but I've never used them as golf in the winter really isn't my thing. If you're more into baseball or softball, head for the batting cages. Westerville Golf Center has nice batting cages, some for baseball and some for softball. I used to use them a lot when I was younger to practice for little league.--Yelp Review

D-Bat Columbus

view of the pitching machines indoors
These pitching machines use real balls and each machine can accommodate baseball as well as softball, which helps to keep the lines down and make sure there’s a steady flow of batters. Image courtesy of D-Bat.

650 Taylor Station Rd Suite B, Gahanna, OH

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With pitching speeds from 35 to 70 miles per hour, D-Bat is perfect for pros and newcomers. There are plenty of cage configurations to try out when you take advantage of cage rentals. Batting cages are first come first serve, so get there bright and early to get your practice in. 

There are also three different pay options--platinum, gold, and non-member. If you want the lowest prices get one of their membership packages and enjoy your great savings!

Great facility - employees are friendly and knowledgeable and really care about their customers and kids.  My son has been to several camps here and the batting cages too.  Can't say enough great things about this place!--Yelp Review

Bo Jackson’s Elite Sports

a child outdoors up to bat
Don’t forget to load up on carbs and sugar when visiting the cages--visit one of the vending machines in between bats!zfdf

4696 Cosgray Rd, Hilliard, OH

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The batting cages at Bo Jackson’s are available for reservation or walk-ins and are all equipped with Iron Mike pitching machines, L-Screens, and tees. There are multiple baseball programs here, including one that goes down to age three, so bring the whole family when coming over to Bo’s.

With coaches and demo opportunities to give newcomers a chance to get the hang of the batting cages, Bo’s does a great job at catering to the needs of all batters.

Awesome sports facility that includes indoor baseball field, indoor batting cages, work out tower, indoor football/lacrosse/soccer fields. Our kids have participated in a hitting league and flag football league. This is the kids favorite flag football league. They have a few snack vending machines and a few drink vending machines.--Yelp Review

Sports Ohio

handing off a ball
Helmets and bats are provided here, or you can bring your own. A great place to spend the day!

6314 Cosgray Road, Dublin, OH 

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These outdoor batting cages, located at Sports Ohio Power Play arena, are height adjustable and facilitate a range of batting techniques. With nine cages and thirteen machines, there’s a good turnover at the cages and everyone is able to get their playing time in.

There are baseball, softball, and seasonal camps in addition to many other sports camps offered here. This is a great opportunity to explore the Columbus baseball and softball community and get acquainted with the sport.

Fun place for adults to come act like kids again.  And they serve beer!--Yelp Review

Get active and put in the practice needed for the perfect home run by visiting one of these batting cages in Columbus, Ohio. You don’t need to be a major league player to enjoy an hour batting in a cage--ditch the mini golf and take some swings in a batting cage instead!

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August 24, 2020
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