The 25 Reasons For You to Consider Moving to Galloway, Ohio

A Small Neighborhood with Enormous Potential.

Welcome to Galloway, Ohio! Image Courtesy of The Columbus Team.


Javier Luna


Jan 21, 2021

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The fictional character Carrie Bradshaw, who made millions of people laugh and fall in love in the 90s, said once that finding the perfect apartment is like finding the perfect partner. It can take years. Although Carrie referred to New York real estate, the struggle of finding a perfect place to live is real. You have to consider the needs and interests of your family or the people that you will live with, administrate your budget, and, last but not least, be happy with the ultimate decision.

The truth is, there are many nice neighborhoods out there that don't make it to the frontline of magazines or newspapers, yet they have decent housing and are a good option for people who are looking for a new home. This is the case of Galloway, Ohio, a small neighborhood very close to Columbus with beautiful houses in a very convenient location. Here are the 25 reasons why you should move to Galloway, Ohio.

New and pretty houses.

There are many neighborhoods in the Midwest with houses that are more than 60 years old. They were built extraordinarily well with very sturdy materials, but they are still old houses and you can tell by the way they look. Galloway is a pretty young neighborhood in terms of housing. There are about 10,600 houses in Galloway, Ohio. And 6,100 were built after 1990. This means that most houses are less than 30 years old, and although it may not seem like a big deal for a lot of people, you will tell the difference between a newer and an older house. 

You will notice the well-designed garages, the larger windows that let the sunlight in and make the place warmer, and the lovely kitchens made of modern materials that won't make you feel that you are in an abandoned mansion from 1920. Ultimately, your house should bring you joy as that is the place where you will wake up every morning. 

A young neighborhood.

Many young couples or millenials who are moving out from their parents’ home are looking for neighborhoods with people who are similar to them, or at least within their age range. The median age of the population in Galloway is 34.5 according to recent studies. It is a very young neighborhood!

It is very safe.

Galloway is a non-incorporated neighborhood in Columbus, Ohio. It has a way lower crime rate in comparison to some of the bigger neighborhoods in Columbus, like Franklinton, South Linden, and Fort Columbus Airport.

Four bedroom house
A four bedroom house in Galloway, Ohio. Image Courtesy of Coldwell Banker

Affordable housing  

There are many cities in the United States where the price of rent is unaffordable, it takes more than 70% of your salary, and it is a modest space with a broken water system and walls with fungus. That's not the case in Galloway! Housing is considered affordable for a house with a decent size in great conditions.                                                             

You will be very close to the city.

Galloway is only about 20 minutes away from Downtown Columbus with a direct route through the I-270-W and the I-670-E, so if you work in Columbus, you will be located in a very convenient location.

Autumn landscapes
Artists, singers, and designers get inspired by the beautiful autumn colors in Ohio. Image Courtesy of Patch.

Fall in love with nature. 

Autumn is one of the best times of the year because of the trees' beautiful warm hues. Galloway has many parks at a walking distance where you can admire the breathtaking autumn landscapes. It is hard to believe, but there are many cities and neighborhoods across the United States, where the leaves are not as orange or yellow, or there aren't many trees, so being able to experience the autumn landscapes is a true blessing.

There are great schools.

Many families take the decision on where to live based on educational opportunities for their kids. Galloway, Ohio has schools with a great reputation from preschools to high schools, including a Christian school and a kinder-care. 

It is a small neighborhood - a big family.

Galloway is a relatively small neighborhood, which seems to be positive for many people looking for a safe place to live. In a small community, it is more likely that you talk to your neighbors, run into a familiar face in the grocery store, and make friends at church that live close to you and that you can hang out with over the weekends.

It is in the city but not really.

Columbus is the 14th largest city in the United States. Although this is a great source of entertainment, job opportunities, and a range of successful businesses, big cities tend to have higher crime rates, traffic, and noise. In contrast, Galloway is a quiet neighborhood with fewer people, cars, and noise, but only 20 minutes away from Columbus. It is the best of both worlds!

Traveling is extremely convenient

The John Glenn Columbus International Airport has direct destinations to many relevant cities all across the world. No unnecessary connecting flights for you! The Columbus Southwest Airport and Bolton Field are also very close to Galloway, so you would be at a very convenient location. 

The Mentel Memorial Golf Course

Golf Course
A beautiful green golf course., Image Courtesy of Mentel Memorial.

6005 Alkire Rd, Galloway, OH 43119 | 614-645-3050 | +1 

View homes for sale in 43119>

Wide-tree lined fairways, three large beautiful lakes, 44 bunkers, and 20,000 square feet.

The Mentel Memorial Golf Course is only a few minutes away from Galloway, Ohio, and it is a beautiful place that will make your weekends so much fun.  

First of all, the staff at Mentel are wonderful. They treat everyone like family, and you feel like a treasured guest. From golf novice to expert, you can expect great hospitality and service. Yelp Review.


The Cleveland Thunderbolts for football, The Columbus Blue Jackets for hockey, and the Clippers for baseball. Being in Galloway means being very close to the major sports games that happen at different times of the year around that area.

Living outdoor life is easy and safe.

During the coronavirus pandemic, many people in big crowded cities have been hesitant to go hiking, walking, or simply going outside to get some sunlight and feel a fresh breeze of air. Around Galloway, you will find many outdoor places for you to go hiking, running, or simply walking to enjoy a nice sunny afternoon while practicing proper social distancing and safety measures.

Potential road trips are many!

Galloway is close to many fun destinations that are only a few hours away on the road. The Olentangy Indian Caverns, Newark, Dayton, and the Cuyahoga National Park, are only a few of those options. There will never be a dull moment!

The Hollywood Casino Columbus is only a few miles away!

The Hollywood Casino Columbus
Visiting the Hollywood Casino is like traveling to Las Vegas for one night. Image Courtesy of Visit Dublin Ohio.

200 Georgesville Rd, Columbus, OH 43228 | +1 614-308-3333 |

View homes for sale in 43228>

Only 10 minutes away from Galloway. This Vegas-style casino is a great entertainment option for your weekends in Galloway. Nightlife, entertainment, dining, and gaming. You will never be bored!

Being next to a fashion capital!

Fashion in Ohio is very underrated. Columbus Monthly ranks Columbus as third in its numbers of resident fashion designers, trailing only New York and Los Angeles. For those who are crazy about fashion and can't live in California or New York at the moment, you can get involved with Columbus Fashion Week and start the professional career in fashion you were waiting for. 

Colleges and Universities

Living in Galloway means being close to very well known schools like The Ohio State University, the Academia Medical Institute, Ashland University, and Columbus State Community College.

Karting at Buckeye Raceway

Buckeye Raceway
Movement, energy and action! Image Courtesy of Bill Bruce.

4050 W Broad St, Columbus, OH 43228 | +1 614-272-7888 |

View homes for sale in 43228>

For all of those energetic hyperactive folks that like a little bit of adrenaline during leisure time, this is a great place where you can have a lot of fun with your friends or family. Laser tag, karting, and foot bowl are all available. And it is only a few blocks away from Galloway!

At first I was a little skittish to try this thinking it's mostly for kids and stuff. But man was I wrong. The thing whipped and slid all over the place. Felt like I was in Tokyo Drift. Yelp Review.


Many local businesses offer delicious food from a range of different cuisines for all budgets. Tres Potrillos is a great Mexican restaurant with tasty margaritas and delicious tacos. The Galloway Tavern has very good pizzas and chicken wings. Most likely you will find a restaurant with your favorite food and you are going to love it!

Trap History Museum

 6106 Bausch Rd, Galloway, OH 43119 | 614-878-6011|

View homes for sale in 43119>

One of the weirdest yet interesting and fascinating places you can experience in Galloway, Ohio is the Trap History Museum, with over 4,000 traps from mice to bears, this museum goes over traditional, European, and more modern trap tools. Also, the NATCA Museum, which is in the same facility, has an additional 150 extremely rare traps from Richard Gestell's Collection. You won't regret visiting this museum in Galloway!

I was very impressed by this museum. Tom Parr, the museum's founder and owner, was more than willing to show my friends and I around and teach us about his impressive collection of traps and other antiquities Google Review.


For many people, going to the stores is unnecessary, tedious, and painful. For many others, it is a very fun activity even when they're not planning to buy a bunch of stuff. The truth is, there are phenomenal shopping destinations around Galloway that you will love to visit. The Westland Mall Shopping Center has many relevant stores for all ages, and Georgesville Square has many dining options to end your shopping day by treating yourself. You are going to love it!

The Columbus Museum of Art 

Museum houses
The museum expanded its construction from 1931 to add more space for exhibitions. Image Courtesy of Architectural Digest.

 480 E Broad St, Columbus, OH 43215 | +1 614-221-6801|

View homes for sale in 43215>

This museum houses a huge collection of late 19th and early 20th-century art pieces from well-known artists including O'Keefe, Picasso, and Monet, the exhibitions change frequently and have included paintings representing the Stonewall Riots, Cuban Art, and art pieces produced by local artists. This is a very underrated and historically rich attraction that will make you want to visit it over and over again!

Especially with the new wing that has been built, the Columbus Museum of Art has definitely upped its game. There are always cool special exhibitions coming through and new pieces to see. Yelp Review.


The church is the place where many people make new friends and connect with other kind people. In Galloway, there are many churches at a walking distance and many more a few miles away. Check out the Church Finder to look for the kind of church you visit and your location. It will match you with a church of your interest!

The diversity of restaurants will encourage you to try new things, and you won't regret it!


Whether you are a starter in the fitness life or a longtime professional, there are good quality gyms in Galloway that are not so crowded. You will be able to work out by going to these gyms only a few miles away from home. 

The Escape Room

Jail break
A group of friends who found their way out of the Escape Room. Image Courtesy of The Escape Room USA.

459 North High Street Ste. 2 Columbus, Ohio 43215 | (877) 379-4880 | 

View homes for sale in 43215>

One of the hottest trends of the last couple of years is people's fascination for being trapped in a room with a group of people, trying to figure out some clues to get out of that room, all nicely settled in a themed scenography. Escape rooms are a rising entertainment activity that is expanding in many countries. And it is now in Columbus, very close to Galloway. 

Some of the most popular escape rooms at this place include the Da Vinci Heist, set in a Paris museum, Morgan's Raid is inspired by Columbus, Ohio of 1863. A Night at the Castle will transport you to a 19th-century castle in Europe where you and your teammates will have to uncover the mysterious death of a king. Are you up for the challenge?

We did A Night at the Castle on New Years Eve! Had a wonderful time! Super creative and thought provoking escape room with fun built in for all! Yelp Review.

At the end of the day, you are the one who makes the decision of where you want to spend the next years of your life. What do you see yourself doing over the weekends? What kind of environment do you want to live in? What are some of your favorite activities that you wouldn't want to sacrifice for anything? Once you have your priorities straight and you know what you are looking for, it will be easier for you to find your new home. Good luck with your search!

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